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  1. Call at +962 6 554 4000

  2. Al Ghad Newspaper, Zaal Abu Tayh St 47, 11821, Jordan
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Information Line: 5544000 6962
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Editorial: 5544044 6962

Basic Overview
Al Ghad is privately owned Arabic newspaper that was published and printed in Jordan. The Arabic daily newspaper was published by Mohammad Alayyan in the year of 2004. Moreover, newspaper is also available online besides print version where people can easily read news and remain up to day regarding current affairs of world. Al Ghad is deemed as the tenth most visited site for 2010 in MENA province.

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Al Ghad Newspaper is one finest acknowledged Newspaper in area of Arab realm of Jordan. Al Ghad Newspaper has been commenced on 1st August on dated of 2004 by Mohammad Alayyan. Al Ghad is an Arabic word that in operation medium “The Tomorrow”. Al Ghad is a private possessed and an 1st autonomous Arabic on a day-to-day grounds countrywide newspaper circulated in Jordan.