African Development Bank Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: (216) 71103900

  2. Alternative: 71103930

  3. Additional: (+216) 71194523

  4. Immeuble Zahrabed Avenue du Dollar, Les Berges Du Lac II, Tunis 1053, Tunisia
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Connecting To African progress Bank

The African progress Bank starts to give number of work and work on advancing occasions. Associates of African progress Bank are totally trained and proficient aims to produce amazing execution and pacify clients require and assumptions. clients indulge in several sort of trouble and inconvenience, simply to confer with executives of African progress Bank by the means of tel and facsimile.
Telecontact number: (+216) 71103900 / 71103930/ +225 20 26 10 20
Fax Number: (+216) 71194523

Basic Overview
African Development Bank Group is renowned financial industry embarked on 10th September 1964. The preeminent financial industry emerges out with divine intention to overcome the roots of poverty and refine life-standard of residents via promoting the investment of personal and public capital in projects. It is the trustworthy financial service issuer to African government including private corporations investing in provincial individuals countries. In addition to this, the bank's innate concern is to make considerable economic enhancement and social development nationwide.

African progress Bank arose on dated of 1964, with an purpose to minimize penury and advocate economic and social advancement over realm of Africa. African progress Bank is being one of prominent fiscal auxiliary for prosperity and advancement on territory. African progress Bank Group (AfDB) is recorded one of maximun broadly admitted fiscal bureau inaugurated to dedicate to economic extension and social govern of African territory. African progress Bank materialized into existence on dated of 1964, and amalgam three corporations like African progress Bank, African progress Fund and Nigeria Trust Fund.