Alabama Board of Nursing Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1 (334) 293-5200

  2. Alternative: +1 800-656-5318

  3. 770 Washington Avenue Ste 170 Montgomery Alabama 36104, United States
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Contact prospects of Alabama panel of Nursing

  • Main office: 800.656.5318
  • Fax: 334.293.5201
  • Chief Information Officer: 334-293-5200
  • Chicago Alabama Center:312.525.3600

Basic Overview
Alabama Board of Nursing is a authorized body to supervise and regulated nursing courses and practice in State. The board is responsible to devise policies and rules for nursing practice and frame training courses. The board also issues licenses for private practice and deliver certificates also. In addition to this Alabama Board of Nursing, also offers loans and scholarships for nursing students. The board is also responsible to determine eligibility of students for nursing courses. Department assures all needed assistance and information through online and offline channels.

Alabama panel of Nursing is non profitable corporation in US. this conducts concern on outstanding dimension and educates, subjects, license, regulates and re constructs license of nursing to confirm potential. Alabama panel of Nursing is accountable for certified practical nursing schemes, enrolled nursing schemes, new scheme app and license verification. Its plan is to safeguard health over secure and competent practice of health management and nursing in US.