Albany GA DOL Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: (229) 430-5010

  2. Alternative: (229) 430-5027

  3. 1608 South Slappey Blvd. Albany, GA 31701-2632
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Fax Number: (229) 430-5027
TTY, dial At: (229) 430-5086
Hours Of Operation:Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Other significant Contact Numbers Of Albany GA DOL

  • Child Labor Laws and Regulations:404-232-3260
  • Federal Bonding Assistance:404-232-3509
  • Foreign Labor Certification:404-232-3500
  • Jobs for Georgia Graduates:404-232-3520
  • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Advocate:888-655-9340
  • Trade Act Program:404-232-3505
  • Veteran Services:404-232-3527

Basic Overview
Georgia Department of Labor is well known government agency traced its roots in 1911. The organization is previously recognized by the name of Department of Commerce and Labor that renders incredible job opportunities for job seekers. The association furnishes reliable HR solutions via dedicated and brilliant members who work in collaboration. The innate concern of association is to assist Georgians by offering industry an affordable path for qualified job seekers. The organization help residents to get connected with desirable jobs in order to feel proud to take part in developing Georgia's economy.

Georgia Department of Labor materialized into existence on dated of 1911, with pervasive continuation. Albany GA DOL is also called as Department of Commerce and Labor, as Albany GA DOL civilized has boundless empower on mercantile also as job security and supervision of worker imposition. Since 1935, United States of America Congress moved onward as act that is called as The Wagner-Peyser Act commission a federal-state partnership for actions of signing up provision corporation. Georgia common Assembly approved job security statute since 1937, with favorable outcome of raising a Georgia Department of Labor officially.