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  1. Call at +27 0 11 350 4000

  2. 7th Floor, Absa House 31, Lower Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa
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Basic Overview
Absa Bank is now recognised as the Barclays Africa Group Limited is the banking and financial provider organisation with headquarters situated at South Africa. The Bank commenced operations from 1991 and offers the products ranging from personal and business banking. The bank provides the high end financial solutions in investment and wealth management. The organisation is also widely dealing with insurance products and services that are designed as per the financial standard of the clients. The organisation is the subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group.

The Barclays Africa Group Limited acronymed as BGA is a banking and fiscal assistance presenting corporation set-up in South Africa. this was inaugurated over unification of outstanding fiscal assistance organizations like United Bank, Allied Bank, Volkskas Bank Group and the Sage Group in 1991 under title of Amalgamated Banks of South Africa Limited (ABSA). corporation suffered outstanding procurements before this was replaced as “Barclays Africa Group Limited” that materialized to be potent from 2 August, 2013. this renders a boundless span of banking and fiscal assistance including credit cards, private banking, foreign currency exchange, investment banking, consumer banking, finance and insurance, retail banking, Investment banking, mortgage loans, corporeal banking, private equity and wealth supervision assistance.