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  1. Call at +43 (0)1 86654-0

  2. Laxenburger Straße 254 A-1230 Vienna, Austria
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  4. Send Message:sales@akg.com.
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International assistance Desk: +43 (0)676 83200 888
USA assistance Desk: +1 800-458-5534
USA AKG commissioned convenience Agencies: +1 800-458-5534
USA Spare Parts: +1 800-458-5534
Repairs for Distributors: +43 (0)1 86654 0
Akg hospital kannur phone number 0497 2762500.
Akg hospital phone number +91-494-2414444
Akg hospital parappanangadi phone number 0494 241 4502
Akg college phone number 120647076566
Akg kannur phone number +91-494-2414444
Akg headphones phone number (888) 452-4254

Contact prospects of AKG

  • AKG Head Office: +43 (0)1 86654-0
  • Fax: +43 (0)1 86654-8800
  • International aid Desk: +43 (0)676 83200 888
  • USA aid Desk: +1 818 920-3224
  • AKG Acoustics, USA: +1 818-920-3237

Basic Overview
AKG is the top-rated branded in the manufacturing of the quality sound equipment's that includes microphones, headphones, wireless equipment and so on. Serving world since from 1947 the company has dominated the sound market just within the few months of its inception and its first microphone was used by the radio industry soon after its production. The equipments developed by the company is widely praised and used by the theaters and Jazz clubs. Started by the five employees the company presently has huge employment base and international presence.

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AKG Acoustics is producing corporation which renders microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and further commodities. the corporation was inaugurated by Dr. Rudolf Görike and engineer Ernst Pless in 1947 in Vienna. this also renders dialogue Systems and Automatic Microphone Mixers for consumers.