Mckesson Canada Contact Customer Service Number

Phone Number of Mckesson Canada Contact is +1-888-606-6337, +1-514-745-2100 .
The Mckesson Corporation is a privately incorporated Public Service organization operating with having corporate interests in the hospitality as well as pharmaceutics businesses. The company provides a broad range of health care products and services and runs their commercial functions in Three core categories including the Pharmaceutical Solutions, Medical-Surgical Solutions and Technological areas respectively.

McKesson Canada actively contributes its part in the Canadian health care supplies to the manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals and many other health care institutes that serves the routine needs of hospitality for the Canadians. Over the years, Mckesson Canada has grown as a pioneer star in logistics and distribution divisions which are administered by a sum of software applications launched by the company.

In accordance to the McKesson Canada, their network touches the lives of about twelve million Canadians with 35000 plus products that are sold VIA above seventeen distribution centers. With over 6300 retail pharmacies, 1350 hospitals, care centers, clinics and Health Care Institutions in Canada, McKesson has built its reputation as a premier health care marketplace in the entire Canada. Established in 1994, It delivers chronic disease management, wellness and health promotion, tele-health, and further services for governments, communities, and private organizations.

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What is The Official Address of Mckesson Canada Contact? The Official Address of Mckesson Canada Contact is 4705, Dobrin Street, Saint Laurent, QC-H4R2P7, Quebec, Canada.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of Mckesson Canada Contact? The Main Customer Service Number of Mckesson Canada Contact is +1-888-606-6337, +1-514-745-2100.