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Mojang is a Swedish company that engages in the developing and publishing of video games. Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt are principle video games of Mojang. The company began its journey as Mojang Specifications in the year 2009 by Carl O. Manneh and his co-founders Markus A. Persson and H. Jakob Porser. It is 42% owned by Notch Enterprises. Mojang is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is a privately held company that generated total revenues of 2.069 billion SEK in the year 2013. Minecraft is an award winning game of Mojang. It has awarded with Best Debut Game Award, the Audience Award, Best Downloadable Game Award etc. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Mojang service center and Mojang customer service number is given below. The helpline of Mojang customer service number may or may not be toll free.
Mojang Phone Number Customer Service
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Mojang Customer Service Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer care maleMr. Bruno SaysJul 03, 2013

i can not download the mo creatures mod please help me download it

Customer care maleMr. Aaron McGowan SaysJul 22, 2013

I have the minecraft pocket edition app on my kindle fire and the app works great, but it won't let people join my world's.I am afraid to delete the app, because I do not want to have to pay for it again. What do I do? Call me back at 706-619-6500

Customer care femaleMs. Karen Rekar SaysJul 22, 2013

We bought the Minecraft card from GameStop and downloaded Minecraft for my son. Very shortly after that the computer started working improperly. We ran a virus scan and there were two worms and upwards of ten viruses, all attached to Minecraft. Please fix this problem. Thanks

Customer care femaleMs. Rainbow19050AJ Says Dec 01, 2014

I got a minecraft card and i can't make an account because it says updating! it has been the second day of not redeeming the card because of updating.

Customer care femaleMs. Karen SaysAug 02, 2013

You need a legit phone number for the United States! After all how many people need your help after purchasing your produces, but NO support!

Customer care femaleMs. Karen SaysAug 02, 2013

You need a legit phone number for the United States! After all how many people need your help after purchasing your products, but NO support!

Customer care femaleMs. Rachel Holt SaysAug 05, 2013

we downloaded minecraft and played it ONCE now its missing from our PC cant figure out how to get to it again

Customer care maleMr. joey SaysAug 10, 2013

i do not have a minecraft folder. I have the application, but the folder didn't download. I can not download any mods

Customer care maleMr. Kenzo Roberts SaysAug 11, 2013

I can make my own server I am so mad I get tired of doing it oh and I'do not know how to download mods can you guys help

Customer care maleMr. robert brattain SaysAug 13, 2013

I put in the correct things to re-login and it didn't work I need help contact e @ please I need help

Customer care femaleMs. Kristie SaysAug 16, 2013

i cant seem to be able to get on minecraft from another computer. my password does not wont to work even when i reset my password. i use my email for user name and the pass word that i set and it doesn't work.

Customer care femaleMs. AnniSolo SaysAug 17, 2013

Hi! I have watched multiple videos, but nothing happens! I want to change my skin on minecraft pe for my iPad! PLEASE HELP MY EYES HURT D:

Customer care maleMr. nicco741 SaysAug 18, 2013

I made an account yesterday and i've bought minecraft, but when i tried to download it, it only gave me the demo version. I also have a Mac computer. I also can not believe that you guys have these amazing products, but you still do not have the common sence to make a phone number. If you make a phone number soon, then i will be very happy. Because I have been trying to download minecraft for eight days............GET A PHONE NUMBER

Customer care maleMr. romando SaysAug 19, 2013

Hello Mojang, I am having probs with my kindle fire fd... i ican join games, but i cant make servers (lan) please get back to me when corrected.. also when is minecraft coming out for ps3

Customer care maleMr. Alex Kluem SaysAug 20, 2013

I migrated my minecraft accout to my ojang account and now it says that i need to buy minecraft again! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!???! Please help me ASAP

Customer care maleMr. Edy Loza SaysAug 20, 2013

I changed my password and when i tryed entering it it says that its incorrect and when i try the forgot password link and i put my email so they can send me a link of my password it says my email IS NOT ON THIER RECORDS please help me.

Customer care maleMr. luke SaysAug 25, 2013

my friends server was recently hacked by someone with the username epic0ldmanhow do i stop him

Customer care maleMr. gursharan SaysAug 26, 2013

I have been singed out of my account and it would not accepts my email and password

Customer care maleMr. charles SaysSep 05, 2013

i updated my gtx 680 graphics card and i had java and i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it a few times and watched videos and none of them worked no matter what i did and i downloaded the right version of java i am sure of that, but anyway once i updated my card i restarted my computer and i could no longer open minecraft or any of the mod packs like technic launcher or ftb and the older version of technic launcher nothing even opens it just kinda i do not know lights up the symbol thing and never opens or gives me an error report so i am hoping you can help its really starting to bother me and other games i can play like from steam so i think its just java because i cant even open it so please help i would greatly appreciate it

Customer care maleMr. Mergenman4 SaysSep 14, 2013

The rose was taken out of Minecraft as of the 13w36a snapshot. The rose was the Peace Rose, and it was my friends thing. He is nothing without the Peace Rose. Please add it back in. I do not understand why you needed to remove it.

Customer care maleMr. xBlueDragonx SaysSep 22, 2013

your definetetaly gonna lose 4,000,000 minecrafters because I am telling my friends about the crap you are doing unless you turn the site back on or i will do not test me I am not bluffing a have alot of subscribers on youtube and they wont play the game and they will be very mad and stop playing your game hope you have a back up plan.

Customer care femaleMs. Autumn Kinne SaysSep 22, 2013

not letting me log into my Minecraft account cause we had to unplug the PC and now its not letting me sign in all together soi can you please help me my parents went out a bought me a card for minecraft and I used it now I played minecraft for about three to four weeks and now i can not log on due to unplugging the PC so we didn't accidently sell in in our indoor moving you call me if you work sunday my number is (352) 364-2515 or my house number which is (352)419-8000

Thank You for your time

Customer care femaleMs. Autumn Kinne SaysSep 22, 2013

Dear Mojang,
please fix this problem I can not log onto Minecraft I I made a new password twice and its still not working please fix I really need to play Minecraft and if its not fix I am really gonna rage quit on my PC and not play minecraft unless you email me and say its fixed...My email is

Thank You for your time Mojang

Customer care maleMr. Brad Scriver SaysSep 24, 2013

minecraft wont let me sign in it says to check to make sure that your online and that you do not have minecraft blocked and I am obviously still online and minecraft isnt blocked i was on it earlier today what can i do?

Customer care femaleMs. Rachel SaysSep 30, 2013

Hi dear Sir/Madam,

There's a question for you:

Here is a company in China, we would like to know if we can purchse Mongjang's copyright of use in China.

We are really want to cooperate with you.
Please kindly give me a response through, thank you!

Best regards,

Customer care maleMr. Zackary SaysOct 16, 2013

Hi I have a problem my problem is a got a new iPad and i was wondering if I could get my old profile on my new iPad can you help

Customer care maleMr. Preston SaysDec 10, 2013

Hello Mojang, I am from America and I am a big fan of Minecraft. I am starting to notice some problems. I bought Minecraft off of and played it for about three years. Today when I opened up the launcher it said play demo. I play Minecraft weekly so I do not know if that has anything to do with it. I checked online and saw that several other people are having the same problem. I hope you can fix my problem and everyone else's. Thank you your time.

Customer care maleMr. Eduardo SaysFeb 17, 2014

I am tring to buy minecraft and it just keeps on saying error and i tried it three times please help and how can i contact you to tell me what to do easier.

Customer care maleMr. Jeff SaysJun 20, 2014

Hi, we are trying to buy minecraft online (pc). We are unable to do this because it is giving us an error message and try later. What can we do to make it work.

Customer care maleMr. Ethan Dicus SaysJul 01, 2014

I have the game minecraft on my laptop. I downloaded the demo version on my friends laptop and now it is only letting me play the demo version on my laptop even though i have the full version of it. Please contact me and let me know how i can fix this.

Customer care maleMr. Devon White SaysJul 04, 2014

I just want mods for minecraft on my playstation system and i do not know how. So please tell me how.

Customer care maleMr. Balke SaysJul 19, 2014

Trying to connect to anthoer server and when the screen that says loading server just frezes.

Customer care femaleMs. Taylor SaysJul 20, 2014

Cannot log into my account tried everything that you said, but it didn't work.

Customer care maleMr. Michael SaysJul 20, 2014

When downloading an app called minecraft multiplayer pe
I found that i could not join any other servers because of a bug.
I contacted them and told them the problem i was having.
They said it was something that was happening with your
App minecraft pe. Thanks for your time and i hope to get a response soon.

Customer care maleMr. Trace SaysJul 21, 2014

I can not get my email to verify. No email was sent and it will not send another one because it says that it just did.

Customer care maleMr. Steven Greer SaysJul 22, 2014

Around christmas time i received a gift card to purchase minecraft and was able to use it fine, but recently every time i try to use minecraft all i can do is play the demo and not the actual gam.

Customer care femaleMs. Sue Mccormack SaysOct 11, 2014

My world has gone with my ipad. What do i do to get it back.?

Customer care maleMr. Alex L. SaysOct 12, 2014

I cannot log into my account, so i presume that i just forgot a letter in my password so i change it. No email to change it, but later when i did get it it sent me to the change password and changed it and it still didn't work then i tried to change my username also didn't work. So i cant get into my account and I am unhappy.

Customer care maleMr. Pierre SaysOct 13, 2014

Someone bought Minecraft. Three times used my debit card. I do not know who did it, but i want a full refund immediately. I am trying to contact someone, but there is no number. This is very frustrating for me.

Customer care maleMr. Grant SaysOct 19, 2014

My skin wont show up on any servers! i have tried logging in multiple times and still nothing. Even other computers won't show my skin. I have tried everything, but i still cannot see it. Please help.

Customer care maleMr. Mhamed Chebbak SaysOct 26, 2014

Can you please cancel my account due to login problem. Thank you.

Customer care maleMr. Sebastian Leal SaysNov 09, 2014

I just got a $26. 95 Minecraft gift card and when i try to redeem. It keeps on telling me that it needs to verify my email and to got to my email and then follow instructions. When i go to check my email all, i get a message that says "too many recent requests" and that is it. It will not let me redeem my gift card. Please look into this issue and advice on how to resolve it. My account is lolipop121131. Do not spell it.Thank you.

Customer care maleMr. Stone SaysNov 11, 2014

I logged on and my two houses are in a mountain. The mountain randomly spawned in my two houses.

Customer care maleMr. Davis Dureaulr SaysNov 11, 2014

Can't call. Paid for Minecraft and error occurred want money or game immediately. My phone number is 321-525-1987
Davis Dureaulr.

Customer care maleMr. Freddy Cepeda SaysNov 12, 2014

I do not have a complaint, but i drew something and i thought yal could look at it and maybe put it in the game.

Customer care maleMr. Max Johnson SaysNov 12, 2014

My Minecraft game has been crashing every time. I started it and the launcher keep on saying random things. Sometimes it says something about java run time, something about mini dump failure and a bunch of other stuff. Please help! You have made a great game. I just want to help. So, i can play it again.

Customer care femaleMs. Tiffani Clark SaysNov 17, 2014

I got a minecraft card and it won't let me get minecraft.

Customer care maleMr. Zach SaysNov 20, 2014

I was playing ps3 edition for about an hour and went out and all the progress was gone after a trial texture pack.

Customer care femaleMs. Elena SaysNov 22, 2014

I purchased minecraft game for £17. 95 and set an account on your Mojang web page. I paid for the game, but did not receive a code to access my account and play the game. Could you please respond with the code or i will close the account and ask you to refund me my monies back. I have try to contact you on many occasions with no reply. Kind regards

Customer care maleMr. Antonio Concepcion SaysNov 28, 2014

My Minecraft isn't working anymore it says i have the tutorial, but i bought it already.

Customer care maleMr. Jeff SaysNov 30, 2014

I keep getting an error message that says i can not register or sign up because YOU GUYS are "UP DATING" you site, and it says it won't be long. What do I do now?

Customer care maleMr. Anthony Tibbetts SaysNov 30, 2014

Just purchased mine craft. Didn't download, now what do we do? We paid and got nothing.

Customer care maleMr. Aaron Schram SaysNov 30, 2014

when I try to play Minecraft on the computer it wont let me because I do not remember my password and so then I type in my user name and it says it's wrong, but it is actually right because I typed in my dads email address the right way.

Customer care maleMr. Qasim SaysDec 02, 2014

I brought Minecraft for £16. 47 and when I payed it, it said that I cannot play as the servers were full and that the order was canceled, therefore they said I would get a refund, but I haven't received it yet. Can you please find out why I have not got the refund yet.

Customer care femaleMs. Michelle Geraci SaysDec 02, 2014

My son has been told his access to mine craft is denied until May three, 2015 for hacking. He is an 11 year old boy who, until I explained what "hacking" is, didn't have a clue what that even was. He said he has not entered anyone Else's domains. He says all he has done is summon giants. Please investigate this and communicate with me, mother, through my email at Michellelyn. or via my cell phone at 203-856-9924. He sincerely is not aware of any wrong doing, and if he has, please enlighten us so he does not make this error again. I personally do not care anything for computer games,, but this seems to encourage imagination and he enjoys mine craft very much. It is the only game I allow him to play. Thank you. Sincerely,

Matthew Customer Phone NumberMr. Matthew SaysDec 11, 2014

On Playstation three Edition of Minecraft. I just got update 1. ten and it came with two new texture packs, so i bought them, but whenever I tried downloading it. It says "No content found". I even restarted my PS3 and still did not work. I tried calling the number, but it doesn't work so send an e-mail so i come to know how to do this. Thanks.

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