Affinity Plus Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at +1 (651) 312-6216

  2. 50 S 6th Street Ste 200 Minneapolis, MN 55402 Downtown Minneapolis, United States
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Telephone: (651) 291-3700 (Live Chat)
Telephone: (800) 322-7228 (Live Chat)
Telephone: (651) 224-3999 (Global bank-by-phone)
Telephone: (800) 444-7228 (Global bank-by-phone)
Fax: (651) 312-6252
Visiting Hours: Monday to Friday, 07:30AM - 06:15PM
Saturday, 08:00AM - 12:15PM
Telephone: (800) 449-7728(Lost/Stolen Credit Card or Check Card)
Telephone: (800) 654-7728(Customer convenience for Credit Cards and Check Cards)

Affinity plus credit union phone number 651-200-6800 | 1-844-493-4483
Affinity plus roseville phone number +1 651-291-3700
Affinity plus grand rapids mn phone number (218) 326-3388.
Affinity plus lakeville phone number +1 651-312-9761
Affinity plus bank phone number (877) 663-1241.
Affinity plus st cloud mn phone number +1 320-203-1765
Bemidji affinity plus phone number (877) 663-1241.
Affinity home care plus phone number +1 800-648-8055

Basic Overview
Headquartered at Saint Paul, MN the Affinity plus is well known credit union with expertise services in financial sector such as banking, loans, investments and so on. The company provides range of other solutions too such as credit cards and checking. Affinity is maintaining near about twenty seven branches and is serving over six lakh members. The goal of the union is to provide the services that are uniquely designed with best rated and reduced fees. To avail the membership of the affinity plus people have follow the eligibility criteria.

The Affinity and Federal Credit Union is Minnesota's non-bank fiscal center which was inaugurated as State Capitol Credit Union (SCCU) in 1930 and embarked its work as Affinity and from 1998. this renders number of banking assistance like checking, deposits, Visa card, business assistance and others. home loans, auto loans, Student Loans and further miscellaneous loans are also furnished by credit union. this provides clients in varied locations of Minnesota over its 25 subdivisions.