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  1. Call at (251) 11 551 77 00

  2. P.O. Box 3243 Roosvelt Street(Old Airport Area) W21K19 Addis Ababa
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Toll Free Number: 0077-7066
Toll Free Number: 0120-959-472
Alternative Phone Number: 0077-7-111

Basic Overview
African Union is a provincial association incorporating all fifty-five countries on the African continent. The union exceeds into Asia through Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The union started its operation on 26th May 2001 in the capital and biggest city of Ethiopia. The trustworthy union is emerged with the core objective to acquire excellent unity and create cooperation between African countries and Africans. Another major concern of the union is to sustain safety and security in nation.

African Union (AU) is an universal corporation of African nations which comprises of 54 African nations, clustering of corporation of African Union is noted as a historical event as on dated of 1999 varied governing bodies of African continent pass a resolution to establish a united bureau which will work for welfare of African users which comprises to endorse unity, social and economic progress and take steps to defend sovereignty of Continent. African Union is also actively regulating to endorse democracy and peace one of the varied nations of Africa as continent is a composite group of numerous cultures also as number of traditional tribes so preserving up peace and harmony is at maximun preference of African Union. African Union has inaugurated a broadly set-up body which look at conclusion of affairs of corporation smoothly and also execute regular assemblies, occasions to stay African Union corporation totally functional.

Official Structure Of African Union

  • The Assembly this constitutes of outstanding heads of states which depict disputes of their counties in annual summit of corporations, sometimes delegates of govt.