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  1. Call at 408-749-4000

  2. Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3453 Austin, Texas 78735 United States
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Customer convenience Number: 512-602-5204
Alternative Phone Number: +44 1252 419980

Basic Overview
ATI was a leading company that deals with the semiconductor technologies and was introduced in 1985. The company was headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The company was also known by ATI Technologies Inc. The company winded up its acquisition business in 2006 and the brand was phased out in 2010.

ATI was a semiconductor gadget proficiency corporation set-up in Ontario Canada, which committed in extension of graphics dispensation elements also as chipsets. this was arose on dated in 1985, ATI fundamentally stand for Array Technology Incorporation, amalgam corporation anticipated openly in 1993 and Amd Corporation which stands for Advanced Micro Devices obtained for Array Technology Incorporation on dated 2006. at present this is enrolled as AMD corporation.

Services and commodities of ATI(AMD)

Since Emergence, ATI(AMD)corporation has produced number of chipsets, processors, graphics cards and a lot more.