Alabama Food Stamp Card Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 334-242-1700

  2. Alternative: +1 800-997-8888

  3. 50, North Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130, Alabama, United States
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Alabama Food Stamp Card Toll free number:1-800-997-8888
dial juridical assistance Alabama
Toll Free 1-866-456-4995
En Español 1-888-835-3505
Alabama Food Stamp Office Phone Number (205) 423-4200

Basic Overview
Food Stamp Card is presently known as Supplement nutrition assistant program. The program is operated by the USDA with the mandate to provide food benefits to the below poverty line group of people. The eligible people are issued electronic card with which they can buy the required food from the authorized retail dealers. The candidates who want to avail the benefit of the program must be the resident of Alabama. The SNAP is one of the largest programs designed for the poverty house hold groups.

The Alabama foodstuff Stamp Card well is an electronic merits transfer (EBT) card which empowers users and lesser wage households to grasp robust and nutritious foodstuff over foodstuff stamp scheme in Alabama in US. this provides as a debit card and is fixed with a magnetic strip. users are delivered with an one of a sort empirical ID number (PIN) to utilize card at approved supermart, farmer markets, and grocery outlets to purchase robust and nutritious foodstuff articles. Alabama foodstuff stamp card cannot be utilized to purchase pet nourishments, non foodstuff articles, intoxicating drinks, tobacco and paper commodities.