Airtran Airways Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 1-800-247-8726. 1-888-301-5809

  2. 1800 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 104, Atlanta, United States
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United States: 1-800-435-9792
Bahamas: 1-855-202-3403
Costa Rica: 0-800-012-1916
Jamaica: 1-800-425-8130
Mexico: 1-800-083-1179
Southwest Vacations: 1-800-243-8372
Airtran Airways Human Resources Phone Number ?+1 407 318 5600
Airtran Airways Employment Verification Phone Number +1 407 318 5600
Airtran Airways Reservations Phone Number: 1-888-850-3958
Airtran Airways Automated flight Information Phone Number: 1-888-792-8747
Airtran Airways Rapid prizes consumer Service Number: 1-800-445-5764

Basic Overview
Airtran Airways was the American low budget airline company that was most commonly known as ValuJet Airlines with headquarters at Florida, United States. The company decide to shut its operations from December 28, 2014.

AirTran Airways is an American set-up air carrier corporation which was inaugurated in 1992 with name of ValuJet Airlines in Georgia, US. corporation has embarked its air carrier convenience on October 26, 1993 as ValuJet Airlines and on November 17, 1997 as Airtran Airways. this carries head department set-up in Dallas, Texas, US. fundamental interest point of corporation is set-up at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta universal Airport.