ATF US Customer Service Numbers

  1. General: (800) 800-3855

  2. Alternative: (202) 648-7777 )

  3. 99 New York Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20226 USA
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Canada Offices: (613) 688-5491
Caribbean Office: (305) 597-4812
Washington Office: (202) 648-7080

Basic Overview
ATF US is the law enforcement agency embarked its roots in USA with the core objective to prevent nation from various types of illegal issues. The agency undertakes strong initiatives to shield current generation from alcohol and tobacco products. It is regarded as award winning public safety institution serves as safeguard for nation and performs by adhering advanced ways and technology. The bureau started its operation 45 years ago with the simple commitment to protect state from violent criminals, criminal agencies, acts of terrorism, etc.

United States Department of probity supervises and controls a federal statute supervision bureau known The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, weapons and Explosives (ATF) structure on dated of 1972, with one and only ambition and plan to Safeguard US societies and common public from violent offenders, offender firms, illicit utilize and trafficking of weapons, illicit utilize and store of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and illicit diversion of alcohol and tobacco commodities. ATF joining hands with societies, industries, statute imposition, and public security firms to safeguard public by employing newest gizmos and of scientific comprehend in what manner, coaching, information sharing and searching operations.

Address OF universal units Of ATF

Canada Offices
State: Ottawa, Ontario (U. S.