Ajs Pizza Bray Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 01 2763483

  2. Alternative: 01 2116388

  3. 7a Ballywaltrim Heights, Bray
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  5. Send Message:ajspizza@eircom.net.
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Alternate customer convenience number: 01 2116388

Basic Overview
Ajs Pizza is renowned restaurant offers delectable menu to mesmerize consumers and enable them to visit restaurant over and over again. The restaurant is committed to serve wholesome dishes that enchant guests and dazzle their taste buds. It is deemed as the leading restaurant that serves clients with zeal and esteem in order to build lasting relationship with them.

Ajs Pizza Bray is deemed one of cute and awesome restaurant with over hundred units over globe. Ajs Pizza Bray is aims to building and disseminating Ajs Pizza Bray to being marvelous and mammoth pizza restaurant and shipping corporation in Ireland. marketplace for shipment or vend spiced foodstuff is developmention from cultural high fried fat feast and edibles averse to spiced foodstuff which contains quick sanitized and robust constituents presenting to maximize judicious consumers. Currently, Ajs Pizza Bray is being pathway providing with broadly being Pro and provisioning balanced noteworthiness and morals.