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3340 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405, United States.customercare@wenhaircare.co.ukwww.wenhaircare.com

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Wen Hair Care Exploration

Wen Hair Care is a hair care product Guthy-Renker company of the United States. Guthy-Renker is a multinational beauty product specialist company and has wide range of cosmetic products. Headquarters of the company is situated in Santa Monica city of California, United States. The company was established in November 1988 by Bill Guthy and Greg Ranker. Wen Hair Care offers different conditioners shampoo, cleanses, moisturizers and style products.
Valuable Contact Number of Wen Hair Care for All General Inquiries
Phone: 1-800-964-1892
Alternative Contact Number of Wen Hair Care for Additional Support
Phone: 1(888) 414-3565

How To Use

The company claims the five product formulas in one Wen Cleansing Conditioner. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner contains glycerin, wild cherry bark, panthenol, chamomile extract&rosemary extract ingredients that help to manage hair with more shine and moisture. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is easy to use in simple Three steps, in the first step rinse the hair with water take the cleanse to around 10-16 drops or more according to hair length on palms and rub together, in the second step apply the cleanse conditioner to scalp and evenly distribute the amount on hair and rinse off with water by massaging the scalp in the last step.

Company Profile

Guthy-Renker is one of the leading direct marketing companies based in the United States. The company serves customers through direct mail, advertising on the internet, television, telemarketing and infomercials. Guthy-Renker provides wide variety of products including skincare, wellness, beauty and entertainment. The beauty products consist of anti-aging formulation, an acne treatment, proactive+, treatment for hyperpigmentation, Age spots, uneven skin tone and dark circles. The different hair products such as Wen Haircare cleansing conditioner, wash-in treatments with X Out. Guthy-Renker also provides computer repair services. The company has operations in Germany, India, China, England, United States and Australia.

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Wen Hair Care User Queries

Customer care female
KuchuAug 20, 2015

Now days my hair fall is much more. I am Lose my hair day to day. What will i do?Please help me.

Customer care female
Kerry SaxonAug 11, 2015

I am being billed for product that I NEVER received. I love this product, but will NEVER use it again if I am being billed for something that I did not receive.

Customer care female
Suzanne IanieriJun 01, 2015

I ordered a kit on may 31st and went to cancel that order less than 24 hours later only to find that after the money for this order had been immediately deducted from my bank account, I was unable to cancel this order or have my money refunded. I was not in the "system" yet? This makes no sense I was nowhere in the system to have this order cancelled or to get a refund. This is outrageous I feel a bit robbed here and this is a very shady business practice. No supervisors available? I will report this to the proper authorities. Terrible experience.

Customer care male
James SchuckmanApr 17, 2015

Wen has a scam system when ordering. if you do ordering on line they "automatically enroll you into a replenishment program" that's a fancy term for ripping you off every month by automatically sending you the product, when you don't even order ti this is an unfair business practice that must be stopped.

Customer care female
Crysta KesslerApr 15, 2015

The customer service reps were polite and assured me they were canceling my membership as I requested. Problem was, that information somehow didn't reach the part of the company that does shipping and billing. In other words, YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BY PHONE, even though that is their prescribed method. I entered a complaint on the Contact Us screen. Still didn't work. Finally found the Corporate Escalation Team web page. Don't know where I found it -- and can not seem to locate it again --, but here it is: http://bit. Ly/1iGOu3I (copy and paste because it's a tricky URL with lower case i and l and numeral 1). Also lodged a complaint with Better Business Bureau. Also changed my credit card number, but that might have not been necessary. They will still bill you, even if they can not charge your card. I sincerely hope this information helps someone, because there are hundreds of customers out there caught in Wen Hair Care's web of lies.

Customer care female
Deborah TruckleMar 03, 2015

They do not answer. Have been trying for five days now. All of the numbers give the same response. Higher than normal volumes,, but they are open24/7 so try again. It is 8:27 pm. How many people are ordering WEN.

Customer care female
Debra KellyDec 01, 2014

I called to cancel my account completely, as I no longer wish to receive shipments. At first the customer service representative tried to convince me to just put a hold on it and I had to be very firm about cancellation. He assured me that it will be cancelled and I will not receive anymore shipments, so I hope that this has been taken care of.

Customer care female
Michelle KruglakNov 13, 2014

I canceled this order almost a year ago within the 90 day window, way before actually. I didn't like the product, had a reaction to the lavender, so I canceled. I woke up this morning and saw a charge on my bank account, I called and this dane guy said it was never canceled and the product was mailed out yesterday and once I return it they will credit me. I haven't lived at the address they are sending it to in over six months, not even sure how they got authorization on my card to go through being that the address wouldn't match to what they have. All I know is because of their unauthorized charge my rent check might bounce.

Customer care male
SherylJul 21, 2014

Not one of the phone #'s I found on any website are in working order. Plus no one has returned my email in four days. This is unacceptable. There is a problem with an order and we Need to fix it. Please reply with with a contact number I can call back on, I am in canada. Thank you

Customer care female
NicholeOct 30, 2013

Trying to cancel me recurring orders because the product wasn't working for me. Was told I couldn't when I called and was hung up on three times. Money back guarantee satisfaction is non existant.Finally had to go to bank to cancell my card so you would quit charging me. Total scam.

Customer care female
LadyChelseafanAug 05, 2013

I do not remember my password, your broken website won't allow me access once I type the twisted-weird-fonted words into it, the berbal instructions sound like Charlie Brown's friggin teacher is saying them (totally unintelligible), and I am now holding for going on five friggin minutes!

WTF is the matter with you people?! do not you WANT my business?! !@#$%^&* I guess friggin not.

Screw you and have a nice friggin day.