ALMS Customer Service Numbers

  1. The service number of ALMS is no more in service. Please contact by other ways listed below

  2. The Army Distributed Learning Program, Building 2112, Pershing Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604-516, Virginia, United States
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ALMS Help Desk Phone Number
Get all types of assistance at:
Telephone: 1-800-275-2872

ALMS General Queries Phone Numbers

Customers can get support regarding services by dialing the below phone numbers:
Toll Free phone number of ALMS: + 1-877-251-0730
General Inquiries: +1-800-275-2872
Commercial Inquiries: 1-757-878-4745

Basic Overview
ALMS is also known as Army Learning Management System an online platform dedicated for army personals. The web portal offers various services to improve professional skills of army men and enhance defense system. The online portal deliver training to Soldiers, manages training information and supervise collaboration between training. ALMS also regulated scheduling of training and career planing. The web portal has provision for managing training in residential and non residential environment.

The troops Learning supervision System acronymed as ALMS is an on-line information system for troopers providing varied areas, nations, societies, and counties over US. system renders information instruction schemes, instruction cooperation, and schedule of coaching. The troops Learning supervision System (ALMS) additionally renders instruction and renders job designing potential in each civilian and non-civilian instruction areas.

ALMS on-line Services

The system additionally instructs troops trainers and instruction executies to execute, and handle instruction meetings of troopers and civilians over their career.