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Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish is a online dating site. It was founded in 2003 having headquarters situated in canada. It has 66 employees. Markus frind is the founder and chief executive officer of the company. Plenty of fish website appeared in several lot of music videos such as Natasha Bedingfield's "Touch", Kesha's "We R Who We R", Flo Rida and Akon's "Available" etc. Plenty of fish website established mobile apps for iPhone and Android in 2010. Plenty of fish website use technology such as Microsoft SQL server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0. It is a leading online dating site that is run by a single person. Plenty of fish website is second in the US online dating market and first in Canada and UK. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Plenty of Fish service center is given above. The helpline of Plenty of Fish service center may or may not be toll free.
Plenty of Fish customer phone number and reviews
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Plenty of Fish Complaints and Reviews

Male ImageMr. Guy Says Oct 31, 2014

Has anyone else run into a scamer from Africa on here? POF doesn't seem to care that the Scamers are using their site and i can't get a hold on them at all. I have called and email them Norepose as of yet.
Female ImageMs. Tamra Brown Says Oct 28, 2014

I called about an account that was deleted unfairly. The user name is Lilithsmiles and I have tried to put it up twice,, but it has been deleted both times. If someone has complained about me or hacked into my profile, I have done nothing wrong. I am not a fake nor did I voluntarily deleted my account. I have changed the password from the original one both when I tried to retrieve the first deleted one and when I tried to build the new one. Why has it been deleted twice?
Female ImageMs. Tina Marie Washburn Says Oct 28, 2014

I want off this site as soon as possible. Its bogus and i want no part of such a scam that you have provided. If i have not been removed, i promise you will be in contacted with a form of help that "will" help and get me removed, hopefully finding out the situation of making it so freaking difficult for someone to remove themselves. This is 100% insane.
Male ImageMr. Anthony Conpton Says Oct 27, 2014

I set up a fake profile, not sure from who I am married. No interest in your site, Thank you. Please find ways in the future to stop these kinds of things from being able to happen. Some people think its funny most do not. Thanks again for your time.
Male ImageMr. R Says Oct 27, 2014

I want to go on my profile and delete it, but when I go to sign in, it states that my password is incorrect. I know my pass word is correct. When I go to reset my password, it states that my email in not found and have no record of it. I know my password and email address is the one I used. The screen name profile is "Solouna". I now want my profile fully deleted. Please delete as soon as possible and send me an email to oroazul2010@hotmail.com. confirming it has been fully deleted. Thank you.
Answer to Mr. Guy
Female ImageMr. Guy Says Oct 31, 2014

Mine said the same thing. Did they tell you anything?
Male ImageMr. Mike Says Oct 22, 2014

Something must be wrong with your system. This is the second time that I had to register as a new user user ID password, it would allow me to go in the next day. I put the same information and it says that I put the wrong password or username. So I registered, using the information that i provided the first time got in to the system answered a multitude of questions about my personality did not finish it all went right to my account on POF started looking up women that I was interested and send messages the next day I went to logon, but the same user ID and password and it tells me that something was incorrect and I could not access.
Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Oct 22, 2014

Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Oct 22, 2014

You still have not replied to any of my previous emails. Do you have a problem?
Male ImageMr. Mike Pinkerton Says Oct 21, 2014

My account is not recognized my password that I have used for the past six months. Then, I found that my email address was not recognized. This is the second time that has happened.
Male ImageMr. Justin Smith Says Oct 21, 2014

POF number longer recognizes my password or email please help. Justin.
Answer to Mr. guy
Female ImageMr. guy Says Oct 31, 2014

Same here, did they help you?
Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Oct 21, 2014

I send you a reminder, because you are useless at replying.
Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Oct 21, 2014

I have sent you two emails regarding payment, you are taking for an account that was closed in June. If I hear nothing in next three days, I shall report POF as thieves and take legal action. POF customer service is an absolute disgrace and needs be exposed. Send reply to my email.
Female ImageMs. Jason Says Oct 20, 2014

I am having problems creating a account on your page.
Male ImageMr. Alex Gomes Says Oct 20, 2014

A few days ago, I applied to join POF dating club, and when i was filling out my application. I wanted to join just for three months. A few days later, I got a message telling me that your company is going to deduct from my credit card for one year. Is that not robbery. Besides, I wrote to your company at least two times and i have not heard from anyone from your company. I would like a confirmation about my account. Alex Gomes.
Male ImageMr. Jeff Bennett Says Oct 19, 2014

How dare you delete my account, I have done nothing wrong and not broke any of your terms of conditions. By you doing this, I have now lost contact with a few ladies I had talking with. I am going to now going to close your dating site down. You been nasty to me for no reason, now watch for the repercussions to your actions, you do not know the power I have on the Internet. Watch for the bad publicity, I will post everywhere bout you crap site until, I get you closed for good.
Female ImageMs. Alex Lloyd Says Oct 19, 2014

Hello, the way i read your upgrade price, i thought it was a pay monthly plan. I can not afford a bulk payment of £81. Can i have a refund or I am happy just to pay for three months.
Female ImageMs. Lala B Says Oct 19, 2014

Dear POF After several attempt in creating a profile, and after few minutes on the site, POF deleted my profile. Reading a lot post complaint other users, experiencing same thing.User: travlp56 Why?
Male ImageMr. Banzaan Says Oct 19, 2014

Hi, my account doesn't seem to be accessible.My email ID is ronn82smithy@gmail.com and my user name is banzaan.
Female ImageMs. Susan Dennis Says Oct 18, 2014

I paid for a three month upgrade and it's not working. Please look into this. Sudenn813@gmail.com.
Female ImageMs. Lainedefer Says Oct 18, 2014

On many occasions, I have tried to delete my profile or change the wording and the location, but have not been able to. Yet, my profile remains accessible to any sleaze ball that wants to look at the profile. If, I am not allowed access to delete my own profile, then I must request your team of personnel should do this on my behalf. I hope the above is explanatory. Lainedefer.
Female ImageMs. Cynthia Gordon Says Oct 18, 2014

I am not sure who created a fake account of me, but could you please remove it? It's under pstlwmn4. I appreciate your quick response.
Male ImageMr. Troy Says Oct 17, 2014

Hello, how can my account be deleted? I was on the site for an hour and I got deleted.
Male ImageMr. Douglas Dorsette Says Oct 16, 2014

Call me on number 3369910694. Someone changed my password.
Male ImageMr. Douglas Dorsette Says Oct 16, 2014

I need you to send me my password. Someone changed my password.
Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Oct 15, 2014

Why do you not reply to complaints? I sent a complaint yesterday about you are still taking money from my credit card via Paypal, for an account that was deleted in June. I cannot access the POF account anymore to stop the automatic payment. I want an action and a refund of the money you have taken.
Female ImageMs. Brenda Jacobs Says Oct 15, 2014

I am trying to upgrade my profile to continue using your site, but i am not able. My bank account has 25.00 dollars in it, but you do not accept that. What am i doing wrong?
Male ImageMr. Lawrence Hines Says Oct 15, 2014

I can not access my account or messages. There is nothing that i did wrong.
Male ImageMr. Kevin Downs Says Oct 14, 2014

Why do you make it so difficult to cancel payments?
I closed my account in June and you are still taking £38.70 every three month.
I can not log in to stop the automatic payments, because i have no account.
I want two payments taken for June and September refunded with immediate effect and confirmation that no further payments will be taken.
Your site is very poor when it comes to terminating membership.
Male ImageMr. Darran Deighton Says Oct 14, 2014

Hi my user name is ddeighton37
For some reason my account was deleted
So i set up another with same user name and it's happened again.
Could you please explain why


Darran Deighton.
Female ImageMs. Margo Neistat Says Oct 14, 2014

I would like my messages from POF to be transferred back to the main page. They were accidentally deleted last night, when i wanted to erase only one. They are all in the
"sent message" area, and i need to get them back on the main page, please.
Thank you so much,
Margo Neistat
(my username is 'jlbb', but i am certain that
i am already signed in).
Female ImageMs. Margo Neistat Says Oct 14, 2014

I wanted to erase one comment on the conversation page, and wound up deleting the whole page! all of my messages went to "sent mail", and i would very much like to have them transferred back to the main conversation page.
I have been on plenty of fish for years, and never had a problem. very pleased with the site. Please try to correct this for me.
My user name is "jlbb", but i am sure that i am signed in.
Thank you very much.
Margo Neistat.
Female ImageMs. Lisa Says Oct 13, 2014

Someone has set up an account using my email address. The user name is verynicegal. Please close this account down immediately. I am fed up with getting email. I will take this further, if this is not done immediately.
Female ImageMs. Vee Says Oct 13, 2014

Hi i joined as a new member vee876 and although i received a registration email i have been unable to log into the site as i am getting a message that my email address is not in your database. When I've tried to repeat the process i get a message username already being used! help.
Male ImageMr. Gabriela carney Says Oct 07, 2014

account numbert made by me it was made by an ex boyfriend, if there is a way it can be removed that would be great. I am not sure what name it is under, but I am getting phone calls from people from the website. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Samantha Boyd Says Oct 06, 2014

I need to be contacted because someone is using my identity and has an account set up with pof as me, and has posted my pictures including one of my child. This needs to be removed immediately as it is not me. I will get the authorities involved, as this is identity theft.
Male ImageMr. Donna Luckett Says Oct 01, 2014

I have contacted the site plenty of times. I fear for my safety. Some one set up a fake profile using my pics they got from my Facebook page. The page has been removed. The user name was lucky_donna. They gave out my first and last name. My place if employment. I have placed a police report with the tom green county sheriff's office in Texas. They said I needed further info from the site to place a harassment charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had guys come to my job looking for me because of this. I am in fear for my safety. Thank you
Male ImageMr. Rhonda Findlay Says Sep 30, 2014

Very urgent my credit card has been charged on a regular three monthly basis since 27/6/13 through Pay Pal and I have only just noticed this. This needs your urgent attention today. I have only purchased an upgraded membership once, the first time and never gave permission for this to be ongoing. I do not even have a profile currently. All transactions have been for $35.40 except the debit on 26/9/13 which was for $38.70. In total I need an urgent credit for $180.30 and all future debits to be stopped immediately. Please get back to me today as I need this resolved immediately. Thank you Rhonda Findlay
Female ImageMs. Louise Says Sep 30, 2014

My username is sassy53. I cannot log in. I sent a message, but it says you do not have me in your user bank. My e-mail is loumadore@yahoo.com.
Male ImageMr. Oscar Viickery Says Sep 30, 2014

The computer does not recognise my username/password. Have tried to change it several times. My email is correct. Tnitally tried to set up pw to be 1071um, but computer set up as07um as shown on received emails. Computer does notrecognise either with or without first digit. Tried changing password, no help.
Female ImageMs. Mary Mills Says Sep 30, 2014

I registered, but now i cannot login in as it doesn't remember my password when asked for my e-mail address it doesn't remember that either. Have tried to re register, but it won't allow me too. I e-mail a week or so ago, but got no response. My user name is oliveoil66.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Female ImageMs. Susan Says Sep 28, 2014

I created a new account with a different user name, but the same email i have used in the past. It will not let me login. Therefore i also can not go in to delete said account because it won't accept my password. Cannot change said password because you say my email in invalid yet i received emails from you on this new user name.
Female ImageMs. C Carlton Says Sep 26, 2014

I was banned from POF for no reason. I was told to not ask why for i would not receive any explanation, but it could be because i broke a terms of service rule. I have reviewed the rules again and i have not broken any. I want my account back.
Female ImageMs. Laura Says Sep 26, 2014

Im having troubled reseting my password and my ex hacked my account. What should i do?
She has harassed me for over a year and I am not sure what to do.
Female ImageMs. Suzan Wise Says Sep 26, 2014

I forgot my password. It lets me change it on my email, but when i go to sign up, it starts all over again, and i cannot get in. Please reset or help me with it. I had to make two profiles, because i could not get in the first one. Now i cannot get in the second one. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Frank Says Sep 25, 2014

Can not log into site. I have been a member on your site for a number of years and have never had this problem in the past. Can you please help me recover my profile.
Answer to Mr. fastdave
Female ImageMr. fastdave Says Oct 22, 2014

I have the same problem.
Male ImageMr. Kevin Says Sep 23, 2014

I payed for one months membership and I was charged for a years member ship which cost me 80 pounds and more please can I get my money back. Plus I found it impossible to find a number on your website that could help infact I am still looking.
Male ImageMr. colleen Says Sep 22, 2014

I was dating a guy that I met on POF and now he has hacked into my account and is talking to people as if it was me. I tried to inactivate my account with POF, but he keeps sending me text on my cell phone of people he has talked to that want to meet me. So he is still able to get in some how, Please help resolve my account and all info. Please!
Male ImageMr. mrs t cooper Says Sep 09, 2014

My 15 year old daughter is registered on your site and i would like her removed as advised by the police. I do not have log in details, but her user name is sweetmaryse1 could you advise me if this can be done. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. shane briggs Says Sep 01, 2014

I had an account three days ago now it saying i now longer have an account and it says my email does not exists.
Male ImageMr. Dana Says Aug 25, 2014

Someone is using my phone number, my name, and place of employment on this website. I am not a member of pof and I feel completely violated. Help please.
Male ImageMr. EMAN Says Aug 20, 2014

Someone made a fake account under emanjehaxo. I want this profile taken down as soon as possible or i am getting the police involved. there is no such thing on the page to report profile. I am giving you guys less than five hours to bring it down or i am suing.
Male ImageMr. Gabiel Says Aug 18, 2014

I seem to be having a problem many others are having as well; when I attempted to log on today, the site would not do so. I attempted to reset my password, a message came back saying that the email address is not in your databases, etc. Please help and restore, I have many many messages in my Inbox. My user name is 'RollingWorld' and my phone number if you need to contact me is: 804 253 2267. My email address is 'astroe119@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. Sean McLaughlin Says Aug 18, 2014

Hi thank you for your prompt reply, I am disputing the fact that my account has been deleted because you believe I have been improper, I have been a member for many years with no problems at all, so I do believe that it's more to do with a lady who's just taken a dislike to me for a reason I do not no of, please reconsider your decision or monitor me regard Sean mc
Male ImageMr. Daniel McLaughlin Says Aug 18, 2014

Hi no abuse to report, but was wondering if was the only way to contact you as I have tried all ways, I can not login to my account as it says my email doesn't exist on yr database, I have not mis behaved, but do miss the social side of pof please could you take a look at my account and please resolve it many thanks Sean mc.
Male ImageMr. linda warburton Says Aug 04, 2014

Hi there my name is linda warburton. I am just wondering why my POF account keeps getting deleted. I have tried to sign up now three times and it will not recognise my email address. Can this be sorted out. Thank you Linda Warburton
Male ImageMr. Rick rodgers Says Jul 28, 2014

I have been on this site for a little while I treat the people on here with the up most respect and for some reason my profile keeps getting deleted. I have not done noting at all wrong and for sure would like an explanation seems like every time I meet someone talk a till to them my profile gets deleted and we loose contact. So can someone please let me know what is go and on also you can call me number is 2816503298. If this is the way this site is supposed to work I would for sure not recommend it to no one I wanted to be an upgraded member, but I am Leary to now.
Male ImageMr. cheryl Says Jul 28, 2014

Could someone please send me an email or phone number to report one of your users on pof. I would be more than happy to give you this users profile name and the massage from him. This user has stated to me that he is looking for number 43 and has also left his phone number after me being very respectful saying I was not interested. This user has opened another account and is very disrespectful and sexually verbally abusive. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate a response as soon as you are able.
Male ImageMr. wendy paterson Says Jul 28, 2014

My ex has stole my pass word hacked in as me and revamp my profile to a disgusting level the Leicester police are involved and he is on bail I need a contact number for the police so they can get in touch and get detail of loggings to match up the time he hacked my account could you send this asap. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Thomas Hay Says Jul 22, 2014

Why does POF not return emails and phone calls my user name is pop8olive I have upgraded my account under this user name, but can not sign in.
Male ImageMr. Patrick Says Jul 21, 2014

Hi,my name is patrick and i cant seem to log in to my pof account. It tells me that my username or password is incorrect and it wont accept my email either. I know pof shuts a profile down if there is sexual photos or comments, but i do not have anything like that on my profile. Can you help.
Female ImageMs. Toni Says Jul 11, 2014

I want to know how to delete my POF profile on my android phone.
Female ImageMs. Trish Says Jul 11, 2014

Please help me not able to log into my pof account. It is saying my email is not recognized i had made some good friends on there, Now not able to contact them. User name is trish 123, My email is trishyslocombe@msn.com.
Male ImageMr. rachael Says Jul 09, 2014

Jason Albert Metz created a bogus acct with my pictures and first and last name. He is sending messages to everyone. I can take the harassment, but I am concerned with my job and co-workers/ bosses seeing this false information. The user name on the account is overcast cloudy. Please delete this bogus account.
Male ImageMr. Adam Desborough Says Jul 02, 2014

My account has been deactivated for no reason. It won't accept my password and my profile is no longer visable. I tried to reset the password, but am told my email is not on pof database. Set up a new account and it too was gone within half an hour. Reading the complaints on this page i can see this has happened to others also. Please help.
Female ImageMs. Susan Roberts Says Jul 02, 2014

I cannot get into my pof account you sent me conformation that my account is up and running i validated my account from the email you sent me i tried to access my account with my user name and email it keeps saying email address not known how can this be as you sent me emails to it my user name is redhatters my email suzyanne328@gmail.com

I am looking forward to getting access to my profile
many thanks.
Male ImageMr. Dan Says Jun 23, 2014

My dilemma. I met the woman of my dreams on POF. Together we decided to delete our profiles. I got on her computer the other day and say an emai from POF wth her updated matches. She denies it exists. Looking4Smiles24 (4/11/2014) Smyln_n_MO I would like to know are both accounts still active? When and what was the last activity on them? We are/ were planning to get married. I am not so sure now. Thanks for your help in advance. Dan
Male ImageMr. Chez Foley Says Jun 19, 2014

Hi, I have being trying to log into my account, but pof is not taking my password and is telling me my email address does not exist in the database. Please help me out so that i can log in again. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Christy Says Jun 16, 2014

I have requested you to remove christy_41. My ex-coworker put this profile on pretending to be me. You need to remove it. This is my 4th request. It's belittling and wrong.
Male ImageMr. Stephanie Stichter Says Jun 13, 2014

My PAID acct was hacked last night and the man I have been talking to alerted me that this happened when he received a message stating my son was in an accident and I needed money did they also get all my payment information too? will I get a refund for this breach of your website? I need answers to these questions ASAP.
Male ImageMr. Elmer Mcginnis Says Jun 08, 2014

I cannot access my pof account. I am told that my email address does not exist in our database. What is the problem?
Male ImageMr. Muntaz Ali Says Jun 04, 2014

Account and my user name does not accept the password. Can you send me a link to reset my password. Please the user name is x-factor.
Female ImageMs. Fran Says Jun 03, 2014

Can not sign in my account it says my email is not in data base. what can i do to get back on site please help me with this problem. Thanks fran.
Female ImageMs. Fran Proscia Says May 30, 2014

I have been on this site since January for some reason i can not get into my account i really like this site and i want to know if you can help me get back on. My user name is slicker59 and password is codybear7 when i put in my email it tells me its not in your data base please help me reopen my account. Thanks fran.
Male ImageMr. Mylowe Says Feb 16, 2014

My complaint isi am on able to log on it keeps saying that my user password is incorrect or my email is incorrect please email me and reset my password for me thank you. At lowemai@yahoo.com.
Female ImageMs. Pam Says Feb 15, 2014

I have tried to re-instate my pof membership. I received a welcome letter from markus. When i try to log in i do not have my password and when i try to change it your system says my email address is invalid or not part of your data base, both of which are not true you are sending me email at my address! how can i get on???
Male ImageMr. Musaddiq Says Feb 14, 2014

My name is musadiq i am trying to register every time it says that username is already been taken, when this message appeared before submitting registration page in a tiny message box form, i changed my desired username and when this tiny message box didn't appeared i submitted the registration page, and then that small message box appeared in bold and big letters. If the username is already been taken then why is not the message box is appearing before submission and if the username is already taken then why i cannot find it in search column?
i need help on this.
Female ImageMs. Ashley Craft Says Nov 07, 2013

I tried to get on my POF account today and the site would not allow me to log on. It stated that my password was invalid and when I entered my email address to try and get my password emailed to me the site said it did not exist in the POF data base. I do not understand what has happened I was just on yesterday and both my password and email were working just fine please fix the problem Thank You.
Male ImageMr. Stephen croft Says Oct 10, 2013

Hi there i was on your dating site, for about three week, and now my profile has been deleted and i cant get it back or set a new one up. Please can you tell me why this has happened as I've not sent any inappropriate messages, i will admit that my first initial message was copy and pasted, but i just got the message saying you didn't accept these so changed it, but the message was clean, so why can i set up a new profile, or get my old one back.

My username stephencroft-1980 and my email stephencroft1980@yahoo.co.uk
Female ImageMs. Samantha Says Sep 27, 2013

I have having the same issue as many other people here, I have an account that I was using this afternoon and then when I went to go back in and check my email about 20 minutes later POF said I either my username or password was incorrect, I did not change anything. My email is not recognized in your database for some reason either, this is the same email that I have been using the entire time. PLEASE FIX THIS! My email is daisymae850@yahoo.com and my username is daisymae850
Male ImageMr. JoshuaGonzalez Says Sep 26, 2013

Hi, to my how concern. My name its Joshua Gonzalez. I am been a member, in pof for long time, now. I just have problems, with my username, and password. My e-mail its, joshuag4603@gmail.com. Can you, please help me, or delete, the profile. So I can open a new one, please. I send more three massage, for someone, to help me, but I do not getting any answer...Thanks for your support. God bless you.
Male ImageMr. will Says Sep 25, 2013

I am trying to contact you because your website says that every time I put my account in with my password its data cannot find it in your website database so when I put my email and it states it is not in your database, but yet I still receive an email from you so what am I supposed to do in order to use the site when this is the third time it's happened to me and I've had to set up three different accounts my last username was here4u1980 me email is willroth@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. hazeleyes103 Says Sep 20, 2013


i have sent two (2) e-mails to csr@pof.com and I have not received any response to fixing the problem I have with my account. My username is Hazeleyes103. I cannot access my account on Plenty of Fish. Please change my e-mail address then I can reset my password. My new e-mail address is jeffmiss@live.com. My old e-mail address was jeffmiss@sympatico.ca which is not accessible any longer. Thank you.

Jeffrey Hanson
Male ImageMr. Weezyf86 Says Sep 19, 2013

Hi I can not get in to my pof account I think someone has gone in an change my password because I typed in my email to receive password an it comes up email not in data base?
Can you please email my password to my email it is benhurinui@gmail.com!
I used my email as a username as my username weezyf86 wouldn't work at times too.. All this is weird please help :/
Look forward to your email :-)
Male ImageMr. jublyjunior Says Sep 17, 2013

Hi my name is andrew jones and my login name is jublyjunior, but I am having trouble logging into the app on the phone as i believe you have blocked me.
It says it doesn't recognise the login and when i say forgot password it says the e-mail address doesn't exsist.
Can you help?
Male ImageMr. Danny Says Sep 11, 2013

I recently put up a post on here a couple days ago that is not here anymore for some reason. I try to log into my account and it says my username or password is in incorrect, I then try to reset my password and its says my email is not on your database. I haven't broken any of the rules so am baffled as to why this has happened. Can you please let me know or even reinstate my account I'd appreciate that alot. My email is dannyhunt2@Googlemail.com and my username is dannybwood. Thanks
Female ImageMs. BGM45431 Says Sep 09, 2013

My old username was BGM8385, I tried to change it to BGM45431, that it accepted. When I tried to change my password to the same password as the first, it will not let me sign in to change anything. I have tried changing my password many times, but it keeps saying to CLICK HERE TO RESET PASSWORD OR USERNAME. What do I do now, HELP PLEASE
Male ImageMr. Rishpal Says Sep 09, 2013

My name is Rishpal and I am email ID is rishpal.makkar@gmail.com. i do not know its like my second time you delete my account without any reason. I am trying to create a new account, but when it goes up to upload photos then it says season expired and delete my account. i try many times now.
Male ImageMr. Sean Liddell Says Sep 08, 2013

To who this may concern....

I recently set up a POF account for a friend of mine which has recently been hacked into i have the details of the information that the account was set up with and i also have the email account the the account has been hacked by....

please could you contact me on seanybear2013@gmail.com or seanybear2013@yahoo.com for further information
Male ImageMr. Jord39 Says Sep 08, 2013

Dear POF
I cannot log into my account, my password comes up invalid, and when I go to 'forgotton password' it says my email is not on the database ?
Ive been using POF for some months now, so know my password and email are correct.
I have not been abusing the site, so do not understand if my account has been deleted
HELP please
Male ImageMr. Chris Moore Says Sep 08, 2013

Helo hello,
I was using your site and then all of a sudden I was not able to use it. I was slowly getting restricted from different areas of the site. I tried to log back in and it did not recognize me at all. I tried to change my password and I was told it was no longer in the system. Please help me look into this so my account can be reinstated.
My user name is vanninthedesert
my email is vannvm@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing a resolution in my email.


Chris Moore
Male ImageMr. osky Says Sep 07, 2013

Hi my nAME IS oSCAR mARIN MY EMAIL ADREES IS osky.marin@hotmail.com. I am trying to figuer out why i was canceled if you can check the status why if i wasnt roud or disrispectful to anyone. i enjoy being apart of the pof comunity. i hope we can come to a salution to my lit problem. thank you for your time. if you care to contact me via cell or email, my info is (619)600-8315 or email osky.marin@hotmail.com
Male ImageMr. Julio Says Sep 07, 2013

Hello POF,

For some reason I can not sign in into my account even though I am putting my username and password correctly it still says that my username or password is incorrect and whenever I try to retrive my password by putting my email address it says that I my email adress does not exist in your database. Help me out Guys My username is titans54321 and my email is saeedfaisal82@yahoo.ca
Male ImageMr. pof Says Sep 06, 2013

My name is andre and I receive your email about my pof account I really dnt understand why my account been close and I haven't had anything explict on my page so since my account been close is it possible that I can make a new page then cause this really doesn't make any type of sense at all and I can not erase my old email or do anything I can not even register for a new page so what can y'all do or what can I do you can email me bk andremarion38@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. Darin Says Sep 05, 2013

Hello..Im not sure whats happened, but my plenty of fish account has vanished and when i type in the email address to try retrieve the info it say its not on your database..Im very confused as to what has happened as i now cannot access this site..my email is Finna7@bigpond.net.au
Female ImageMs. Kathryn Gaffney Says Sep 05, 2013

What is going on? You continue to tell me that I can sign on now, but your site will never recognize my one and only email address -never have had another one. You also continue to tell me that you will get back with me and I never hear from you. I had met someone and now I can not locate him thanks to your website because either you delleted my accout for no reason or someone has hacked my account numbert to mention I have lost all of my treasured pictures of my daddy thaat has recently died. I am very disappointed with you and POF after all these years. punkin1046@yahoo.com -only email address I have ever had! I need your help please.
Kathryn Gaffney
Female ImageMs. Stacey Says Sep 05, 2013

Got email stating that registration went through, but when I went to sign in--it said that password wasn't good. Then I went to reset password and then it stated that email was not in data base. Can this be fixed please? My email address is skberman@synergyparker.com Thanks
Female ImageMs. delores Says Sep 04, 2013

Hello to I was getting several emails from this site and when I clicked on the link to my surprise I see pictures of me with a full profile .I believe someone hacked me and took pics and info of me to make them a accnt with P.O.F now because of this I aim dealing with several issues in my life hopefully p.o.f can fix this matter..
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