Ait Worldwide Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1 630-766-8300

  2. Alternative: +1-800-669-4248

  3. 701, North, Rohlwing Road, Itasca, IL 60143, Illinois, United States
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China: +86 20 8653 7209
Vietnam: +84 4 3762 1166
Europe: +31 252 809860
Canada: +1 905 565 6515
Mexico: +52 6622 51 10 51
United States: +1 404 762-2922
Ait Worldwide Logistics Phone Number 1 800 323-6649

Basic Overview
AIT worldwide is the logistic service providing company based at Illinois, United States established in 1979. The company is engaged in offering high end transportation management services worldwide and has corporate headquarters based at Chicago and Hongkong. The organisation has created the robust business network worldwide with high end offices, technology and innovation. The corporate has come up with flexible business model for smooth shipment operations. Corporate expertise includes air and sea routes, logistics, freight forwarding and so on.

The AIT pervasive Logistics, Incorporation is an universal distributor of logistics and transportation resolutions which embarked its expedition on dated of 1979. corporation renders an immeasurable span of logistics and transportation resolutions and is involved in presenting varied logistics resolutions, for example, universal and local express delivery, on-line shopping assistance, shipment forwarding, e-business resolutions, logistics and warehousing assistance, documents and information supervision resolutions, to pander to logistic and transportation requires of outstanding users and corporations as distant and boundless as attainable. this renders an ingenious and tactical resolutions to its clients providing a boundless array of vertical markets and productions in outstanding locations over North American, South American, African, Middle East, European, Asian and Australian nations that incorporates, India, US, Canada, Panama and number of more. AIT pervasive Logistics, Incorporation is a openly held corporation and renders proficient, quick, and convenient delivery assistance to match exceptions of mammoth number clients round globe.