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 : 603 3342 9899
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603 3342 9899
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6375 Clark Avenue, Ste 100, Dublin, California, United States
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Pandigital is an American based electronics company. The company was found in 1998. The core business of the company is designing, manufacturing and marketing of the consumer electronics products. The company offers digital cameras, photo frames, photo scanners, digital photo greeting cards and accessories. The head office of the company is situated in the Dublin city of the US State of California. The company has operations at the various locations. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Pandigital service center is given above. The helpline of Pandigital service center may or may not be toll free.
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Pandigital Complaints and Reviews

Male ImageMr. Joy Bloomfield Says Feb 14, 2014

I used the pandigital hand held scanner about five weeks ago on photo albums and it worked well.
I put it back in box and didn't use for about four weeks then tried to use it again.
I charged it for up to 24 hours but whenever i try to scan i get the red light and error sgn and nothing happens.
What to do?.
Female ImageMs. TERRY Says Nov 05, 2013

I have a black pandigital super nova , Model rb serial , That i can not get any support for. It started freezing up and will not respond to touch or swipes. Ive reset it and even returned it to factory default to no avail. When i get as far as the setup it freezes up when i select english. So i started all over again. It loads up with the background screen and the clock running but its still locked. I would not expect a lack of customer support from a supposedly american based company. I cant believe that this company is still selling these products without honoring the warranty or supporting their own customers. This is my second tablet from pandigital and i wont buy another one nor would i recommend their products to anyone. Id advise anyone to do the research n when they come across this product brand to head the warnings. Dont buy their product even if best buy does sell them, Which is where i got this last one, Because u are still screwed if u do.
Female ImageMs. mia Says Sep 27, 2013

Within the first 90 days of owning the tablet it malfunctioned this is the email I sent with proof of purchase Hello,
I have uploaded my proof of purchase via telephone conversation with Jeremy, Case #528942. I purchased my Supernova on 9/15/12 from QVC. The adapter to charge is not charging my ereader/tablet. Please see attached file.
Linda Mullings
I choose to keep the tablet and charge it via USB, This method has worked perfectly until yesterday. The tablet will not turn on and is fully charged. Can someone assist in this matter
Male ImageMr. ed shipman Says Sep 26, 2013

I just bought a pandigital tablet and it will come on for one second then turn off please let me know how we can get this taken care of at 4792681202
Female ImageMs. Sharon Parker Says Sep 24, 2013

My keyboard looks like a telephone pad plus Japanese and some other language. It used to be ,like like a typewriter key board. What the heck happened?
Female ImageMs. Adaline Says Sep 23, 2013

My Pandigital tablet will not unlock even though I put in the correct password connect the dots. What should I do?
Female ImageMs. Crystal Scott Says Sep 18, 2013

I am desperately trying to connect my tablet to WiFi. However, it is NOT taking. I've tried EVERYTHING.....Please assist.....Thanking you in advance!!!
Female ImageMs. BEVRLY Says Sep 18, 2013

Female ImageMs. jackie howard Says Sep 11, 2013

my tablet stopped working after a couple. Power light is on but no respond no visual on tablet
Female ImageMs. Elaine Ivery Says Sep 05, 2013

I can not get on the web or purchase books if I manage to get on. Now my key pad does not seem to work.

Please call me to assist at 253-202-2672
Male ImageMr. Rick Bogani Says Sep 01, 2013

My Pandigital Photo Reader started crackling and smoking heavily. Almost caught fire fire in my kitchen. No damage but could have been very bad scene. I unplugged the unit #DPF80-2B. Should I report this safety issue to Target or would you prefer I deal directly with your company? Please advise. My cell 561-346-2411 Rick Bogani Rickboganifsu@yahoo.com. Looking for exchange or refund please. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. John Says Aug 28, 2013

I have a pandigital ten inch photo frame..model p11003dw. It will not charge when plugged in with ac adapter. Any suggestions..? Is there an internal battery in the photo frame that can replaced. ? My email is jleik@hotmail.com
Male ImageMr. Tom Says Aug 27, 2013

Battery is fully charged but the Pandigital Reader just turned off and I can not get it to turn back on. I have already tried the re-set button. Any solutions?
Male ImageMr. Terry Stockham Says Aug 26, 2013

Had this problem before. Start to download books and it ask for Credit Card Name: and Credit Card number The last time they said it was not the actual Card No. but something else, and I can't remember what they told me. Can you help?? My wife has a lot of books she wants to read but can't read them. Some times she can read some of them and then sometimes it ask for the info above.
The last time I called they just said put in something but I just can't remember what it was!! Thanks
Female ImageMs. sharon Says Aug 22, 2013

Im having trouble watching netflix on my tablet
Female ImageMs. Angela Says Aug 19, 2013

I have emailed Pandigital re: my dtrs tablet problem with no response and have tried to contact the phone number with no success. Always a busy signal. I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE.
Male ImageMr. Richard Says Aug 17, 2013

Remote for PL1002DW has quit. Have changed the batteries without help. Where can I get a replacement? What is the price?
Male ImageMr. Bill Russner Says Aug 07, 2013

I have a Pandigital digital photo frame, model # PAN8056W02T. When I turn it on all that appears is a blue screen with the words "System starts...." It does nothing else. Help on getting it to work properly would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Darlene Says Aug 04, 2013

My white pandigital power switch stopped working. I need to send it for repair. Where and how do I send it. How long for the repair. The tablet was bought through Walmart online, thanks for the attention in this matter.
Female ImageMs. Calista Sterling Says Jul 26, 2013

I have a pandigital digital photo frame with remote, model # FX_7A_080907 and it isn't working properly. It like locks up and won't download pictures or play them. What kind of warranty does this carry? This was quite an expensive frame and I would like to get it fixed.
thank you
Calista Sterling
21148 403rd Ave
Huron, SD 57350
calista34@santel.net or sissy@larsonct.com
Female ImageMs. Jen Says Jul 24, 2013

Dear I wanted to know which app market I can download for the White Pandigital tablet 7inch?

Because it's Android I thought I could download app markets such as

- Google Play store
- Amazon app market

But everythime I tried to install these application I get a parse error.

Please let me know if this can be solved because I've been looking around on internet and it wasn't very promissing!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Female ImageMs. Betsy Nickless Says Jul 24, 2013

I have a model #707-B but do not have the remote. I am unable to get the photos to run in a slide show. I have used the menu options to start the slide show, but it stays on a single photo and does not change.
Male ImageMr. Jacob Says Jul 19, 2013

Several apps on the Pandigital eReader that we purchased do not work, including the B&N app and the eBooks reader. We would like to return the item and upgrade it to an actual Pandigital tablet, not just an eReader. Please advise.
Male ImageMr. Ben Says Jul 19, 2013

I haven lost my AC power adapter for my photo frame p/n PAN8056M03T. Can you send me the p/n and price for a replacement power adapter?

My email is bartplayer1@gmail.com

thank You,
Ben Bartholomew
Female ImageMs. iris lopez Says Jul 16, 2013

my pan-digital supernova eight wont let me slide into my home page and i tried ever thing i could to and still doesn't work what do i do.
Male ImageMr. Caleb Hettiger Says Jul 10, 2013

I have the Pandigital slide and negative scanner. When I try to scan a slide in, an error message comes up saying something along the lines of the data for the picture had an error. Also the camera will freeze and not scan the picture in. I tried calibrating and that didn't work. Please help. Thank you in advance.
Female ImageMs. Pat Devolder Says Jul 09, 2013

My ereader PandigitalR7T40WWHF1 4GB is not recognized by my computer except to say it is an unknown device.
Male ImageMr. mike Says Jul 09, 2013

my supernova r80b400 screen is frozen. when I power it up it comes up to the screen with the time and date ane the lock and volume logos but i can't do anything. i read somewhere that if you hold down the power button and home button for 30 seconds it should reset, but that doesn't seen to be working. any suggestions?????
Male ImageMr. Steve Says Jul 09, 2013

The PRD07T20WBL1 erader I have will not charge or it will not get by a message that it is trying to do a factory fallback ??. Also my computer is not seeing it when it is connected. Thank you
Male ImageMr. Rafa Says Jul 09, 2013

Female ImageMs. julie Says Jul 09, 2013

i have the pandigital white tablet and want to find out how to delete many emails at once. we have emails on there for the past two years. Is there any way to set the preferences to just keep the emails for 30 days? Taking me forever to delete.
Female ImageMs. Meghan Says Jul 07, 2013

My tablet will not let me download ANYTHING. It regularly shuts off And turns on by itself. I cant open any ebooks I've bought.
Female ImageMs. Kimberly Says Jul 06, 2013

My pandigital nova is stuck at the the logo log on screen and won't move I've tried everything and I don't know what is wrong or how to fix it j would appreciate a response with help or guidance on how to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks
Female ImageMs. Esther Battle Says Jun 25, 2013

I can not connect to the internet I have done everything possible please let me know what else I can do
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