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Phone Number of Sony is +81-3-6748-2111, +81-3-6748-2856 .
With consolidated sales and Operating revenue of approximately 6800900 yen, the Sony Worldwide Corporation is a conglomerate business owner provides thousands of products and services. In addition, major products of the company are televisions, home entertainment, Audio/ Video equipment, digital imaging, semiconductors, electronic components, professional solutions, medical and computer related products, etc. The Sony Corporation also does business in financial services with collaboration with many private financial agencies. The specialty of Sony is its game consoles such PlayStation 4 which is a huge competent of the Microsoft's X Box. Sony Corporation was established in 1958 and founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The worldwide headquarters of this Japanese company is situated in the Mintao, Tokyo, Japan. The Sony Corporation is ranked as 87th position in the annual ratings of Fortune magazine's global 500 (list of companies). Furthermore, the Sony Corporation also does business in the additional fields like insurance, banking, credit finance and advertisements and expanding its business constantly.

Sony History, Expansion and Technology

Sony Corporation dates back to 1940s and evolved from a small electronics shop in Tokyo running by Masaru Ibuka. It had strength of only eight employees with $530 capital. Masaru Ibuka was assisted by Akio Morita in 1947 in his electronics business followed by the titling of the company, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. The company is credited to develop the first tape recorder of Japan known as Type G. In 1958, the company was renamed to Sony and began expanding to the US markets by launching portable radio in the country. By 1968, Sony had sold five million transistors in the US thanks to the teens and youths customers. Meanwhile, Sony titled its American operation as Sony Corporation of America in 1960. Sony business strategies and popularity boost the export business in Japan during 1970s and 1980s. The recession of 1980s hit the sale of Sony and its profits were suffered badly. In the midst of financial setbacks, the management decided to invest on the new technology such as Compact Disc and Walkman, series. The decade of 1980s marked the new innovation made by Sony in the field of technology like Optical discs, floppy disks, Magneto optical discs and portable music CD player, Discman. In 1989, Sony unveiled GV-8 Video Walkman, which played Video 8 tape to display the content on its 3 inch color screen. Coming to its operations in 1990s, Sony introduced PlayStation series, one of the bestselling gaming consoles in the world; SDDS, a surround sound format with 7.1 channels; Network Walkman, operates the content of attached flash memory, MP3 player, and video MP3 player. Sony decided to enter in the mobile phone segment in 2001 under its subsidiary Sony Mobile Communications, a joint venture with Ericsson, a Swedish telecom company. It is one of the first companies to provide multimedia and camera facilities in mobile phone. After acquiring the shares of Ericsson in the partnership, Sony started to launch its mobile phone line under Xperia brand.

Products and Services by Sony:

Sony offers a line of consumer electronics, video games, computer hardware, telecom equipment, and media. To know more about, please visit its official website,

Corporate Office of Sony:

Sony is headquartered in Japan in Tokyo at 7-1, Konan, 1-chome, Minato-ku.

Contact Numbers of Sony's Headquarters:

One can contact the head office of Sony at these numbers, +81-3-6748-2111, and +81-3-6748-2856.

Email ID of Sony:

A customer can mail to Sony at this email ID,

Official Website of Sony:

The web address of Sony is

Sony Worldwide Locations:

Sony has presence in many countries across the world. To know the Sony's Location in your countries, please visit this weblink,

Sony on Social Networking Links:

Sony is available on several social networking websites ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin.
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What is The Official Address of Sony? The Official Address of Sony is 7-1, Konan, 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo-108-0075, Japan.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of Sony? The Main Customer Service Number of Sony is +81-3-6748-2111, +81-3-6748-2856.

What is the Customer Service Email Address of Sony? The Customer Service Email Address of Sony is

What is the Website of Sony? The Website of Sony is

Who is the Contact Person of Sony? The Conatct Person of Sony is Masaru Kato.