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 : +1415-281-2820
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500 3rd St Street, Suite 455, San Francisco, California, United States
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Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security (formerly known as Flexilis) is a San Francisco based private company, engaged in mobile security and computer software. The company began operations in 2007. It was founded by the three members John Hering, James Burgess and Kevin Mahaffey, who met at the University of Southern California. Lookout Mobile Security develops the mobile security applications for Android and iOS devices. The name Lookout was given to the company in December 2009. The company received Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine. The company offers solutions and applications for mobile devices to protect them from spyware, viruses, hackers and malware. In 2012, the company partnered with T-Mobile to provide the security against threats to the T-Mobile customers. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Lookout Mobile Security service center is given above. The helpline of Lookout Mobile Security service center may or may not be toll free.
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Lookout Mobile Security Complaints and Reviews

Female ImageMs. Melsha Kelly Says Oct 16, 2014

I need help! My phone has lost last night. I am trying to login. But i cannot get password. I forgot my password help screen. I have entered every password that i remember. I am having no lock. Please help me.
My Gmail account is cocomelshake@gmail.com. I mostly use the email id melsha_jw@yahoo.com.
Thank you in advance.
Male ImageMr. Robert Hunter Says Oct 15, 2014

Hello, i have been a customer for several years and have always had the free app on my phone. I have had good luck with it. Just recently however, i was charged for an upgraded premium service of which i did not approve or want at this time. I would like to know how your company can credit this amount of 29.99 back to my card.
I would appreciate it at this time.
Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Annoyed Atlookout Says Oct 12, 2014

Lookout is a false advertising company. They are nothing but frauds. Who are too incompetent to help or to solve any issues or even to have a customer service hotline. They steal your money. I cannot locate my phone, (while it was still on), and honestly what is the point in this app? id rather download a free app. This is the second time. Lookout has not done. What it supposed to do. Whoever, the owner is! I hope you are reading this. You are a scumbag lier. Who are soon going to lose customers. You are big dummy! which means you lose money! you're all retarded with no business sense. Whatsoever. I am glad my business is booming. I actually take pride in customer service and putting out working product. you all are so stupid.
Male ImageMr. Joel Birdsell Says Aug 29, 2014

I was charged 30 dollars on last charge on my debit card i was suppose to be charged three dollars month. I want my account canceled, i need some information on my email and account number please contact me at 712 330 4438 or aka. Hawk77@gmail. Com.
Female ImageMs. Michelle Ham Says Aug 01, 2014

Hello, my name is michelle ham and my phone number is 7193218850. My phone has been stolen and i would like to lock my device. Please email me miromo91@gmail. Com since i do not have a phone.
Female ImageMs. Brooke Pyles Says Jul 02, 2014

It says i have to many devices connected. I jus need only two connected. I no longer have the 317-200-4346 number and that was connected to lookout. I just want my knew number 317- 480-6050, which it is threw t mobil. So now i cannot get my tablet connected because it says i have to many devices connected.
Male ImageMr. Raymond Watson Says Jul 02, 2014

Hi, my phone was stolen everytime i try to track it the location is not accurate. Is there anyway
To track it more accurately. If so can email me on my google account please. I have important documents that i do not want to loose. Thank you!.
Male ImageMr. David D McLain Says Jun 24, 2014

Lookout sent email today it said your has found, it gave me the address of the guy i thought took it, but now it has his phone number on the android readout but with his phone # 316 871-1187 my lost phone is 316-519-9228, the new phone i just bought is 316-803-9319, they must of hacked into its settings and added 316-871-1187 pleas look into lookout dmclaintooling@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Shonta Robinson Says May 31, 2014

My phone was stolen on last night. I was trying to locate my phone through lookout. But it is telling my email and password is not right. Can you reset my login. So i could be able to track my phone.
Male ImageMr. Mike Mccarty Says Dec 26, 2013

Hello, I had trouble with the backup feature on the application. So I clicked the Clear Data tab in the applications section. Now I am not unable to" Start Launch" Lookout on my phone. I just keep getting an error message saying, “unknown error connecting to server". I can go to lookout.com and I can see my phone listed there. I have the premium service. I just paid for it Dec. 11, 2013. Can you help me solve this? If I am not able to start the application on my phone I would like to get a refund for the year of service I paid for. I have had Lookout on my phone for three years & have only had a few problems but nothing like this.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Female ImageMs. Dorothy Hill Says Nov 11, 2013

I have lookout prime for three samsung androids
(SGH 1747 , GT-3113, and GT-P5113). Works on my tablets ok but keeps asking me to log in on phone. When I do it tells me I have too many accounts and to delete one. When I check on service it lists three androids but am unable to tell which ones as it only says android.
Female ImageMs. Jesyca Says Nov 02, 2013

My phone was stolen last night and I was able to look at my full location history earlier today but now am unable to. I was wondering if there was a way for you to look up the entire history or if there is anything else I can do. Please give me a call at 415-419-7824 or 720-382-6061. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Susan Lee Says Oct 20, 2013

Hi, I just bought my android phone today and I thought I had to sign in for the lookout to be able to scan, but afterwards it said "Thank you for purchasing the Premium." I DO NOT want to make this purchase. Please give me a call back, I have no interest or information about this app on my phone. Mobile 801-661-6889. Email is susanlee_23@hotmail.com.
Female ImageMs. marcee Says Sep 23, 2013

i lost my phone and can not access my account it wont reset my password to let me do anything at all my email is marcee23@live.com and my phone number for the lost phone is 7314395426 how can i find my phone if i cant get into my account other e mail is marcee2363@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Yannique Says Sep 22, 2013

I need to make account changes. I upgraded by mistake to the $29.99 a year for the premium and I wanted to the $2.99 a month plan. I need this change immediately please. The email with the account is ycadeau120@gmail.com and the phone number is(631)991-0810
Female ImageMs. tequila lloyd Says Sep 20, 2013

hey my name is tequila someone stole my phone i have lookout security on it so that it will take their picture but the only problem is that i forgot my email information but i will be more than glad to give you my information if you could please help me in any way i would be more than happy to provide you with my information thanks please give me a call at 864-876-2234 thanks
Female ImageMs. Amber Gawthrop Says Sep 17, 2013

My phone was stolen days ago, & have Lookout app. My password does not work, & the password recovery will not send me an email. I have emailed the company, been over 24 hours, left voicemails & tried contacting on facebook as well. Please help, it was a brand new phone! I love your app, but not useful if you cant get into your acct.
Email Ambergawthrop@aol.com
Male ImageMr. Carl A Says Sep 15, 2013

Locate searches but never finds my phone.6144051750 ColumbusOhFriend222@Gmail.com. says: Sorry there was a server error try again OK
Male ImageMr. Carl A Says Sep 15, 2013

ColumbusOhFriend222@Gmail.com 614-405-1750
Downloaded/installed Lookout on my BoostMobile Hydro c5170.Android 4.04. Tried to log into Lookout & after I put in email address & password, got "Server error"
Female ImageMs. Kimberely Says Sep 13, 2013

I will like you to sent a signal out to My Kindle Fire my Gmail is Babykim37@ gmail.com because someone has stolen my Kindle Fire thank you
Male ImageMr. Shane Crandell Says Sep 10, 2013

my galaxy s2broke and wont turn on. Id like to know how to access backups to lookout and restore to new galaxy s3
Male ImageMr. Kaustubh Says Sep 09, 2013


My name is Kaustubh Deshpande and I am registered with Lookout. My email is ksustubh.deshpande@gmail.com My phone is lost today ie on 8th September 2013, around 10.00pm EST from Pune city, Maharashtra State, country India. I did tried to login in to the lookout website but nothing is coming up.
Please help me to find out my device. My Phone was Samsung S3. Please let me know if you require my IMEI number.
My younger brother had called your customer care number but I believe it was closed. He is currently in Canada. Please call him on 6474031980.If at all I need to pay premium charges to track the phone, I am ready for it
Male ImageMr. wkponder Says Sep 05, 2013

Lookout has seriously compromised my phone. I had upgraded my phone to a new one (LG Lucid 2) and found that with Lookout running my phone was frequently locking up and getting messages of key services unexpectedly stopped including Home and com.google.process.gapps. Then on restart the phone would freeze and require battery removal to restart. Uninstalling resolved the problem and reinstalling recreated it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several apps and reinstalling one-by-one, then uninstalling and trying the next. Lookout is definitely the culprit.

I simply left it uninstalled waiting for my paid subscription to expire. When I was automatically re-billed I tried it again in hopes the issue had been resolved but it had not. Your web site is of absolutely no help, providing no answers or even a way to contact you other than snail mail. I finally found a phone number by doing a google search for "Lookout phone number," which only instructs to send an email to this address.
Male ImageMr. Pedro Morales Says Sep 04, 2013

I lost my Galaxy s3. I turned it off this morning because i was unable to find it. I downloaded the lookout app on it, but I don't remember the e-mail I entered, or the password. I have called to number listed above and I keep getting forward to a voice mail. Please help!!
Male ImageMr. malcolm joseph Says Aug 30, 2013

You took 29.99 from my bank account, you was to take that on 9, 29, 13.I would like for you to put it back, I had my money set to pay other bills. I though you was sopose to contact me befour you go into my account.
Female ImageMs. Tracy Says Aug 27, 2013

I added lookout to my tablet so that I would be able to track my teens. I paid for upgrade, but am unable to add or change nubers I would like to track. I have called the customer help support line, each time(3) I get a tech that has a very heavy accent and we are not able to communicate enough to solve my problem. I would like to continue using lookout, if I can get the proper support. Please help.
Tracy Edie
tediemama3@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.
Female ImageMs. dcasa62 Says Aug 25, 2013

I no longer have the premium but i cant get my pictures unless I get the premium?? I want my pictures I paid the pucs belong to me!!!
Male ImageMr. Ramesh Adhikari Says Aug 23, 2013

I lost my Cell Phone in Houston TX, when I use lookout to locate my Phone it shows in Springfield MA, my own City. I am pretty sure that my Phone is not located there. I called their Customer services, they never receive the Phone calls, I left voice mail. I am not satisfied with the services because it is not reliable and untraceable. What is the point of paying $1.99 per month and not finding phone when it is lost.
Female ImageMs. Amelia Williams Says Aug 23, 2013

I want to cancel my account and have no more charges applied. please do not charge my account anymore. Thank you
my number is 269-420-0533
Male ImageMr. wisnaud sainval Says Aug 17, 2013

Hi I need to cancel my service a kid was playing and he activated the service in my device please cancel the service phone 203 524 1280 and email sainval06@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Sabrina Price Says Aug 13, 2013

I have been calling lookout for two weeks now, and have left multiple messages on multiple extensions. I have never paid for a service that I did not get. I suppose I will have to get channel three on my side. My number is 6239723206
Male ImageMr. dennis lewis Says Aug 09, 2013

cant locate wifes phone after many attempts showed it in our house when it was miles away. tried to test it with my phone , but would not print letters on password. it used to work fine.
Male ImageMr. Robert youngs Says Aug 05, 2013

I can't down load your app I done a master reset on my phone and now i can't get you'll back I can't down load any thing on my phone if you can please give me a call at (484) 925-3085 my name is Robert youngs thank you
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