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General Number: 1 800 565 3015

Basic Overview

Abee Med, is a herbal medicine made to treat Arthritis problem and has anti-Inflammatory properties. The medicine is available in capsule and gel form to cure various arthritis issues and helps to cure joint pain also. Medicine contains active substance of apitoxin that helps to reduce inflammation for targeted areas. Abee Med is available in strips and gel containers contains all details on label regarding usage and safety measures. Abee Med Capsules are available in bottle packing.

Abee Med is maximun indispensable and paramount medicine made with aid of bee venom. From prior thousand decades, bees put mammoth attempt in driving few merits to human broadly being. For astounding health, Abee Med corporation owe honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis. Therefore, therapeutic service of its sting venom can not get simply and not accessible in market.