Above The Barre Customer Service Numbers

General Number: 440-625-0000
Email: Atbcustomerservice@live.com
Employment: (440) 625-0000
Employment Email: Atbcustomerservice@live.com
Customer Service: 440-625-0000
Monday-Friday 10.00 AM – 8.00 PM.
Saturday: 9.00 AM. – 12:30 PM.
Sunday: Closed.

Basic Overview
Above The Barre, is a gymnastic cum fitness center helps young children and adults to learn gymnastic. Above The Barre, teach basics of gymnastic and other aerobatic dances to students under various domains. The center is equipped to teach tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, hip hop and various other dance styles. In addition the center also offers fitness training services. Above The Barre organize special winter classes for kids to learn gymnastics and numerous other dance styles. The center has well established mechanism to teach dance arts to students of various age groups.

Above Barre prominent instruction institute of Susan Barr who is a thriving CPA dancer of America of America. idea of Above Barre was progressed on dated of 2003 while Susan Barr discovered herself keen in practices of dancing in her exhibits. Above Barre was ran under one floor that later raised to huge department and apartment in no time. Above Barre got a huge fame in its 1st coaching. Susan Barr enacted at conclusion of institute not merely for business although also for publicity of artwork and disco in societies of United States of America. Susan Barr tried to raise up talents of concealed stars and endorse their artwork over her institute. Above Barre is currently regulating its two centers in United States of America. workers of Above Barre are skilled and trained of field.