Amazon Local Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1(866)-395-2090

  2. Alternative: +1(206)-266-1000

  3. PO Box 81226 Seattle, Washington 98108-1226, United States of America
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Amazon prime contact number canada
Telephone: 1-800-372-8066
Additional Information of Amazon local
Telephone: 866-395-2090
Amazon intercontinental Headquarter
Telephone: (206) 266-1000
Amazon Local Toll-Free number
Telephone: +1-866-258-7741

Basic Overview
Amazon is an online portal of shopping that was introduced in 1994 under name of Cadabra Inc. The company started its e-commerce business with electronics. The business is currently at the top of all businesses of the globe. The company offers its online services for registration, cancellation, orders and payments. The company also render its prime membership to the customers. The products and goods that customers can order through Amazon include electronics, apparels, supplements, medicines and toys.

Amazon Local is an on-line website which renders debited commodities and assistance to their consumers. consumer may reach the Amazon local account by employing Amazon account user-name and password. Amazon corporation launched its Amazon Local service on June 2, 2011 in Boise, Idaho. this renders shopping merits to their clients by presenting vouchers to them at time of on-line procuring commodities.