Alachua County School Board Human Resources Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 352-955-7654

  2. Alternative: 352-955-7721

  3. Additional: 352-955-7714

  4. Kirby-Smith Administration Building 620 E. University Avenue Gainesville, FL 32601 Fax: 352-955-7349
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Key Contacts Of Alachua County School

Superintendent, Assistant Operations: 352-955-7712
Supervisor II, Instructional and Non-Instructional Personnel: 352-955-7714
Teacher Certification Analyst:: 352-955-7721
For Employees: 352-955-7713
For Students: 352-955-7671 Ext. 1610

Basic Overview
Alachua County School is educational institution offering advanced and high standard education to Alachua County in North Central Florida. The educational institution exceeds its wings nationwide and today serving around 41 schools and institutions. The school is administrated by School Board of Alachua County that is developed with 5 board members. The school provides educational programs and activities without any discrimination of color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

Alachua County School is a boarding school of universal criteria set-up at Florida United States of America. school is presenting finest academic education and life dexterities to students from prior number of years. Alachua County School is transmitting education to universal students except several bias of color, caste or province. school has involved highly committed teachers which give their assistance of transmitting education.