Aep Oklahoma Contact Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: 1(614)-716-1000

  2. Alternative: +1(888)-216-3523

  3. 1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
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Aep tulsa oklahoma phone number
Telephone: +1 888-216-3523

Basic Overview
Aep stands for American Electric Power is a major utility that distributes electric power and energy to the American states. The company was started in 1906 and is serving maximum areas of areas of USA. The company distributes its services on fair rates. The company operates its sub units and subsidiaries in most US counties with a good staff. the utility department looks after the generation of electricity, transmission and distribution projects. The online services that is meant for bill payments, emergencies and assistance programs.

AEP stands for American Electric Power, this is the America based Electricity distributor corporation which was inaugurated on December 20, 1906. corporation has overhead 60 power plants which generates next to about 38,000 MW electricity and renders its electric assistance to roughly 5 million clients over allocation and transmission lines which envelopes a network of 39,000 miles over US.

It generates 60% of Energy from coal, 23% energy from natural gas, 5% energy from nuclear and remaining percent of energy generates from Wind power, hydro and further sources. In Oklahoma, Pso (Public convenience corporation of Oklahoma) renders electric assistance to people.