Allied Insurance Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1-800-532-1436

  2. Alternative: +1-866-322-3214

  3. 1100, Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50391-1100, Iowa, United States
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Home Office: 800-532-1436
Personal Claims: 800-282-1446
Commercial Claims: 866-322-3214
Reporting Insurance Fraud: 800-474-7633
Allied Insurance claims phone number 800-282-1446
Allied Insurance roadside assistance phone number 800-282-1446
Allied Insurance provider phone number 800-282-1446
Allied Insurance payment phone number 866-322-3214
Allied Insurance quote phone number 800-282-1446
Allied Insurance underwriting phone number 866-322-3214
nationwide allied insurance claims phone number 1-800-282-1446.
star health and allied insurance phone number 1800 425 2255
allied property and casualty insurance company phone number 515-280-4211

Basic Overview
Allied is the subsidiary insurance company that operates as a part of Nationwide and was introduced in 1929 and has established headquarters at Des Moines, IA. The organization provides the range of insurance products such as Auto, home, power sport and so on. It has more than four thousand employees that are working at the different branches of the company throughout United States. It has a vast portfolio for the life and personal protection insurance policies for the customers to choose from.

Allied Insurance is a common insurance corporation set-up in US. corporation was at 1st inaugurated as an Allied shared vehicle civilized in 1929 by hard acts of Harold Evans. Allied Insurance is a openly held corporation and renders a distant reaching span of insurance commodities for fiscal designing that incorporates, common insurance, health little business insurance, home insurance, professional indemnity insurance, health insurance, Retirement insurance, casualty insurance, Travel insurance plans, business insurance, and number of more. corporation additionally renders varied vehicle insurance assistance, for example, motorcycle insurance, auto insurance, car insurance, rental car insurance, and mercantile auto insurance to a mammoth number users nesting over US.