ATT Bill Customer Service Numbers

  1. Call at 866.861.6075

  2. Dallas, Texas, United States
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  • For New convenience orders: 888.333.6651
  • For Order position checking: 877.782.8870
  • For direct Tv consumer Service: 800.288.1145
  • For wireless Home phone prepaid consumer services: 866.975.0050
  • For call up invoice and payment: 866.435.3264
  • For tech support: 866.722.3425
  • For DIRECTV consumer convenience, invoice and tech Support dial at: 800.288.2020

Basic Overview
ATT is an international telecommunication industry exists with the mission to offer advanced products and services that simplifies complex life in current era. ATT is deemed as the globes most influential and leading telecom industry and 2nd biggest distributor of mobile telephone facilities. The telecom industry is best known for producing patented technology based fixed telephone service that makes company leading issuer of fixed telephone amenity throughout USA. The company is engaged in producing diverse line of products such as Mobile phone, Broadband, Digital television, Home security, etc to entertain people and make official work progressive.

One of gigantic universally embraced asset corporation by name AT&T was laid inaugurated on dated of 1983 byBell tel Company, nerve centered at Whitacre Tower in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. AT&T is globe broadly admitted production in field of telecommunication specializes in Fixed line, broadband, digital TV, and much more are marques of AT&T. as per an estimation there are over 2,40000 co-workers over the Globe and conjointly this a boundless string of supplementary firms are overseen by AT&T including AT&T Mobility, BellSouth, AT&T Teleholdings, and much more. mart existence and commanding aspect with regard to said corporation witnesses pivotal factors and accomplishments of AT&T for instance:
  • The said production is just two steps down which at number third in State of Texas
  • 23rd in-terms of profit, belongings, cash and mart morals over world
  • 20th biggest mobile telecommunication operator over planet
  • with over 121.