Mighty Deals Contact Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of Mighty Deals Contact is 01483412978 .
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Mighty Deals is an online marketplace featuring discounts and various deals on its listed products, services and events every day. Based on the flash sales business model, it covers the products and items belonging to the categories of gadgets, home and garden, health and beauty, fashion, books and services. On the other hand, Mighty Deal also accepts entry from the users who want to sell tickets of concert and sporting events. It is operated from the office located at Godalming, England and is said to be used by over 60,000 users per month. Mighty Deals is one of the largest daily deal sites in the UK and has the strength of upto fifty employees. In its history of over twelve years, Mighty Deals has earned the base of More Than three million customers. It claims to feature discounts upto 90 percent on the listings and guarantees to publish deal online within twenty four hours.

Mobile Apps

Mighty Deal is also available for the Smartphone platforms like Android and Iphone and delivers deal updates, alerts and vouchers to be purchased. Might Deal Mobile App can be downloaded from Google play and App store.

Mode of Operations

The user needs to Buy deal in a time limit featured by its counting meter. After purchasing a deal, a user is notified through email and a voucher code is sent within 24 hours. It allows user to redeem voucher code thorugh online at the website of related vendor or make Booking over a phone.
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What is The Official Address of Mighty Deals Contact? The Official Address of Mighty Deals Contact is Craven House, Station Approach, Godalming, England.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of Mighty Deals Contact? The Main Customer Service Number of Mighty Deals Contact is 01483412978.