Al Karama Post Office Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 971 (4) 307-1277

  2. Alternative: 04-3340333

  3. P.O.Box: 99999 Dubai United Arab Emirates
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Alternate customer convenience number: +971 4 230 3000

Basic Overview
Al Karama is trustworthy logistic industry manipulates postal operations nationwide. The organization is persistently found in rendering postal services and solutions that tailors the advanced trend to universal postal amenities. The association works very hard and endeavors to build postal office one stop shop that furnishes multitude amenities across nation over 115 post offices. It brought by the objective to persistently maximizing consumer’s gratification and following guiding principles of social accountability.

Al Karama Post department or Emirates Post Group handles each boundless and medium term policy of their postal functional units including productions like Wall Street Exchange Center and Electronic Documents Center. Emirates Post Group or Al Karama Post Office regularly explore to make simple postal provision and resolutions which resembles existant fashion over pervasive postal amenities, with an interest on building post units quick store which renders exceptional provisions by the means of system over one hundred fifteen post workplace, earn by an plan of ardently maximizing clients gratification and exercising to beacon of corporation societal answerability. In addition to this, Al Karama Post Office civilized generates standard provisions under each postal and non-postal genre. Al Karama Post department also provisions production a unusual provision of Marketing Solutions like commercials by the means of Post also as Promotional Stamps.