Adimali Police Station Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 232354

  2. Alternative: 9497990055

  3. Adimali - Rajakad Rd, Polinjapalam, Adimali, Kerala 685561
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Adimali Police Station is said to be among the various police stations located in Adimali - Rajakad Rd, Polinjapalam, Adimali, Kerala offers special police services to the nearby residents of Adimali. Adimali Police Station takes into consideration all forms law and order situations providing A to Z security services.Adimali Police Station officials and concerned authorities puts every nerve into action regarding the security purposes.

Key Contact Numbers of Adimali Police Station Officials

Officials and concerned authorities of Adimali Police Station may be reached by the persons facing any problem regarding security matters by making use of the following listed contact numbers:
DesignationContact Numbers
District Police Chief233006 / 9497996981
Dy SP [Admn]232354 / 9497990055
Dy SP DCRB232354 / 9497990057
Dy SP Narcotic Cell232234 /9497990054
Dy SP Crime Dett.233233
Crime Stopper232356 /9497990264
CI Idukki2235275 /9497987089
Idukki PS2235229 /9497980364

Adimali Police Station Hotline Numbers

Adimali Police Station for the dexterity and security of the dwellers and residents in Adimali(Kerala) offers hotlines contact numbers by the help of which persons facing any problem may get assisted:
TopicHotline Numbers
Highway Help9846 100 100
Railway Alert9846 200 100

Adimali Police Station Cyber Cell Phone Numbers

Below listed are the cyber cell phone numbers of

Adimali Police Station

by the help of which the assistance from the officials to the needy persons:
UnitContact Numbers
Idukki0486 2232354
Thiruvananthapuram City0471 2329107, 1090
Kollam City0474-2763694
Kollam Rural04742450168
Pathanamthitta0468 2327914
Alappuzha0477 2230804
Kottayam0481 2561304
Eranakulam rural0484 2630238
Malappuram0483 2738660
Kozhikkode City0495 2720090
Kozhikkode Rural0496 2523091
Wayanad04936 202525
Kannur0497 2763332 /2763330
Kasaragode04994 220100
Hitech Cell0471-2721547