Non Emergency Winnipeg Police Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of Non Emergency Winnipeg Police is +1 204-986-6222 .
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Non Emergency Winnipeg Police Number is meant for the public of Winnipeg province for non emergency cases. Non Emergency should not be used for serious problems such as crime in progress, medical emergency, fire etc. On the other hand, this number is used for risk free cases such as stolen cars, bike, house broken etc. Winnipeg Police is a police force comes under the legal jurisdiction of the province to enforce the law in province of Winnipeg. It owns headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba having five police station in the area. Winnipeg police agency was formed in 1874, just after one year of the foundation of Winnipeg city. The police force works through its various sub units which are specialized according to their work, and some of units are Canine Unit, Bomb Disposal Unit, Bicycle Patrol Unit, Pawn Unit, River Patrol Unit, Street Crime Unit, Victim Service Unit, Street Crime Unit, Underwater Search and Recovery Unit etc. Winnipeg Police follows hierarchy of post that goes up from Auxilliary Cades to Chief of the Police. To get recruit in Winnipeg police force, candidate need to be eighteen years old with at least studied up-to high school. He or she should has potential to pass physical aptitude test, and then they are offered training, classes and such physical training session. All the candidates are supervised until their training gets end, and later on they are given duties for being the officer of Winnipeg police. After the experience of at least five year candidate can apply for higher post of police rank. The Winnipeg Police has 1442 sworn members and 510 unsworn members serving many parts of Winnipeg Province.
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What is The Official Address of Non Emergency Winnipeg Police? The Official Address of Non Emergency Winnipeg Police is 151 Princess Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2Z7, Canada.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of Non Emergency Winnipeg Police? The Main Customer Service Number of Non Emergency Winnipeg Police is +1 204-986-6222.