Isc New York Ny Usps Customer Service Phone Number

1-800-344-7779, +1 (718) 553-9132

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Isc New York Ny Usps

USPS United State Postal Service provides mailing services in many areas of United States. USPS is able to maintain itself as government enterprises. It does not charge any tax dollars for operating expenses. The postal service reaches throughout the nation which has 151 million residences. It serves all Americans at reasonable rates. It secures all the personal information of the clients or customers. USPS was established in 1775 about two centuries 19th and 20th ago with the appointment of first postmaster General Benjamin Franklin.

USPS Growth

The proposal of first postage stamp was offered by Great Britain’s Sir Rowland Hill in 1837 and was issued on 1st of July 1847 used for sending mail anywhere while the postal stationery was offered on 1st of July 1853 by Private contractors. In 19th century the major source of federal patronage was the Post Office. There are about ¾ federal civilian employees who worked. In 1816-1840 with increasing the business there were 3341 men who carried annually 2900 letters and 2700 newspapers per thousand. The Post Office Used steamboats to send the mail between the towns, Waterways created the post roads in 1823 with the idea to increase the business across the countries, after passing the Act of 7th of July 1838, the construction of railroad for Mail service increased faster after that Rail Cars were created. In 1887 during the introduction of Parcel Post between the USA and foreign countries. 1896 was the began of 20th century Postmaster General Frank H.Hitchcock emerger the Rural Free Delivery and in 1913 domestic parcel post service. Airmail service was taken on 12th of August 1918 by the Post Office Department and was operated by head of civilian with the 36 hired pilots. There was the completion of 1,208 airmail flights. Recently year as of 2011 there are 31,000 post offices in US who delivers 177 billion pieces of mail annually. The largest civilian vehicle fleet is operated by USPS approximately 218,684 with 444 million gallons of fuel. The mail service for military is known as Army Post Office and for Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard mail service is known as Fleet Post Office that is a postal system jointly operated by the department of Defense and USPS.

USPS Awards

The highest award “The Benjamin Franklin Award” was launched in 1960 to be given by the Postal Service. In the honour of Postal Services “The Rita Lloyd Moroney Awards” first historian was created in 2006 that inspires scholarship and increases the awareness significance of Postal system.

USPS Address (Office Address):

Building 250 N Boundary Road RM 2F1 Jamaica, New York, United States, is the address for New York,

USPS Address (Privacy Address):

US Postal Service, 475 l'enfant plz sw rm 9431, Washington DC 20260-1101.

USPS Contact Numbers:

USPS provides the alternative customer care numbers as 1-800-275-8777, 1-800-877-8339 for normal Information. 1-800-222-1811 number is used for tracking on posting the Domestic and International both. 1-800-782-6724 number is used for stamps. The technical helpline number is 1-800-344-7779 (toll free). 1-800-610-8734 is the number can be contacted for free shipping. The toll free numbers are mentioned above while the other numbers might be paid on calling. These numbers can be contacted during working days as Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:30 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding the postal holidays.

USPS Online Customer Support:

USPS has differentiate the contacts via Internet as to get more information have to log on For tracking customer can mail on For entry information For fast shipment for Centralized Account Processing System For the large quantities of stamps and for PostalOne and to contact privacy address

The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Isc New York Ny Usps Service Center and Isc New York Ny Usps customer service number is given below. The helpline of Isc New York Ny Usps customer service number may or may not be toll free.
Isc New York Ny Usps Phone Number Customer Service
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Isc New York Ny Usps Customer Service Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Ant SaysMar 12, 2015

My tracking number is ED466294045IN coming from India. It says Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment, but when I contacted the India post office they told me it dispatched awhile ago, so now the only people who can possibly have it is ISC. It's express mail and this is now the 2nd time ISC decided to delay my international packages. I used express mail for a reason.

Customer care female
Ms. Ramon Gordillo SaysFeb 14, 2015

My delivery LX002624216ES has been in the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)since the 29th of January, and it doesn't arrive to its address, I wanted to know what's the problem. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Sridhar SaysDec 29, 2014

Please do not process below shipment and return back to from address. Tracking number is CX158065189US.

Customer care male
Mr. Billy Chambers SaysDec 27, 2014

I am waiting for a package registered mail from UK. It processed on eight December 2014. The tracking number is RO868557638GB. When should, I expect to receive it. Thank you. Billy.

Customer care male
Mr. Guillermo Pita SaysDec 27, 2014

I am an international student from Spain trying to apply to university,, but thanks to the USPS service I do not think I will be able to. The 1st of December I sent all my original reports from Spain to ECE (Milwaukee WI) through certified mail, and since the 4th of December they have been processed through your sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), but they have not left there, and it has been over three weeks, three times what me and my family were told that it would take them to arrive to ECE. My tracking number is RR478353117ES. These holidays have become a nightmare, I just want to know when my documents will leave this facility so I can tell the universities I am applying to, the reason of my delay. Thank you for your time and happy holidays.

Customer care female
Ms. Lucia Remsikova SaysDec 24, 2014

My problem is not solved after calling, because there is no one to pick up I called every day this week and spent on average 30-45 minutes on hold before I gave up. My packages have been stuck at the ISC NEW York sorting center for over two weeks. Tracking: CQ000694055SK, CQ000694041SK. The shipping was incredibly expensive so why it is not delivered on time or with a little delay???Where can i escalate this complain? This is unbelievable.

Customer care male
Mr. Mihaela SaysDec 24, 2014

I can not understand how a package can be processed for a week in the condition in which my package arrived in to the Isc New York customs on 14th of December. The person who send me the package paid for that package to get to me in time. I mean in time. Obviously, that is not the case here. So people, get it in gear and stop wasting peoples' time and money.

Customer care female
Ms. Ravesa Goga SaysDec 20, 2014

My name is Ravesa Goga. I recently had a package delivered and the box that my package came was busted and missing a can of powdered baby formula. The tracking number that i have CP530590724AL. It arrived in ISC New York 12/04/2012. I checked with the mail guy and he told me that the box was in a bad condition, but he did not have what i was looking for. I also called the post office and they told me that they do not have it either. Could you please check if you find a can of 900g "Nutriben" Continuation 2? It means so much to me. I am going to attach a copy of my tracking papers. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Aydin Sik SaysDec 11, 2014

Can you help me with the tracking number is RS174709364NL (2014-10-27 11:54 The item is per-adviced), but the item did not reach me. My address will change on 12. 12. 2014. I'll be back to Turkey on that date. I need urgent help. Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. Gorilla SaysDec 05, 2014

Nobody is here to assist us. I got the same problem, International Express Mail stuck at ISC New York. I called 7185531446 today, a lady picked up and told me I need to wait 30-60 days for the customer inspection, without asking me the tracking number. Nothing I can do, only to wait.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary SaysDec 03, 2014


Never an answer the phone just rings and rings forever. I do not think this is a real number, do not waste our time calling my package has been sitting in this facility since November 6th and nobody can contact them not even the USPS customer service, they are a big secret they do what they want and will take as much time as they like.

Customer care male
Mr. Jose SaysDec 03, 2014

Ive been waiting for a package for over a month and i really need the package the tracking number is LC542601795US PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP

Customer care female
Ms. Yujie Chen SaysDec 02, 2014

My package has been stuck at ISC NY for more than 20 days please let it out

Customer care male
Mr. Magro SaysNov 29, 2014

I want to know what is going on with my package. My package arrived at the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) location 17th of November, 6:18 pm. Tracking number of package is RB004396276PK Please tell me, when I can get my parcel? Please help me.

Customer care male
Mr. Mrudang Banker SaysNov 26, 2014

I have done registered post from India on 8th of November 2014 @ NY, USA. Till Date my article has not been receive at recipient side. Since 12th November the status shows same on USPS website. My Article number is RG223273192IN. Even nobody is responding my call, I called to customer care number so many times. Please help me out to solve this query.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary Says Nov 30, 2014

We attempted to deliver your item at 1:08 pm on 28th of November 2014 in ridgewood, ny 11385 and a notice was left because an authorized recipient was not available. You may arrange redelivery by visiting www. Usps. Com/redelivery or calling 800-ask-usps, or may pick up the item at the post office indicated on the notice. If this item is unclaimed after 15 days then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary SaysNov 25, 2014

I Called this number over 30 times, never an answer. They do not pick it up. Also. I logged five posts on this site with the tracking number included, still nothing. I give the USPS over three thousand dollars a year, maybe i should change to UPS, Fed Ex or DHS. I can now understand why there bankrupt. LN523641496CN
Highly disappointing.

Customer care female
Ms. Daiva Vanaga SaysNov 25, 2014

I want to know what is going on with my package. My package arrived at the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) location 3rd of November, 9:31 am. Tracking number of package is CP022637032LV. Please, tell me, when I can get my parcel? Please help me.

Customer care male
Mr. G Chisenhall SaysNov 24, 2014

I ordered gifts to give out to family on friends on Thanksgiving they arrived ISC New York NY(USPS) on the 6th of November 2014 at 5:52 pm. The tracking says it processed through sort facility. When can I get my Parcel ? its very important. Please help me out. Tracking number is LN523641496CN. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. David Diaz SaysNov 24, 2014

Please i need to cancel a delivery or shipping please return packed the track number is EK465039219US i being scam by some people pretending they are PayPal and they being sending me email from this source p. which they are not paypal at all please contact me soon as possible.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary SaysNov 24, 2014

My order arrived at the ISC New York NY (USPS) on the 6th of November 2014. Its been 17 days and hasn't moved at all from this facility. I really need my package I want to give them out to family and friends on Thanksgiving. I live in Bergen County New Jersey, about 25 minutes away. Can you please help me and locate this package or at least tell me if there is an issue with it? The tracking number is LN523641496CN. Thank you so much.

Customer care female
Ms. Kimberley Boyd SaysNov 23, 2014

My package from India has been "inbound to customs" since 11/3. I've called the customer service number and get no information. Why does this take so long?


Customer care male
Mr. Gary C. SaysNov 22, 2014

My package arrived at the ISC New York(USPS facility on the 6th of November 2014, tracking number LN523641496CN. I live in Bergen County NJ about 20 -25 minutes away, I wanted to give the items out as a gift to family and friends on Thanksgiving it is now the 22nd of November 2014 and the package has not moved from this facility. Can you please help. Is there a problem with the package , etc ?
Thank you so much

Customer care male
Mr. Jack Paradise SaysNov 22, 2014

The phone call did not lead to the help I need. I need to find out how to locate item LL016025209PT, which was processed through the New York sorting facility on October 24. The item has not been delivered to my address. I spoke with a USPS agent at least two weeks ago and was told the item was in US Customs. Four weeks have now passed and there is no further information on the tracking of this number. Please, Please, Please tell me how I can contact someone who can help locate this item in Customs or through the postal system.

Customer care female
Ms. Vani SaysNov 21, 2014

My sister sent dresses on 5th of November 2014 from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. It arrived ISC New York NY(USPS) on 14th of November 2014 at 5:52 pm. But USPS Tracking says it is being processed by customs. When can I get my parcel? It is very urgent. Please help me out. Tracking number is ET526299648IN. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary SaysNov 21, 2014

My package arrived at the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) location 6th of November. I live in Bergen County NJ. I really need package I wanted to give them out to family and friends at Thanksgiving. Can you please tell me whats happening. Is the package Lost etc?
Thank you so much.

Customer care female
Ms. Vani SaysNov 21, 2014

My sister sent a package(dresses) from India on 15th of November 2014. USPS tracking shows status as inbound into customs. Date : November 14, 2014, 5. 52 pm. Status : processed through sort facility. Location. ISC New York NY(USPS). When can I get my parcel? It is very urgent. Please help me out. Tracing number is ET526299648IN.

Customer care male
Mr. Michael Dominguez SaysNov 19, 2014

Ridiculous amount of time spent at this location. I have a pair or wooden handles shipped from the UK. They have been at this location for a week and tracking still only says it has only arrived here. It took less time for them to get from the seller in the U. K. To the United States. I do not know what could possibly be the hold up. If they are overwhelmed with orders the need to hire more employees or make a better system. This is beginning to be very annoying. I hope that nothing I ever order arrives at this ridiculously slow postal service.

Customer care female
Ms. Yujie Chen SaysNov 18, 2014

My sister sent a gift from Italy since 24th October 2014 and it has been processed through ISC for like ten days. Could anyone help me to find what's going on with this package? Thank you.
The tracking number is EE309840694IT.

Customer care male
Mr. Thompson SaysNov 18, 2014

I just want an update on my package and if I should notify the shipper to re-ship. It was shipped out November 3rd from DELHI, INDIA and the last update is on 10th of November 2014, 5:28 pm, Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), Inbound into Customs. It's been seven days it's sitting there with no update. ED347734767IN
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.