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Plenty of fish is a online dating site. It was founded in 2003 having headquarters situated in canada. It has 66 employees. Markus frind is the founder and chief executive officer of the company. Plenty of fish website appeared in several lot of music videos such as Natasha Bedingfield's "Touch", Kesha's "We R Who We R", Flo Rida and Akon's "Available" etc. Plenty of fish website established mobile apps for iPhone and Android in 2010. Plenty of fish website use technology such as Microsoft SQL server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0. It is a leading online dating site that is run by a single person. Plenty of fish website is second in the US online dating market and first in Canada and UK. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of plenty of fish service center is given below. The helpline of plenty of fish service center may or may not be toll free.
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Complaints and Reviews of Plenty Of Fish
Male ImageMr. Kerry Says

Guys I am having the same experience as ye. I created a new profile during the week now it tells me that my email address doesn't exist in their database..

Please POF please try and rectify this issue as soon as possible as this is not the first time this has happened and I got an email off ye guys apologizing to me for what was going on although it took over two weeks to get back to me.

My email address is kerry.horan@gmail.com
Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Glenn Says

I wanna know or how or why I can't not get on Pof website if you tell me what I have done wrong then i will delete your app off my Iphone no point keeping if I can't sign up anymore my user name is glenn_uk and would like you to contact me asap please cos I don't think I have done anything wrong may i ask? And it says my email address not on our database unless you already delete me my email is giz-is-ere@hotmail.co.uk please reply
Male ImageMr. Tab398 Says

My problem is identical to many individuals on this site, I was using the site fine then all of sudden the site didnt recognise my password or email address, so i duplicated my profile under differ username and still I have same problem.

Please can you rid of one site and keep my original also allow me back on here please.

my email is tabilogy@hotmail.com phone number is 07792152091.


Male ImageMr. Paul Says

The account Coomber: just for fun is my picture and name but the account information about me is incorrect. I do not have an account with POF and don't wish to have one as I have no need for it. This account has caused me problems in my relationship and I wish to have it removed as it is not even me. Please contact me on pcoomber@ymail.com ASAP to let me know what you plan to do about this.

Many thanks

Paul Coomber
Female ImageMs. Christine Says

Hi - I've tried registering three times and keep getting the same result. I do everything required and get an email saying my registration was successful, but am never able to login. I get a message saying my username or password is wrong. I enter my email address to reset my password and get the message that it is not in the database (which is contradicted by the fact that I got the successful registration email). My username is Henna2000.
Male ImageMr. Antlomas Says

Hi I set my profile up a few years ago but never really used it but have done the last few months but my age on my account is wrong I'm 32 my date of birth is 16/06/1981 is there any way you could Chang it or advise me on how to do it
Thanks Anthony lomas anthonylomas@hotmail.co.uk
Female ImageMs. miss stacey Says

I had a pof acct but met some one and deleted it. Filled out the exit info. But I'm still getting messages like its active. Is it possible some one may be using my email without my permission? If so I want any and all accts associated with my email made inactive. I don't need ur service anymore I have someone. Can u contact me on this matter asap. Email is rileymorgan2004@hotmail.com. U can reach me there.thank u
Male ImageMr. Adam Chuchro Says

I have a new email, this is the 3rd time I had to set up a new profile. I'm not sure what to do my user name is maloneadam21 But this is the 3rd time my password changed again. I hat e to loose all these contacts and start over agin. Can you email me my new password. My email address is adam_chuch@yahoo.com thankyou
Male ImageMr. Californiaguy20 Says


I can't sign into my account. My account name is "winerydogs1993". I have a upgraded account and this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. I haven't done anything at all. I demand to have my account back or again another refund so I can sign up again. I've been on for only 2 days and I haven't broken any rules at all. People report me because I don't respond to them, that's not fair! I'm getting really tired of this. I demand my money back since I've only been on for 2 days! If not I will have to contact the authorities about this

Female ImageMs. Jacquelyn Cook Says

I have had to change my email address and now cannot get into my pof account as it is not recognizing my information - I don't think I can set up a new account - my new email is: jcreads3@gmail.com

my old email was: jlcread1@hotmail.com

Is there a solution to this? and if I cancel my account how do I set up a new one? thanks
Male ImageMr. mark Says

Ive had an account for a good yr or so. Pureheart3107. But refuses to let me log in now. Tried resend password but says email not known. Set up 4 or 5 new accounts using new ids and email accounts. Lets u set up and sends u the email but then refuses to let u log in or reset even though they just emailed u to the same account. Tried emailed pof before and got no response.
Female ImageMs. Nadine Corner Says

I am having problems logging on POF. I was log in and then for some reason it log me off. I don't know why this happen I try numerous time to log in and it was unsuccessful. then I try to reregister under a new name was successful login in and when I want o send a message to another user name it log me off and I was unsuccessful logging back in. May you please find out the problem? and maybe reset my password? My user name is lol_smileyface and e-mail is lilmadea2@gmail.com

Thank You
Nadine C
Male ImageMr. Virginman1971 Says

Hi I use to be a member but met someone and have since deleted my membership.
A friend of mine has told me my old account has been set up again and I have not set it up.the person who set up my account for me has my details and have fallen out with them since and now they keep setting up to course trouble for me please can you deactivate the account it would be very much appreciated thank you.
My user name was virginman1971.
Male ImageMr. Craig Willis Says

Dear Sir/Madam,

I cannot log into my account MrFunTimes99

And the site says my email address is not in the database

I have not breached any of the user conditions and would like my account reactivated please

At the very least please explain why this has happened?

Kind regards,

Craig Willis

Male ImageMr. Mark Says

Hi my username is sparky841 I can not access my account matter what I try then when it asks for my email to get details it says email not recognised. I need to delete my account for I have found someone and its not doing my relationship any favours, my email is misky841@gmail.com can u email me with how to resolve this, I thanks
Male ImageMr. thomas feely Says

dear sir/madam my name is Thomas feely and im a member on pof today when i
tried to log into my account and it wouldn't let me log in all it says is That email address is not in our database.iv never been blocked or anything please help all i want is too find that

special girl
Your username or password was incorrect.
During the change from PlentyOfFish.com to POF.com all saved passwords were reset by your browse
please contact me on 1107748@live.ie
Male ImageMr. dawizardman Says

I made an account a few times. Deleted them and came back again but, now when I try making a new account it and then sign in ass a new member it says invalid password. So, I enter my email to get my password reset and then it tells me that the email is not in the database. What is going on here? Why am I not able to make an account? My user name i created was dawizardman.
Male ImageMr. Tom Says

My profile has been Deleted twice now for no reason and customer service says they get back in 48 hours and now it's been over 3 weeks and no word back yet. I have followed the rules and both times this has happen was over the weekend early morning hours for it showed I had messages after 1 am and when I went to login around 7 am I was deleted. So can You tell me Why Please?

Wondering Why
Male ImageMr. Jonathan Denise Says

Dear sir,
I registered and used POF before. Since then I have been trying to register again but once I registered and an acknowledgement or confirmation letter is sent to my e-mail address; I will not be able to log in again. This has happened to me 2 or 3 time now. The system will tell my e-mail address is not recognized or is not registered in the system. Please, I need your help here. I love to search at POF. Thanks.
My e-mail address is jonathandeejonathan@aol.com and my screen name is Jonathan-Dee

Hope to hear from you very soon
Male ImageMr. Lee Boudreaux Says

I set up an account filled everything out. Received an email saying my account was set up and it gave me my user name. When I tried to log in it said the email or password was invalid so I tried to retrieve password and i was told the email was not a registered email. It is the same email I was sent the conformation. So I filled everything out again. And same process ass before. Can someone tell me where my account is.
Email is. Lboudreaux73@aol.com
Female ImageMs. sweetsoundlife Says

I can't seem to get any help here in Australia.
for some reason my profile has been shut down without any explanation and I cannot start a new profile. I have tried with a new name, new email address but cannot get in.
It will email not on our database.

I am getting more than frustrated as I was talking to someone nice and now have no contact.

I can not understand how they can shut you off with no explanation. I know I have done nothing wrong and am happy for them to read all my messages. I did not post anything dirty nor did I talk about anything of that nature.
I tried to reply
Female ImageMs. aleshia Says

I deleted my account two times already and it has told me it was deleted but I still see my profile and still get messages I have met someone and he is getting mad about it I want my profile taken off right now it's Tennessee sweetie I have blue hair in the front I'm from Knoxville tn if its not deleted like I want I'm suing
Male ImageMr. MKLuther Says

I am not shallow, but I always do keep it 100% real and honest. I love your service, BUT lately the women that I have been matched up with, let's be frank, look like straight up Goonie Goon Goons. Again I am not shallow, but, beauty is for the eyes of the beholder, and ugly sho nuff is for the blind, and I can see very well. They are people too, just not for me. If I have to sum it up in a word, DAMN!!! Do I look thirsty to you. Thank you for hearing my point of view, in which I can not apologize for. You do understand, rigjt?
Male ImageMr. Elusve289 Says

I've been on here for over a yr now.bur can't log on now I want this problem fixed.im elusve289 it wnt accept my password and then doesn't accept my hotmail to resend password at Greg.efro@hotmail.com need this fixed have people I'm talking to.tried numerous attempts to fix but with no luck plz fix imediatly.
Male ImageMr. ony placht Says

cant get through to the 1 917-720-6558 . I still have another month with membership and i was cancelled with stupied explantion that made NO sense what so ever. I was never rude to ANY one one there and showed NO nudity of myself. Was told something stupied about spam.??? im GOING contact local news channel about this RIPP OFF . I still have another MONTH ! im talking to better bussiness buero today in st.louis and reporting Plenty of Fish. This makes NO sense. .. AT all. i expect at VERY least a FULL refund ! I did NOTHING at all wrong !
Male ImageMr. Jay Says

Hello My name is Q and Ive been a member of POF for a while. One day I tried to log in and was restricted to. I had my passwords set so when I type pof the site would pop up and when I typed the first few letters of my user name then my password would appear. I misplaced my password and I can not log in any more. I also tried to create a new account and the site will not let me. can you contact me at Quijohnna@yahoo.com ASAP ! And when I try to register no matter what user name I pick, over and over again saying user name already taken
Male ImageMr. Mark sicker Says

hello my name is Mark sicker and my email address is mark.sicker@yahoo.ca . and a few weeks ago I tried to upgrad for the three for the three months and wa and was charged close to $4 I received a bill on my so I was trying to figure out what is going on here and I've already sent two letters but have but have never received any confirmation of an upgrade or of even a response to my letters 33 963 if you would please be so ki sincerely mark sincerely mark sicker
Male ImageMr. Stephen Says

I registered an account with user name is WhosBehindDoor_3 on August 16, 2012. I thought I deleted that account. I have an updated account from May 2013. I use the same email address. I have been trying to close the WhosBehindDoor_3 account and have been unsuccessful. I've tried to use the original password and also tried to get assigned a new password. Both unsuccessful. Can someone please help me delete this account? This needs to be done. I have the updated account of HopingURtheOne user name. I want the previous account deleted. Please help. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. aubrey roads Says

Dear sir or madam, I am a 41 year old man from England, united kingdom,I have been told by many friends of mine about plentyoffish.com having never been on plentyoffish before I thought I would join. The problem I'm having when trying to join is no matter what user name I make up it rejects it and says this user name is taken, I have been trying to join now for the last 8 weeks, and in that time have put in over 200 Diffrent user names and it still rejects them, so what I was thinking is if I give you my email address could you please forward me a user name to happy.chappy40@hotmail.co.uk
Female ImageMs. Kandance Says

I had an account with POF & i did meet someone so i deleted my account. & now ive been trying 2 make a new one or go into my old one..either way it will not let me. Says my e-mails r invalid...WHAT? Your teem need to help me & all these people with there problems with the accounts also...i just love how a recording is always on your POF help center!! Thank You..sincerely MOST FRUSTRATED!!
Female ImageMs. Miss H Gasson Says

My messages have'nt been sending after only five days on your site.
I joined a week ago and have been having a lot of conversations with people that i now can not reply to.
I understood that this site was free so feel very upset that my messages won't send.
There is also no contact help number as i live in the uk England which is not good there should at least be a help centre or number you can contact.
Feel very angry right now.
My user name is HelenL76 my email is hgasson@hotmail.co.uk
Female ImageMs. eelleenn Says

I did not know that you only had two weeks to change information when putting in your personal information like you birthday. I think this is the problem I have been having with contacts. Is there any way I can remove the birthday on my profile, I would rather tell them this information, because I notice that I look younger than the men who contact me and they say they are in their forties.
Female ImageMs. Lisa Says

I've been on plenty of fish for over a yr now, I've paid for it in the past. Now I can't log on, I've been booted. All because a bitter ex boyfriend made lies whatever it may be. I'm on of the few people on there who seriously looking to find someone and obey all the rules. So many don't but I did. He just became a member, I've been one. I'd like to see proof if it's possible supposedly what I wrote because I know the two I sent where normal conversations and all my pics are legit. So if at all possible could u sign me back up. I would greatly appreciate it. Email at lisaellis72@comcast.net
Male ImageMr. Kevin Dickinson Says

My compalaint my acount as been deleted for no reason I keep getting abuse my self as a lady said is that you when it is me at 42 she says I'm fake when I'm not then when I say if yr not interested well don't bother me next I go on it's been deleted for no reason ...and there fake aswell . If you look at my file you can see for yr self than just delete there acuntont . I got deleted due to some one calling me fake and all I said is if yr not happy then don't bother me.. I get blocke then get deleted for nothing just cause I wasn't interesting.!
Female ImageMs. xshexidee87x Says

Had a plenty of fish account over two years ago deleted it after meeting somebody he was basically a looser. I made an account two weeks ago and it got deleted for no reason so I made another that got deleted my third one has just been deleted again made it on Fri for absolutely no reason its gone..Am genuinely looking for a boyfriend am not breaking any rules but yet my account disapears I want an explanation for this????
Male ImageMr. charles Says

This site is pissing me off can't get into my account, all it says is it does not exist. So I just made another one and took all the time to fill it out and im getting the same thing! I hate wasting my time for no reason. So please get this figured out. You can reach me at charlesmartinesi@Yahoo.com

Thanks, charles
Female ImageMs. JuneMarie Says

This flippin website is screwy. I had a profile, met someone, then deleted my profile. The guy, so it turns out is married (POS). So I wanted to reestablish my POF file. I have used a dozen different variations of my original profile username. It keeps telling me it's already used. Since it's based on my name, I highly doubt that all these names I have made up are taken. Changed words... added other words to it and I get the same thing over and over: username is taken. Bull!! Not over a dozen variations. My name is not common.
Female ImageMs. kim Says

Hi there,

Seems like my account has been blocked and will not able to create new account neither.
I had created a new account while I had a old account. I was going to deleted, but I just put them hide it. After that I did loose access to my old account nor new and couldn't create new account...
Can you please help me on this? I like this site.


Thank you
Female ImageMs. lorraine leacy Says

to whom it may concern,I was on pof tonight suddenly I was logged out and when I tried to log back in again it said my password or username is incorrect I re typed it several times with no luck.. I went to change my password by email and it is now saying you have not got this email on your data base.. (even though I have emails from pof in my hotmail account? ) I wish to delete my pof account but I need to log in to do so! if you could get back to me as soon as possibly to resolve this issue thanks
Male ImageMr. craig burton Says

Hi Pof fish freinds i havent been able to get on your wonderful sight for a very long time and cant figure what happend wrong. You all are not exepting any username or password i use. If you can get back soon please and let me know how i can get on your wonderful sight again. Sure hope you can get me back on. Thank you and god bless. Please send email with username and password i should use Thank you
Male ImageMr. Niall Donlon Says

Up until yesterday i have been a member of pof. However when i tried to log into my account, the password and user name i use was deemed incorrect. After several failed attempts i decided to reset my password. However when i entered my email address the login page stated that the email address provided was no longer on the system. I find this very confusing and strange. Has my account been suspended or even worse has my account been hacked? I find email address situation quite strange as i had gotten an email from pof with my pof local matches.. So i hope you can help with my inquiry. My user name is nias30

Looking forward to your reply,

my email address is niadonnis@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. laurenm1982 Says

Please help! I set up my account yesterday and was having fun and chatting with a few new people. Very good site but I was extremely upset that it seemed to crash then wouldn't allow me to log back in at all!! And advised my account didn't exsist?? I spent about 3 hours on line and NEVER done or said anything against the web sites rules. I've just come out of a very long relationship and this helped me yesterday. Please can you look into the problem and email me back ASAP. I want to use the site I really do. Many thanks Lauren smith
Female ImageMs. Nickolla southward Says

Pls pls help me find out y I can't get on
Pof , it's sayin my email is not in your
Data base , I set it up myself I'm gettin my
Self in a mess cos I can't understand y
I have tryed to set it up again today with
Best friends help and it still won't let me ,
I had met a rearly nice guy on there and now
I will never be able to contact him or the others
I was talkin to it just dont seem rite can u help
Me pls . Mrs southward x
Male ImageMr. somethingnew Says

Hi, I have been using pof for some time now and me and my new friends were all getting very well. However, my account has been accidently deleted again, please can you reinstate it! when you check you will see that it is not in any breach of any of the rules but still keeps getting flagged. I use a shared computer which may contribute but in any case no rude messages or anything of that nature was sent. This is the 3rd time it's happened and my really good profile and nice pictures has vanished. My user name was somethingnew_8. Password: mynewaccount. Many thanks

email: wookieloz@hotmail.com. Thank you
Female ImageMs. Nataliearkle27 Says

Hi I've recently experienced problems with me pof account , someone had changed my details so that my personal mobile number was displayed on my profile in the header section saying to ring ! , this is unacceptable as it has caused me great distress at having my personal number on display and I would like pof to check my account to see if they can find out who accessed me account or where it was accessed from, I have never my password out to anyone nor have I left my account open and unattended
Male ImageMr. Ozziesurfer1 Says

Sir/Madam, I cannot log into my account Ozziesurfer1And the site says my email address is not in the database I have not breached any of the user conditions and would like my account reactivated please At the very least please explain why this has happened? Kind regards, Oscar Castano , oscarc1970@att.net
Male ImageMr. Joey Brat Says

I have not been able to log in and when I click 'retrieve password' it says my email is not in your database. When trying to register for a new account only HALF of the letters in the image text can be typed it, thus preventing registration. I would like you to get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!
Male ImageMr. GRobG Says

Having trouble accessing my pof account. I have not changed any details but suddenyl cannot log in. My e-mail address is not recognised though I have received update mails from pof (nothing to indicate an issue or that I've been blocked, barred or deleted).

I can't find any contact details for pof to try and put this right; my data, pics, mails may be stuck there unless this is resolved.
Male ImageMr. glenn allum Says

hi my account name is cuddlybear12345 please can you tell me why acount has been deleted as ive stuck tou your terms and conditions, ive had one lady block me and i dont know why she from long stratton, evening we was having a chat next morning she was strange and i feel unduly justed if that is why account deleted look forward to hearing from you

glenn allum

my email address is glennallum@sky.com
Male ImageMr. billy Says

i see many complants, as i have, been on for a year, maybe two, this morning, try to log on, cant, says password is incorrect, try to reset password, say your email is not in our databank , i have done nothing wrong,
friends called me this morning and asked if i blocked them or deleted my acc, i have done neither, my name is,
hellplesslyhoping. my email is, mbcwmk @ yahoo . com. would you please help me !
Male ImageMr. Russell Says

The organization should be raided by law enforcement officers by Canada's prim ministers central agency to investigate serious company corruption by the fonder markas,the office is in a tall building in pander street Google maps street view near the lake,I personally believe something is strange that they don't have any information. no address or telephone number to contact customer services on their website and the company are making millions a year though Google's advertisements and are spying on the population with the data protection act so pof are in violation of the law. I shall be making my complaint to the appropriate authorities in due course for an investigation and filing criminal charges and to have pof office and documents confiscated by the police
Male ImageMr. Nick Osborne Says

I recently signed upto plenty of fish and my username was GingerPrince74, however the app signed itself out and everytime I try to log in or retrieve my password it says doesn't exist however I have an email from yourselves saying it does, I created a new account with a different email address and this does the same. What is the problem with your service. Email me at mrozzie@aol.com with an answer please.
Female ImageMs. nina Says

Yes hi my name is Gianina. I sign up for plenty of fish lastnite I try to sign into my account today n it says it does not recognized my email or password . I don't understand why I'm not able to sign in. I also put my password n email on a paper so I do not forget. My user is love_nina
Male ImageMr. Mark Says

Good afternoon,I'm trying to create an account back on plenty of fish,I have tried several times but for some reason my account gets deleted within a few minutes.
I have no idea why I'm getting deleted because I've not upset anybody or used foul and abusive language.
It is one of the best sites I've been on and have told many of my friends about it.
Please could you help me in solving my problem so I can re-create my account.

Many thanx

Mark Elderkin
Male ImageMr. paralax22 Says

I, "paralax22" have been searchig for a wife for over a year on POF, with no problem. However, yesterday I was the victim of a vindictive response to my kind rejection of "lefty219." I told her I was sorry that I could not help her and that it would be best if we no longer contacted eachother, and today I discovered that my POF account was deleted. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW VINDICTIVE PEOPLE TO CONTROL YOUR SITE, IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Please reenstate the POF account of "paralax22." My email address is tmgb2@yahoo.com . Thank you for your consideration. Mark
Male ImageMr. Christopher Lloyd Says

Hello pof! My name is Chris L. Thank you, but no thanks! I love my
woman and I gonna make it work with her. She means
the world to me. I deleted my profile some time ago.
It seems that my profile has reach other sites. End
this now. Delete my profile asap!
CAL2571 Adventurous "42"
Male ImageMr. Nicholas Says

Hi my name is Nicholas live in Lethbridge Alberta cant sign in and says my email is not on file my email is grinsandgiggles21@hotmail.com or nicholasdoersam@gmail.com says my password was reset by browser it wasn"t I have pictures on there and the girl I,m seeing from your site is alittle upset I haven't hide my profile I,m 43 years old love your site but having this concern my info is floating around out there cause I cant access my account My screen name is webkinz says beauty comes from the inside for my headline Lethbridge alberta
Female ImageMs. Polly Case Says

I only just joined two days age but the site won't let me get back on! It says my password is incorrect, and then I put in my email address to reset it it says it's not in the database!If I try to create a new account with a new email address it won't let me put in ANY user name- it says they are all taken.

I had already met a few guys and was about to upgrade my account. This is hugely frustrating and I see from forums it is not uncommon!!!

Please please help me. My username was DisneyEyes.
Female ImageMs. Marie Alvarez Says

My name is Marie Alvarez better known as Miss Libra 7 on POF. I get a large amount of people that message me. Right now I have approximately 275. I own an ipad which I use when I'm on POF and it is extremely hard to navigate your site because when I scroll down to the 80th person and read their profile/respond back to their message, I am not allowed to continue viewing the next person on the list, the 81st person. I am automatically bumped back to the BEGINNING of the entire list and have to always scroll and scroll and scroll all the way down to where I was. This is extremely frustrating because it take so much time to scroll down so many times to find where it was that I left off. I, and many others I'm sure, would GREATLY appreciate it if somehow this glitch was corrected to better enjoy your website. Thank you in advance,
Marie Alvarez
Female ImageMs. Chloe Says

I created a profile yesterday and tried logging in today and it said my password was not recognized (even though i know it was the correct password). I received the email to reset password, i created a new password, but i still cant log in. it keeps telling me the password is not recognized.

How can I log in to my account?

Male ImageMr. Tony Birdi Says

hi there my name is Tony my username is wolv3rin3 i have tryed sereval times to log on to the site, however i keep on getting my email is not on your database i have tryed to register and i get the same thing its like it doesnt work can you help me in anyways ??

my email tonybirdi@aol.com
i did ask for my password change before never happened

im stuck as i cant seem to get back on to your site

can you help me please i would be grateful

Kind regards

Tony Birdi
Male ImageMr. Paul Says

Mr. Paul Says

I can't login to my account and when I try to put my email address it says it doesn't recognize it I don't understand I've tried everything it started Sunday I've had great success in the two weeks that I've been on so I'm pretty disappointed I'm having difficulty logging in my email is pauldorion66@yahoo.com it would be nice to now why I'm not rude or have no nude photos
Male ImageMr. rick Says

I just signed up for your dating site.
Set up a profile username and password gave you my e-mail address, and even posted a picture.. Now! when I try to sign on with the username and password that I originally registered with it says it is invalid?
why does plenty of fish have a website like this for complaints when you obviously do nothing to fix the problem?
I've tried numerous times to give you my e-mail address, so that you can reset my password or send me my password if it is a problem on my end.I get no response from anyone so my profile is just sitting there with information on it that I cannot access.. That is like stealing somebody's identity if I cannot access my own profile there is definitely something wrong with the way that you are running your dating site.. I am not even going to bother posting my e-mail on this ridiculous complaint site all of your phone numbers are totally off and they want to access my computer and take the money from me..
Male ImageMr. Seeker1989 Says

I was trying to log in so many times .it says check your password or user name when i typed my email address it says not in are data base .i was trying from for hours bt couldn t log in i think my account has been deleted without any reason i never be rude to anyone bt all even its deleted i must get a notification that it no longer active such a hassel i am gonna sue your company in fairtrade for wasting my time presious time while sigining in .thanks
Male ImageMr. Camacho Says

I cannot login to POF and I dont know why,, I try to retreive my password as its not functioning, I enter my email adresse at erikcamachoffbc@yahoo.com and POF mentions that I am not in the data base,my User name is calvarez32,can U please let me know why I have not able to have access ??? My email adresse is bandanamann@yahoo.ca
Male ImageMr. mark bartrip Says

hello, i have had a profile on pof for the last four years, my username is catch2610, i have tried to sign in, with my username, and password, and i get a red message on the sign in page, that my email isnt in your data base, i also tried to set up a new acount, i still cant get online, . this is so frustrating, as i was messaging a lovelly woman,also, i cant call anyone to try and get this sorted, . please help. as i think plentyoffish is a great site, . i am sure i havent broken any rules, .Mark bartrip. planetmark@rocketmail.com. please HELP.
Male ImageMr. Cory Says

Has anyone actually been helped on here because this is bullshit ive been a regular user.. Just looking or someone...
No intimate incounters
No harassing ppl
And i wake up to go on my mobile pof( tried in my laptop) and says wrong password wrong username
I email the mods and get the same response cant give out why i was deleted but any attempt will be deleted... Ive been on pof for 2 years meet really great women and all of a sudden i get deleted...

Please reinstate my email death_reaper001@hotmail.ca
Female ImageMs. Kimberly Says

Please help.. I think my account was deleted by you. I had some guy Johnalan2448 contacting me that just wanted to talk about a sexual relationship.. when I rejected him he became rude and said he was going to report me.. I did NOT break any rules so if my account was deleted that is not fair.. Now I have lost contact with someone I had just struck up a nice conversation with.. Please tell me if my account can be retrieved.. I I blocked him and he did this unfairly. I would hope that this is not how you run your site.. I was impressed with it and saw many men that I may be able to connect with.
my user name was southernshy1
my email is kimberlydw4710@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. richard noonan Says

i have been harassed by a member,(screen name:Blazing flower who has now fictitiously posted a review of a supposed date . i have never ever met blazing flower aka sherri in person . i have never been on any kind of date with this individual. . checking the chronology and substance of the text conversations will remove all doubt of there ever being any personal encounter, meeting ,or any date , whatsoever . my first and only phone conversation w this person was late evening aug 31.i demand that this review of our "date" be removed immediately. i would appreciate your immediate attention regarding this matter.
Male ImageMr. James Aitchison Says

I have had my profile removed on over 3 occasions .I am doing nothing wrong .I have good pictures a good profile and have been manerly towards other members .So ehy sm I being deleted every few days ? My emsil is james.aitchison@hotmsil.com please rest my account as you have stopped me meeting a potential partner
Female ImageMs. Helen Says

I want to sincerely apologize for the unwittingly rude comment i made Saturday sept 1st.
To be honest i have a very dry sense of humour and i felt i was being made fun of about my hair as the gentlemen posted an insult to me, so i tongue in cheek respond piss off.
I am generally a very respectable person and my 2 weeks on this site has given me a much needed social outlet as i am a stay at home grannma and i am a bit lonely and needed social interaction and plenty of fish has a respectable amount of good guys whom are more polite than not.
Please reconsider deleting my account as i assure you i will not text before i think again.
Yours sincerely Helen rose Parry email. helenparry@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. delores Says

Hello to I was getting several emails from this site and when I clicked on the link to my surprise I see pictures of me with a full profile .I believe someone hacked me and took pics and info of me to make them a accnt with P.O.F now because of this I aim dealing with several issues in my life hopefully p.o.f can fix this matter..
Female ImageMs. Stacey Says

Got email stating that registration went through but when I went to sign in--it said that password wasn't good. Then I went to reset password and then it stated that email was not in data base. Can this be fixed please? My email address is skberman@synergyparker.com Thanks
Female ImageMs. Kathryn Gaffney Says

What is going on? You continue to tell me that I can sign on now but your site will never recognize my one and only email address -never have had another one. You also continue to tell me that you will get back with me and I never hear from you. I had met someone and now I can't locate him thanks to your website because either you delleted my accout for no reason or someone has hacked my account not to mention I have lost all of my treasured pictures of my daddy thaat has recently died. I am very disappointed with you and POF after all these years. punkin1046@yahoo.com -only email address I have ever had!!! I need your help please.
Kathryn Gaffney
Male ImageMr. Darin Says

Hello..Im not sure whats happened but my plenty of fish account has vanished and when i type in the email address to try retrieve the info it say its not on your database..Im very confused as to what has happened as i now cannot access this site..my email is Finna7@bigpond.net.au
Male ImageMr. andre marion Says

My name is andre and I just wrote to u about my page one more thing I can't log in or do anything ever time I log in it keep saying ur user name or password not found so if its possible tht it can be fix u can contact me on my email address andremarion38@yahoo.com thank u
Male ImageMr. pof Says

My name is andre and I receive ur email about my pof account I really dnt understand why my account been close and I haven't had anything explict on my page so since my account been close is it possible that I can make a new page then cause this really doesn't make any type of sense at all and I can't erase my old email or do anything I can't even register for a new page so what can y'all do or what can I do u can email me bk andremarion38@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. Julio Says

Hello POF,

For some reason I can't sign in into my account even though I'm putting my username and password correctly it still says that my username or password is incorrect and whenever I try to retrive my password by putting my email address it says that I my email adress does not exist in your database. Help me out Guys ! My username is titans54321 and my email is saeedfaisal82@yahoo.ca
Male ImageMr. osky Says

Hi my nAME IS oSCAR mARIN MY EMAIL ADREES IS osky.marin@hotmail.com. I'm trying to figuer out why i was canceled if you can check the status why if i wasnt roud or disrispectful to anyone. i enjoy being apart of the pof comunity. i hope we can come to a salution to my lit problem. thank you for your time. if you care to contact me via cell or email, my info is (619)600-8315 or email osky.marin@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. C I S Says

Husband needs his profile deleted . He isn't allowed to date or have sex with anyone but me. Period. His name David Stout . Born August 25 1957. Phone numbers he could have used : 785-242-7256, 785-214-9236, 785-214-9237, 785-380-1752. Addresses: 601 S Burrough lot 12 or lot 6 Ottawa Ks. Lawerence Ks on Haskell Dr., Or Centropollis Ks. I realize men do stupid shit at 50. But his profile needs to be removed or I contact my lawyer and file against husband and you. We made the request. Because he nor I can find a working phone number for your company to place a request. Plus can't find an email address to place request. I don't want to bring a lawyer in on this just simply delete his profile.
Male ImageMr. Chris Moore Says

Helo hello,
I was using your site and then all of a sudden I was not able to use it. I was slowly getting restricted from different areas of the site. I tried to log back in and it did not recognize me at all. I tried to change my password and I was told it was no longer in the system. Please help me look into this so my account can be reinstated.
My user name is vanninthedesert
my email is vannvm@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing a resolution in my email.


Chris Moore
Male ImageMr. Jord39 Says

Dear POF
I cannot log into my account, my password comes up invalid, and when I go to 'forgotton password' it says my email is not on the database ?
Ive been using POF for some months now, so know my password and email are correct.
I have not been abusing the site, so don't understand if my account has been deleted
HELP please
Male ImageMr. Sean Liddell Says

To who this may concern....

I recently set up a POF account for a friend of mine which has recently been hacked into i have the details of the information that the account was set up with and i also have the email account the the account has been hacked by....

please could you contact me on seanybear2013@gmail.com or seanybear2013@yahoo.com for further information
Male ImageMr. Rishpal Says

My name is Rishpal and i'm email ID is rishpal.makkar@gmail.com. i don't know its like my second time you delete my account without any reason. i'm trying to create a new account but when it goes up to upload photos then it says season expired and delete my account. i try many times now.
Female ImageMs. BGM45431 Says

My old username was BGM8385, I tried to change it to BGM45431, that it accepted. When I tried to change my password to the same password as the first, it will not let me sign in to change anything. I have tried changing my password many times, but it keeps saying to CLICK HERE TO RESET PASSWORD OR USERNAME. What do I do now, HELP PLEASE
Male ImageMr. Danny Says

I recently put up a post on here a couple days ago that is not here anymore for some reason. I try to log into my account and it says my username or password is in incorrect, I then try to reset my password and its says my email is not on your database. I haven't broken any of the rules so am baffled as to why this has happened. Can you please let me know or even reinstate my account I'd appreciate that alot. My email is dannyhunt2@googlemail.com and my username is dannybwood. Thanks
Male ImageMr. jublyjunior Says

Hi my name is andrew jones and my login name is jublyjunior but im having trouble logging into the app on the phone as i believe you have blocked me.
It says it doesn't recognise the login and when i say forgot password it says the e-mail address doesn't exsist.
Can you help?
Male ImageMr. Weezyf86 Says

Hi I can't get in to my pof account I think someone has gone in an change my password because I typed in my email to receive password an it comes up email not in data base?
Can you please email my password to my email it is benhurinui@gmail.com!
I used my email as a username as my username weezyf86 wouldn't work at times too.. All this is weird please help :/
Look forward to your email :-)
Male ImageMr. hazeleyes103 Says


i have sent two (2) e-mails to csr@pof.com and I have not received any response to fixing the problem I have with my account. My username is Hazeleyes103. I cannot access my account on Plenty of Fish. Please change my e-mail address then I can reset my password. My new e-mail address is jeffmiss@live.com. My old e-mail address was jeffmiss@sympatico.ca which is not accessible any longer. Thank you.

Jeffrey Hanson
Male ImageMr. will Says

I am trying to contact you because your website says that every time I put my account in with my password its data cannot find it in your website database so when I put my email and it states it is not in your database but yet I still receive an email from you so what am I supposed to do in order to use the site when this is the third time it's happened to me and I've had to set up three different accounts my last username was here4u1980 me email is willroth@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. JoshuaGonzalez Says

Hi, to my how concern. My name its Joshua Gonzalez. Im been a member, in pof for long time, now. I just have problems, with my username, and password. My e-mail its, joshuag4603@gmail.com. Can you , please help me, or delete, the profile. So I can open a new one, please. I send more 3 massage, for someone, to help me, but I dont getting any answer...Thanks for your support. God bless you.
Female ImageMs. Samantha Says

I have having the same issue as many other people here, I have an account that I was using this afternoon and then when I went to go back in and check my email about 20 minutes later POF said I either my username or password was incorrect, I did not change anything. My email is not recognized in your database for some reason either, this is the same email that I have been using the entire time. PLEASE FIX THIS! My email is daisymae850@yahoo.com and my username is daisymae850
Male ImageMr. Stephen croft Says

Hi there i was on your dating site, for about three week, and now my profile has been deleted and i cant get it back or set a new one up. Please can you tell me why this has happened as I've not sent any inappropriate messages, i will admit that my first initial message was copy and pasted but i just got the message saying you didn't accept these so changed it. But the message was clean, so why can i set up a new profile, or get my old one back.

My username stephencroft-1980 and my email stephencroft1980@yahoo.co.uk
Female ImageMs. Ashley Craft Says

I tried to get on my POF account today and the site would not allow me to log on. It stated that my password was invalid and when I entered my email address to try and get my password emailed to me the site said it did not exist in the POF data base. I do not understand what has happened I was just on yesterday and both my password and email were working just fine please fix the problem Thank You.
Male ImageMr. Musaddiq Says

My name is musadiq i am trying to register every time it says that username is already been taken, when this message appeared before submitting registration page in a tiny message box form, i changed my desired username and when this tiny message box didn't appeared i submitted the registration page, and then that small message box appeared in bold and big letters. If the username is already been taken then why is not the message box is appearing before submission and if the username is already taken then why i cannot find it in search column?
i need help on this.
Female ImageMs. Pam Says

I have tried to re-instate my pof membership. I received a welcome letter from markus. When i try to log in i do not have my password and when i try to change it your system says my email address is invalid or not part of your data base, both of which are not true you are sending me email at my address! how can i get on???.
Male ImageMr. Mylowe Says

My complaint isi am on able to log on it keeps saying that my user password is incorrect or my email is incorrect please email me and reset my password for me thank you. At lowemai@yahoo. Com.

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