American Eagle Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 412-432-3300

  2. Alternative: +1 888-232-4535

  3. 77 Hot Metal St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203, United States
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American eagle credit union phone number
Telephone: +1 314-771-7700

Basic Overview
American Eagle is a company that manufactures clothing and accessories for the casual and formal purposes. The company started its struggle from 1977 that was started by a family brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman in Pennsylvania. The company is a well known subsidiary of Retail Ventures Inc. The company was purchased by Jacob Price in 1991 from Silvermans family. The company acts as a parent company of Aerie. The outfitters of the company are designed for both men and women.

American Eagle is an American Outfitters specializes in clothes and correlated equipments. head department is set-up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. American Eagle was inaugurated by Jerry Silverman and note Silverman in 1977. at first, American Eagle was a auxiliary of Retail Ventures Inc.