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  1. Inquires: 1 404 5224141

  2. Alternative: +1 4045265151

  3. Additional: 404-526-2500

  4. 223 Perimeter Center Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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For Print Subscriptions: 1-800-933-9771
For Digital Subscriptions and Digital reach to AJCepaper and myAJC.com: 1-855-554-8289
For New Subscriptions: 1-800-933-9771
Retail Sales Hotline: 404-526-2277
Questions or queries about News Articles or Photos: 404-526-7003

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Print Subscriptions, delivery disputes, holidays stops: 1-800-933-9771
Digital Subscriptions, Apps, paper:1-855-554-8289
New Subscriptions: 1-800-933-9771
Retail Sales Hot line: 404-526-2277
Questions with regard to news articles, photos: 404-526-7003
Advertising inquiries: 404-526-5775
Classifieds aid and Information: 404-577-5772/1-800-723-7884
Legal Advertising: 404-526-5573
Paid Obituaries: 404-526-5271
Religious Advertising: 404-526-5775
Wedding and Engagement Advertising: 404-526-2724
Jobs Advertising: 404-526-2500

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News briefs:communitynews@ajc.com
County by county:communitynews@ajc.com
Living, Go convoy, Sunday dwelling and Arts:livingnews@ajc.com
Classifieds aid and Information:ajcclass@ajc.com
Jobs Advertising:customerservice@ajcjobs.com
Legal Advertising:legalclass@ajc.com
Wedding and Engagement Advertising:weddings@ajc.com

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Basic Overview
AJC is the daily morning newspaper of Atlanta region that is abbreviated as Atlanta Journal constitution. The newspaper was launched in 1883 as constitution and later on it was changed to journal constitution in year 2001. Newspaper has headquarters at Dunwoody, Georgia, USA and is owned by the Cox enterprises. The newspaper highlights News, local news, sports, and various other affairs. It is circulated in all hundred fifty nine states of Georgia. The news paper features only for sections for week days and on Sunday it has some more additional sections.

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Here are a few resources that will help you contact Georgia's elected officials and get involved in the process of shaping bills.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) is a newspaper bureau which was inaugurated in 2001 in US. this has next to about 231,094 circulation of day-to-day newspaper convenience. corporation is possessed by COX Enterprises. this prints newspaper under varied parts like local news, business news, sports news, fun news and number of others.