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 : 877-417-4551
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About Square
Square is an mobile payment industry that deals in electronic payment service. It was founded in May 2010 having headquarters in United States. Jack Dorsey is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The square company product such as electronic devices. The square company produced first generation version hardware and software in 2010 and second generation version is square credit card reader which works with all iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Square service center is given below. The helpline of Square service center may or may not be toll free.
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Complaints and Reviews of Square
Male ImageMr. Siyoum Says

Square, card reader was completely
Disconnected. @ the monument, I'm
out of service. Please advice as soon as
Possible . Thanks 4 ur help!
Female ImageMs. Mary Evans Says

I processed a cc at 2:20 pm on Sat. June 8 for the amount of $106. I have no notification of it being processed as well as no record of it in History? What would have caused this and how can I receive my payment for merchandise sold?
Male ImageMr. Art Says

A pop up shows up stating that my routing number is not valid I've tried all three bank account and the same issue with all three ? What Can I do to fix the problem
Female ImageMs. KERRIE Says

I have sent many emails with no answer . you did a charge back and im trying to give you all the info but verify account like it said to do is no where to be found. I cant find a fax number for you . you say we have to work in a timely manor but cant do so if you wont respond!!!!
Male ImageMr. Barton Elkins Says

I have been a customer of yours for a few months and have liked your service. this is our slow season so we have not been processing to much in dollar amts with your company.We are now becoming more active and are using your service more often .I have just been made aware by my staff that you are holding a 3000.00 dollar plus transaction of ours and will be doing so untill july sometime..this money was a material deposit for a job to be started this week.We were unaware of this limit you have and need some quick response and our funds released ASAP
Bart Elkins
Advanced chimney technologies
Female ImageMs. RENEE JOHNSTON Says

Male ImageMr. Thomas Martini Says

I just signed up today and I do not know what sqare code is?
Male ImageMr. jason Says

swiped card for $1500, said approved, checked bank today, nothing sent. ( had two previous transaction work fine) Customer calls and says she recieved a double charge, yet nothing has deposited to my acct. I am losing business over this PLEASE HELP !!!
661 313 0038
Jason Beauchesne Electrician
Male ImageMr. Buzzard Says

I called the phone number and it said go to the website. I need to speak with a representative now! Talk about shitty customer service. This takes the cake! Should be called customer non-service!
Female ImageMs. Moe Mosher Says

I accepted a $65 payment on Sat. (6/29) @ 9:38am that did not seem to go through. The customer, however, did receive a receipt. Please contact me regarding this at 716-208-9981.

Moe Mosher
Female ImageMs. Barbara carleo Says

I have 2 square accounts each with a different bank. But no matter which square I use it goes to the same bank. Help
Female ImageMs. Barbara Carleo Says

I have 2 square accounts each with a different bank. But no matter which square I use it all goes to the same bank.
Female ImageMs. Patricia Says

Need to talk to a human my number is 7275124101 . I made deposits to a bank acct that Ihad forgotten I closed . I then linked my current account . Got an email from Square stating monies were sent to previous acct . Want to know if my monies will now be deposited to current linked account .
Male ImageMr. Hemant Says

Hi ! I registered with square couple of weeks before ! After a week I received a email saying that I need to verify my last two transactions made by square ! Unfortunately I came to knew my account associated with square was abandoned ! I made changes with my bank account information , then I received again a email conforming my square account being verified already and ready to use ! Now I m trying to use it it's not working at all ! Please help! I need it ASAP !
Male ImageMr. LUIS MARMOL Says

Hi my name is Luis Marmol and I signed up with you guys but I accidentaly set up my account and I'm missing a number for my bank account I need to resolve this issue asap because I have a few transactions pending and I don't want to lose out on my money. please contact me at 212-470-6847 or email me marmol134@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. william jackson Says

Yall are holding my payment my customer has told me the amount has been deducted I need to speak to someone asap 8328895765
Female ImageMs. Alma Rodriguez Says

I had a customer dispute a transaction and It was paid back to them without a investigation of any type. Customer received a service and just because he was going out of the country and need money filed this claim. I need to speak with a actual person ASAP...704-649-0556
Male ImageMr. ramon espinoss Says

my credit card had to be chained because of fraud/ my old bank ws citi bank/new bank chase
my last 4 on my SSI IS 3476 MY NEW CHASE LAST 4 IS 9126
Female ImageMs. Stacey mcelheny Says

I changed my account first week of July. It didn't link cause I didn't verify account correctly. There's $359 that didn't go to either account
Female ImageMs. Camille Bruce Says

The reason for this message is because I am a square card user and I have not received the payments from the transactions that I completed. Can you assist me in order to receive my payments? My number is (702)-272-5064 and my user name is Even Photography. My routing number is connected to MidCountry Bank. Please help me resolve this issue.
Male ImageMr. Tony Duran Says

Can you call me? I have questions before I begin using your services. I will be here by the phone for another 10 minutes. It's 1:05 Central time.

Thank you,


Male ImageMr. sadruddin Says

Hi, my name is sadruddin g hussain. I drive a cab and use square for any cc transactions. Yesterday a transaction went through three timesvs once. Is there anyway you guys can redund the transactions? Please let me know what I need to do. If you can call my daughter at 312-351-0952 her name is sabeen.or if you can respond at sabeen224@gmail.com that would be great.thanks.
Male ImageMr. Mark Says

DO you guys have a extension pin for the square. My type of cell phone case which is a griffin will not allow it to seat properly into the jack. I would like to keep the case i have. Sincerely your customer: Mark J Talbert ps: cell case is difficult to remove on and off for each transaction.
Male ImageMr. Jason Jarvis Says

my card was initially charged 2000 dollars but transaction was cancled and now that money is on hold within your company. This card is linked to my bank account and it was taken out of my checking account.

What do I do
Female ImageMs. KAROL SHAHID Says

Female ImageMs. Valerie Says

I ran a charge for $3400 and it was credited back as a refund the day before it was processed. The client was charged and no refund showed up om his statement . Someone has $3400 in there account and it not me. I'm waiting two days now to hear back from someone at square. This is an unprofessional way to handle customer service. Im assuming this will be straightened out, but it's very frustrating not to be able to talk with someone directly.
Female ImageMs. Lindie Says

I changes bank accounts and am trying to use my square for a new account setting it up its asking me email etc then tells me e mail already being used how do I use this square reader for a new bank account
Female ImageMs. kaitlin menger Says

My reader has not shipped and was set to be here on august 12th. It is now the 21st....everything I look at I cant find anywhere to have a new one sent to me.
Male ImageMr. Robert Says

Cant get reader working .. Tried reliading software but still not working.
Using os 6+ on iphone 3gs
Where is the help??????
Male ImageMr. DAVID Says

hi I signed up for square I hard a customer put $4000 dollars on a new account and square is holding my money for 90 days this is bullshit and than they are holding my account what kind of company is this ?David Bailey 239-273-5191
Male ImageMr. DAVID Says

Male ImageMr. Jer Says

I ordered the square on the 26th and haven't received it yet.....we are on our 9th business day how do I contact someone
Male ImageMr. Graphic Designs Says

I am having a problem with swiping cards using my card reader. I have requested a new card but have not received one yet; therefore, I have to pay the higher rate. Please
Male ImageMr. Omer Says

I have been receiving pop a lock invoices to my e mail at omerc21@yahoo.com
Please disconnect my service and correct the issue .
Female ImageMs. Laura Says

My square app is not working. AT&T says it is a software problem with square. I've reinstalled and am getting frustrated. I need to speak with a person or will be using a different service. I've got through contact us online and left very detailed message as to what the app is doing and the responses are ridiculous, as if the person answering does not even understand.

My number is 903-293-0889. I need a call today or its see ya later, sorry. Trying to run a business;(

Laura McLean
Female ImageMs. brittanie Says

Had transactions on 9/20 in almost 500 dollars. Customers werw all charged and my square accoumt showed transactions but I never received payment. Found out somehow my bank account was unlinked. Linked it back and now all of my transactions have disappeared from my account. I need someone to call me. 813 957 8734. The fact that there is not someone to speam with is absolutely ridiculous considering you are accepting payments for businesses.
Male ImageMr. Tim Says


My name is Tim Henry, I am a square card reader member using a samsung s 3 android phone, my question is how do I set up reacuring payments from my customers.

I am also having dificulties signing in, as my primary email address thenry1@fairview.org no longer exists.

Need help asap

Female ImageMs. Maria Bautista Says

I need to buy a Square, but I speak Spanish. Is possible speak with a person that speak Spanish please. I living in Miami. My phone number is: (786) 394 3267. My name is Maria Bautista. Please call me. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Trevor Pace Says

I have been trying to get in contact with a representative to reconnect my Square to my new phone, for the past few days. I need to speak to a live person because when I put in the security question answer to the ' what street did you grow up on? ' it says that my correct answer is wrong !!!! I've missed out on several transactions and need for a rep to call (404) 429-6685 immediately
Female ImageMs. Emily Cayson Says

hi my name is Emily Cayson I have a spuare reader and I processed a charge today 10-4-2013 around 2pm mountain time for 35 dollars, no email was sent saying I accepted this and what my new square balnce is. It should be around 80.00 as of today. My company name is Doggy Clips in Nampa ID, 83686. My email address is doggyclips911@gmail.com Please contavt me back as soon as possable. Thank you
Male ImageMr. Greg Wilson Says

I have a deposit pending for over 48 hours and Square will not respond to repeated requests for help. They don't have telephone support and they don't respond to repeated emails. Can't wait for a competitor to come out with a similar product.These people have turned into a pack of smug cock-suckers. Credit card transactions art guaranteed money and these people charge 2.75-3.5% of our money and then hold it for 38-48 hours. Not Fair. Who is regulating this industry.
Greg Wilson-Van Dyke Signs, Miami, FL
Female ImageMs. Jennifer Schaffner Says

A customer is trying to pull an insurance scam, when their insurance denied them they tried to file a false report saying my company CNJ Appliance did not install the almost $800.00 part we did indeed purchase and install. We have sent all documentation and disclosures that this is a non-refundable part. The customer was well aware as well. Despite the fact that we have a legally binding contract your company not only refunded money he was not legally entitled to but you went into my bank and effectively took all my other customers money to give it to a scammer.We want no part of this man's insurance scam nor are we legally responsible and we have the signed waiver to prove it. I need a phone call today at 2819748862.
Female ImageMs. Phyllis Mcgough Says

I cannot access my account. Every time i put in my user name and password i get an error message. Please guide me through this process.
Female ImageMs. Ginny Nadler Says

I changed my email address and bank account for deposits on or about the 20th of june. I received a confirmation that my information was changed. I used my square for deposits and i have received confirmation that $651. 58 has been deposited. The old account no longer exists for deposits and the account i requested the change has received no deposit. When i attempt to get into my account on line the new email address does not work nor does the old. I need this money immediately.
Please help. 216-534-7571.
Female ImageMs. Nancynguyen Says

To whom it may concern,
I am having trouble with this weekend transaction, on july 18,2014 my gross sale was $225 and july 19,2014 my gross sale was $170 which bring us to a total of $395.
Square had sent only $320. 92 to my account. Can you please investigate this matter for me? thank you. Please call 410-302-3703 or email me.

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