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 : 800-214-8734
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P O Box 900011 El Paso, Texas, U.S.
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Swiffer is a cleaning product industry that deals in cleaning service. The company was created in 1999. Its headquarters situated in Texas, U.S. It is a part of Procter and Gamble Company. The company product such as Swiffer Sweeper floor sweeper, Swiffer WetJet floor cleaner solution, Swiffer Dusters Extender (with 360° Dusters refills), Swiffer 360° Dusters, Swiffer Dusters, The Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty large floor sweeper, Swiffer SweeperVac cleans, Swiffer Dust and Shine with the freshness of Febreze furniture polish cleans, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Unscented 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Lavender Vanilla and Comfort 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Sweet Citrus and Zest 16 Count, Sweeper Dry Cloth Refill Gain Original Scent 16 Count. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Swiffer service center is given above. The helpline of Swiffer service center may or may not be toll free.
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Swiffer Complaints and Reviews

Female ImageMs. Tasha Jefferson Says Oct 26, 2014

I used all the Swiffer WetJet products, but since I have moved to Texas and I have noticed that the WetJet no longer cleans my floors properly. I have to use like seven or eight pads on my floors and they are still not clean. I have resulted in going back to my mop and bucket if I want my floors clean. I also feel like it's a waste of money in using the pads, because I go through a big box in the course of two days. I feel the cleaning solution should be made stronger and you should make reusable pads.
Female ImageMs. Rosa Says Oct 24, 2014

I just moved and my sister was trying to help me out by buying me a WetJet Spray. Since I have three kids and am a single mother and I am living on a tight budget. The sprayer only sprays out of one side and leaks from the other. Since my sister lives far away and she discard the receipt and when I called the store where she purchased it at they said that they couldn't do anything without the receipt. Is there anything I could to fix the problem? Or what should I do?
Female ImageMs. Gail Says Oct 18, 2014

This is not a complaint, i just love your ad with "the stacks" with all of the dogs. Could you tell me what breed of dog "Cameron" is? Every time i see the commercial, i want him. I do not know how you could find this information out, but it would truly be appreciated. I use the Swiffer and love it!.
Female ImageMs. Aurelia Says Oct 16, 2014

Do you have an 800 number so i could talk to a customer representative about an issue. The phone you have listed is for money back guaranteed ridiculous.
Female ImageMs. Carolyn Pedley Says Oct 15, 2014

My swifter won't spray anymore, it just dribbles. I love it, but it doesn't work anymore.
Female ImageMs. Beth Hill Says Oct 15, 2014

I bought a Swifter sweeper before one and half month ago and it is broken. The sprayer is broken and it stopped spraying. I took it back to Walmart and they said, basically it is not our problem. So, i bought your product and it failed after just one month over. I am one legged so it is hard for me to do things and this product helped me out.
Male ImageMr. Larry Lyons Says Jun 23, 2014

My swiffer max blue handle adapter that clips on base has broken. Can i get a replacement part?

Thank you

Larry lyons
Cell 248. 877. 1068
Email lyonsld@aol.com.
Female ImageMs. Heather Staley Says Jun 05, 2014

I purchased a wet jet and it broke right at the handle. I do not have a receipt any longer. I have seen more an just my complaint for the same problem. I would appreciate if swifter stood by it is product with a better resolution than just needing the receipt. It is pretty obvious who made the product. Please resolve.
Female ImageMs. Marie Ionno Says Jun 01, 2014

Hello, Within the last year, i have purchased a swiffer vacuum. I have really enjoyed the product, however the battery has faded incredibly. It will not have power after three minutes. The product remains charged (as directed) at all times. Therefore, the battery life should last significantly longer. This has become a large inconvenience for me. I would like to continue using the product, but feel that another battery will be the only way.

Please email me back at marie. Ionno@gmail.com to discuss this matter further.

Many thanks,

Marie ionno.
Female ImageMs. Karri Says Feb 05, 2014

The handle on my swifter wet jet broke right where the medal stops by the stray button. I have had it about three months and love it!, but was wondering if there was any guarantee on this product as my thought is, it should last longer than three months.
Thank you for responding.
Female ImageMs. ashley Says Oct 29, 2013

I am a huge fan of swifter products, but recently I have had multiple problems. I bought a brand new swifter wet jet for my kitchen and when I took it out of the box it was busted, so I taped it a bit. Then the liquid made my floor so sticky I have to get down and scrub it away. I was very displeased.
Female ImageMs. Caryle Saathoff Says Oct 10, 2013

I purchased a box of refills for my mop and there is no way they will fit my mop. I need the sides of the refill to tuck in on the top of the mop and these refills won't work How will I be able to use my mop without the correct ones?
Female ImageMs. NORMA DRUPIESKI Says Oct 06, 2013

the liquid only comes out on one side, and your instructions for inserting the batteries are horrible, I cannot see the minus or plus sign ti insert the battery, this product should be taken off the market, why would I ever sve a grocery receipt to get my money back? My mistake, but let me tell you I will ndever purchse another Swiffer product and I will tell EVERYONE NOT TO PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF JUNK
Female ImageMs. June Powell Says Sep 17, 2013

Love Morty and Lee...can they come teach me how to manage your products. we've been married 58 yrs and my husband is a copy of Morty. I need some help from Lee. Could they come and set us straight? have a big house to care for. could use some tips.
Female ImageMs. Kathleen Seelmann Says Sep 15, 2013

I bought a Swiffer wetjet about five weeks ago from the local Dollar General store located in Emerald Isle North Carolina. I have always used this product and have had no problem. After the 3rd time of using it one of the jets quick working I couldn't take it back to the store because I no longer had the box or receipt. about a week and a half later the other jet quick working. I am now left with three bottle of cleaner and three boxes of Swiffer pads. I would like a replacement. I can send the broken one back to you. It will show that it hardly had any use. My name is Kathleen Seelmann address: 305 Spell Drive Emerald Isle North Carolina 2594. I do not want to spend additional money when I should be compensated a new one. Although I do not have the upc code and receipt I can return the broken one to you. my contact number us 252330603
Female ImageMs. Fran Says Sep 07, 2013

I could not find where to post a positive massage. I wanted to let you know that the commercial with Morty and his wife is absolutly ingenious. If I didn't already use your products, I would buy them just because of the great commercial. Thanks
Male ImageMr. ed kipnis Says Aug 26, 2013

first your 866 contact # is worthless,so i am pissed of about that

I live in zip code 10126 and I can no longer find the
extra large pads where I live. so where can I go?
Edward Kipnis 6303595588
Female ImageMs. Robyn Dudek Says Aug 23, 2013

I have recently purchased the swiffer steam boost. I actually love the product, unfortunately the steam trigger button just broke and I can no longer use the product. I do not have the sales receipt and would really like the product fixed or replaced.
Female ImageMs. Barbie Says Aug 02, 2013

I have purchased two swiffer wet jets in the past four years . I really like them, but the jets on the first one clogged up completely. Recently( less than a year ago) I bought a new one and already one of the jets in not functioning. Obviously I have passed my 30 day warranty and am wondering if you stand by your product for more than 30 days. I will be finding a new way to do the floors if you can not help me out. Thank you in advance for responding to this email.
Female ImageMs. Ruthanne Bredenberg Says Jul 24, 2013

This is NOT a complaint. As a 87 yearold senior citizen, I want to commend you on recognizing and addressing our difficulties....The Morty commercials are priceless.Thanks
Female ImageMs. Shaynee Wagnon Says Jul 22, 2013

I just went and bought a swiffer, I am not able to return my swiffer back to Walmart because it was opened and i did not have a receipt. The handle is broken and the bottom where the pad is supposed to go is broken. I did not notice that when I was in Walmart and now I can not do anything about it. So please help me be able to get another one. I need this for my house, and I have tried everything I can to take it back and they won't let me.
Shaynee Wagnon
271 Workman Ct. # 2
Tahlequah OK 74464
Female ImageMs. Marilyn Says Jul 13, 2013

The pad on the bottom of my swiffer cracked and fell off. Is it possible to just buy a replacement pad rather than an entirely new mop? Seems wasteful
Female ImageMs. ck Says Jul 06, 2013

Used the wet jet for about one month, mopped a small bathroom tile floor daily. the plastic at the swivel head broke completely through. no longer have the receipt, so unable to return it. intended to buy the Swiffer Bissell steamer- NOT NOW! POOR QUALITY!
Female ImageMs. edwyna towler Says Jul 04, 2013

my son gifted me a swiffer wetjet a few years ago. i mostly have used the other swiffer mop with the damp pads i stick on, use and then throw away. last week i used up the wetjet liquid and can find refills NOWHERE. all refills are bigger,won't fit into my swiffer mop. my empty cannister had 16.9 FL OZ. please tell me if you still may these and the store closest to me that carries these refills.
edwyna m. towler
3488a evergreen ln
st. louis,mo. 63125
314 894 8283
Female ImageMs. Karen Bonner Says Jun 12, 2013

I have had a swiffer for five years without an issue. Recently I purchased two new swiffers( one for the hardwood one for the ceramic floors. I have already returned one to Walmart
and yesterday the other one broke. It broke at the top at the base of the handle. Now walmart will not return it because I no longer have the receipt, but the unit is only a month old and previous to this the swiffer I had lasted five years. Please resolve
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