Akron Marathon Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1 877-375-2786

  2. Alternative: – (330) 434-0738

  3. Additional:

  4. 453 South High Street, Suite 301 Akron, Ohio 44311
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  6. Send Message:info@akronmarathon.org.
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Fax – (330) 434-0738
President/ Executive Director: abitong@akronmarathon.org
Race Director: bpolen@akronmarathon.org
Project Manager: kriley@akronmarathon.org
Vice President: afreeman@akronmarathon.org
Director of Runner Services: cwashnock@akronmarathon.org

Basic Overview
Akron Marathon is popular marathon which was established in 2003. The renowned marathon is structured in Akron, Ohio. It is one of the reliable platform that provides safe place for people who wanted to participate in marathon and aimed to design crystalline clear road that allow racers to run without any difficulty. The innate wisdom of corporation is to furnish fantastic marathon including other programs that boosts well-being and fitness. The workplace is striven to build and manipulate dynamic events and programs that offers chance to regulate energetic life-style for all expertise.

The clustering of a 1st class Management marathon in Akron beared instigated on dated 1999, although imprint for occasion was fixed in 1985 at conclusion of Akron producer also as public front-runner Steve Marks participated his preliminary marathon race in Columbus. which involvement furnished him a direct look of potential for a generous occasion to rise civic pride, participation also as harmony while also donating to welfare, excellence of life and fiscal energy of a public. With support of his companion Jeannine and provision of numerous others, Steve embarked his travel to generate Akron Marathon. on dated 2002 Akron Marathon Generous corporation was enrolled afterwards a year later, Akron Marathon made its entrance.