Aastra Customer Service Numbers

  1. Inquires: 1-905-760-4200

  2. Alternative: 800-574-1611

  3. 155 Snow Blvd. Concord, Ontario Canada
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Technical Support Contact Of Aastra

For Aastra tech support, contact to consumer care executives by subsequent contacts. consumer care executives of Aastra are each time accessible so that generate simple entire information with regard to all matters:
Telephone: 800-574-1611 (Endpoint Support)
Telephone: 613-592-2122 (International Support)
Telephone: +1-877-248-7103 (Aastra Mobile Systems pervasive Helpdesk)
Telephone: +61 280 148257 (Aastra Mobile Systems Asia-PAC Helpdesk)
Telephone: +44 (0) 121 5100 403 (Aastra Mobile Systems EMEA Helpdesk)

Investor Contacts Of Aastra

For stockholder assistance, clients may contact to delegates of Aastra by contacts quoted below:
Michael W. McCarthy
Vice President, stockholder Relations
Email: michael.mccarthy@mitel.com
Telelephone: +1-469-574-8134

ComputerShare Contact Of Aastra

For information with regard to Computershare of Aastra contact to engages at:
Telephone: 1 800 522 6645

Press Contacts Of Aastra

For media aspects, media associates may contact to engages of Aastra by employing numbers quoted below:
Corporate Communications
Amy MacLeod, Vice President corporeal Communications
Tel: +1-613-529-2212
Email: amy.macleod@mitel.com

Camille Beasley, PR Manager, Americas
Tel: +1-214-973-6186
Email: camille.beasley@mitel.com

France and Southern Europe
Sandrine Quinton, PR Manager
Tel: +33 13 0964 301
Email: sandrine.quinton@mitel.com

General information Contact Of Aastra

For common queries contact to engages of Aastra by employing subsequent contact
Telephone: 1-800-722-1301

Basic Overview
Aastra is a manufacturing company offers various types of communication equipment for business establishments and domestic use. The product range of company includes telephone terminals, screen telephones and private branch exchanges for residential and commercial use. In addition company also offers best quality of digital video encoders, decoders and gateways. The company was founded in the year of 1983. Company was acquired by Mitel Networks Corporation in 2014. Now the telephone products are available as bell equipment by sonecor brand in USA.

Aastra is a Telecommunications corporation. Its head department set-up in Concord, Ontario, Canada. corporation was inaugurated in 1983. Francis Shen is chairperson and Co-CEO, Anthony Shen is Co-CEO, President and COO of corporation.