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Instagram is a service, with which users can share their photos on the social networking websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter etc. It is a totally free service and has a wide variety of features including digital filters, photo editing and many more. The service was made available on October 6, 2010. It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Instagram had more than 100 million active users by April 2012. The service is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and also for the Android camera phones. It is available in 25 languages. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Instagram service center is given above. The helpline of Instagram service center may or may not be toll free.
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Instagram Complaints and Reviews

Female ImageMs. Graciela Tetta Says Oct 14, 2014

My daughter cannot login to her Instagram. She thinks she may have put a fake email address when she made her Instagram. She accidentally reset her password. Can you send it to my email address instead? it is gracielatetta@yahoo.com.
Male ImageMr. Samueo Rodriguez Says Oct 13, 2014

I was using a follower plus app for Instagram and it said that, you guys reset my password and now i cannot get into the account and i have no more access to the email account. That was in my instagram account. Can you please get my account back @the_real_sammyy?
Female ImageMs. Allison Lavanture Says Oct 12, 2014

It out of nowhere, reset my password and i do not have my email that i signed it up with and i made a Facebook account to try and get it back but it won't let me. Please help me.
Female ImageMs. Paris Taylor Says Sep 26, 2014

Instagram has changed my password and my email is made up so i can not got my new password that instagram has send to me. Instagram has also changed my sister password too can you help us.
Male ImageMr. Bennett spence Says Sep 26, 2014

Today my instagram said for security purposes, i needed to create a new password and when i clicked forgot password and send email the email did not show up and i am unable to log in to instagram.
Female ImageMs. Bellina Lambdin Says Sep 17, 2014

My instagram comments are being blocked to certain followers. My comments are positive always. This is a mistake and needs to be removed as soon as possible. I am a loyal user of instagram with family and friends. This needs to be resolved as soon as possible. You can reach me at 703-362-4378. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Haleema Fanous Says Sep 08, 2014

Hi someone is impersonating me on a fake account an threatening other people now them people are harassing an sending me abusive messages I need help.
Male ImageMr. Anxhela Skuqi Says Aug 18, 2014

Hello, It is something urgent that I am requesting to you. A person called in instagram as: serena_se91 has posted on her instagram my photo and commented on it abusing worlds. Please do something.
Male ImageMr. Kenisha Myles Says Aug 11, 2014

My child Instagram page has been hacked. Her password has been changed and she can not access her page. Inappropriate comments are being made under her page. Instagram name is ASHANTI_MK please assist
Male ImageMr. skajania jenkins Says Jul 17, 2014

This person above has hacked into my account changed my name and is posting pics that is not me i need this page taken down immediately, please call me at 773-987-8815.
Male ImageMr. marcia resendes Says Jul 14, 2014

I believe my Instagram has been hacked, i can not get into it. I was on it yesterday evening reporting inappropriate photos, all of a sudden i am logged out and i cant get back in. My user name is scorpian lady and i cant remember my password as i just stayed logged in on my ipad. I am very upset as i keep in contact with family members across the world with this, and i have no idea how to get a hold of them again. Please help me!! what can i do or what do you need from me to get back into it. Thanks.
Male ImageMr. Eion Says Jun 27, 2014

Hi i am a instagram user, by the name iv_xiii_xii, my instagram won't let me delete photos, they just pop back up if i try to delete them, please help, i'd appreciate it, thanks.
Male ImageMr. Jason Carver Says Jun 23, 2014

We had someone hack my daughter account on instagram last night at 8pm while she was a sleep. There upload a man genetials and plastered throughout her followers. Which for something done about it, we have reported it to police. Our account is tiana_xxo
Male ImageMr. jasmyne searcy Says Jun 17, 2014

Reporting a fake page on instagram and can not get the support link to function properly to fix it. I have attempted from two lap tops and desk top. I also have tried from my phone. It will not allow me to download (photo/ID information of the person reporting) the necessary information needed in order to complete the process. Please contact me asap. This fake page is affecting my business and also is degrading.
Male ImageMr. marilyn jean pitts Says Jun 16, 2014

Please remove the instagram account funnykap11 which my ten year old son created without parental consent.
Male ImageMr. Tia Says Jun 13, 2014

ID: jojojojoqueen. Name joqueen has post something really dangerous to me. Just because I did not purchase a bit kin bag from her, she was send message to my tweeter to send some abuse language and then post my wechat personal information in Instagram. And the most unbearable thing is she put Chinese words underneath said: she will paid someone $1,00,000 Chinese yuan if some know me. Please help me to block that information. Please.
Male ImageMr. Jennifer Fawckner Says Jun 13, 2014

An unknown person has made a fake instagram account for my 12 year old daughter and we have no idea how to delete it.
Male ImageMr. Anita unger Says Jun 04, 2014

My son reported a fake account on Tuesday 27th may 2014. It was set up as him and is now in prison for it. Why have the police not contacted you and vice versa. mr redo was the account name and I need you to assist in this matter as a fraud case and to get my innocent son released. This is a matter of urgency and I would appreciate a reply. Thank you
Male ImageMr. Sonya Says Jun 04, 2014

If this instagram.I want to report a picture of a minor post on instagram that I want remove from this website.
Female ImageMs. Madison Martin Says Jun 03, 2014

My account was hacked and someone stole my account and changed all passwords and emails associated with the account. How do i get my account back.
Male ImageMr. Rafael Gutierrez Says Jun 02, 2014

Need help to login to my instagram. I do not have access to my email. And i cant login to my instagram. Can you please help i really do not want to lose my family pictures those are good memories. My username is litog503.
Male ImageMr. Marie Says May 30, 2014

Please contact me regarding abusive language & bullying.
Female ImageMs. Leonie Sidebottom Says May 30, 2014

A person is using my pictures on a made up account and is abusing rights. I feel distressed and worried about this, my real account is leosidebottom_ and the fake account is yourgirlsoph. This person has put some sickening things on about me that are not true.
Male ImageMr. Abukhaled Says May 29, 2014

Hi all, I loss my instagram account and when i try to return back by e-mail said this e-mail not active. If possible to return back. Please contact with me W-ss-a@hotmail. Com.
Female ImageMs. Lyza Says Feb 16, 2014

My instagram got disabled! i am of the right age and i didnt violate the terms of use. When i sent in my form to recover my account, it said
"sorry, an error occurred while processing this request. "
Female ImageMs. Liara Ortiz Says Jan 20, 2014

I deleted my Instagram account just today accidentally and eanted to know if there is anyway to get it back! I have the password and email. It says that you keep our user content for a period of time. So please help me, Instagram is like my life and it has a lot of sentimental value. I had a couple of followers and a lot of pictures that I do not want to lose.
Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you. -Liara Ortiz.
Female ImageMs. Samantha Says Nov 08, 2013

Hello my name is samantha. I have forgot my password to my instagram,and the email its sending for me to change my password to is my husbands and hea forgot his password to his email so my question is how can I change my password or get it sent to my email account and not his. I really dont want to lose any of my pictures. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Elias Tsirogiannis Says Nov 08, 2013

Instagram, this morning i tried to open the instagram app and i was not logged in. I tried logging in with the correct username and password and a message pops up saying "to secure your account, we have reset your password. please tap forgot password below and follow the instructions to access your account." I tried to do this step but i had put an old email that i do not remember the name too. If you can please email me the new password that has been set to my account that would be great :)my name is Elias Tsirogiannis and i would really love to get my instagram.
Female ImageMs. Bernadette Murrell Says Nov 07, 2013

Hi , my name is Bernadette Murrell and my daughter is Paige Murrell. She was getting in trouble for making a comment that a girl was bosy and took my phone and thought it was a good idea to report herself from my phone instead of erasing from hers because her phone was dead. Can u please unblock her from following me.
Female ImageMs. Victoria Says Oct 15, 2013

Hi instagram my user name is tory311 I put in the wrong email address and now I can not reset my password because it is sending it to an unknown domain. how do I change my email. my number is 416-518-0661
Male ImageMr. Calvin Childs Says Oct 09, 2013

My Instagram name is @glamourphotojournalist I am unable to comment, like or reply please get my account back on track. It's been over a month. I've tried everything including updates using a different device you name it I tried it.
Here is my info 215-978-6998 call anytime

Male ImageMr. Mike Stack Says Oct 07, 2013

My IG user name is hippie_g and my email is mikestack79@yahoo.com. I signed out of my account and I went to sign back in and it gives me a message saying : To secure your account, we have reset your password. Please tap Forget Password below and please follow the intructions to access your account.

I don't know why you are resetting my password WITHOUT my knowledge, I would sign into my email account that I signed up with BUT yahoo recycled my account and I never got to put in my new email address. I never changed my password. I would like to have access back to my account.
Female ImageMs. Alyssa warr Says Oct 04, 2013

I have a really important video with me and a celebrity and he kissed me on the cheek in it. When I hit post it said "failed" . Usually when it says "failed" I can hit the little refresh/try again symbol and it starts to load again! But now when I hit the button it does nothing, and I really need it to post, it means so much to me! I've tried turning my phone off and clearing my apps. I don't want to log out because I'm afraid it will be gone forever! Please help me! My user name is _alyssalayne_
Female ImageMs. Che Ceaser Says Sep 25, 2013

Hello my name is Che and my username on Instagram is gottaluvche. My account was disabled for some reason I don't understand why. It is saying username not recongnized! Can u enabled my account please. I may be contacted via email. Mschecsr@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Yaris padilla Says Sep 23, 2013

Hi Instagram team! Since yesterday I have a problem at IG , I post a photo and my friends can't like the photos and when I go to erase the picture I can't ,, it says -- no Internet connection .... But I have Internet connection in my iPhone so I don't know what is happening , please could you help me ?
Female ImageMs. Julibel Says Sep 21, 2013

My account no longer exists and this is an outrage. All my photos were of myself and family and therefore there should be no reason as to why it has been erased. I am bet upset about this. My account should be fully restored since I have done nothing wrong on my account.
Female ImageMs. Yu Ying Ng Says Sep 14, 2013

I am always told that my account is being secured. I didn't have any intention about changing my password But I am always told to.change it. It's jobs troublesome as I have to always think of a new password. My user name is ngyuyingz and my email is ngyuying99@gmail.com please reply ASAP.
Female ImageMs. Shala Says Sep 13, 2013

I deleted a picture from my instagram account, however, when I deleted it instead of disappearing the picture just appeared as a white box. I no longer have the option to delete the picture. my instagram name is @_shalaaa could you please remove this photo?
Male ImageMr. Foxfosho Says Sep 13, 2013

I had to start another account becuz I can't remember my password but I I don't understand your it couldn't send me a reset to my recovery email address. Kennard Terry username is foxfosho and demethickmon@yahoo is my recovery email. I hope yall can delete my ibstagram account in face book and help me recover my first ibstagram account.
Female ImageMs. tianna s Says Sep 13, 2013

my instagram account is connected with an email i dont remember and i restored my iphone, it went to the sihn in page& when i went to reset my password u only give me the fist and laast letter of my email and it doesnt help still, i want to connect it with yahoo so i can get my password and use my account again. please help , thank you
Female ImageMs. Emma clark Says Sep 12, 2013

I have a problem w/ Instagram.Im locked out of Instagram and when I registered I must have put in the wrong email or typed it wrong and I was wondering if you could send me my password @ clarkd1414@cox.net

Female ImageMs. Camellia Says Sep 06, 2013

There's a fake page of my sister which is a nudity pic and needs to be taken Down immediately. It's ruining her life and bulling her as well and I'm family is be harassed cause of the provocative photo. User name: jamaicanbomshellaslut
Male ImageMr. Temeris White Says Sep 05, 2013

I need to speak to someone. Instagram signed me out of my Instagram and now I can not log back in. They said they sent a password reset to my email but my email is deactivated and I can not get on it. I need Instagram to give me the password or let me sign in. This is ridiculous .
Male ImageMr. Shana Says Sep 03, 2013

Hi instagram, I haven't been getting the email to reset my password and I can't get into my instagram because I forgot my password. Can you guys please send me the reset link or call me so I can do it manually? My number is 3108669541
Male ImageMr. giovanikboy Says Sep 03, 2013

Child porn I emails u b4 about child porn I u asked me for more information. I dnt have the girls in trouble off her mum I asked if u can remove. It u won't plz remove it why do u allow child porn. The instagram is gypsyboobawards my email is ricjykboyaz@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. Olivia Weng Says Sep 03, 2013

Hello Instagram team, my account has faced the emergency situation ,I have no idea why my account has been removed for no reason,plz hellllllp or contact me olivia5210@yahoo.com.tw
Female ImageMs. Lorrie Says Sep 02, 2013

My daughters acct was hacked and the user name and password was changed. The email address has been hacked as well I just want the acct deleted . Please help. Contact me at djslulu@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance..
Male ImageMr. Ricardo Says Sep 02, 2013

Hey instagram i think my instagram is hacked im following 17 people and it shows that im following 53 and sometimes i like orher people photos wich i didnt if u can help me let me know cause i dont want to delet my insta :(. My instagram username is ricardozogheib. If u can plz reply at ricardo_zgheib@hotmail.com
Male ImageMr. Ricardo Says Sep 02, 2013

Hey instagram i think my instagram is hacked im following 17 people and ot shows that im following 53 and sometimes i like orher people photos wich i didnt if u can help me let me know cause i dont want to delet my insta :(
Female ImageMs. Annie Allen Says Sep 01, 2013

Hi there is an instagram account called girlythingsthatyoulove and they have stollen my photos. They added me and then liked my photos then stole them for their own page. Please please please tell me what I can do?
Female ImageMs. ClaudiaZ Says Sep 01, 2013

Dear Instagram Support,

Since this July I have tried to create an Instagram account but came across a few problems...

I sent an email two months ago explaining my situation but I have not received a response.
When I try create my account, it says that my email has already been used. However, I have never tried making an account with this email address so I do not understand the confusion.

I would like to hear back from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you in advance,

Male ImageMr. Ammar Says Aug 27, 2013

Hi customer team , got a problem with my account , whenever I write a comments on my own pictures , or replaying back comments received from others . All comments are removed and don't remain and disappear , please advice me , my account name is : bo3amrah , my email address is : manliscious@hotmail.com
Male ImageMr. norman Says Aug 18, 2013

I'm having trouble logging in instagram keeps telling me to type my username and not my email. I don't know my username by heart, if someone could please get back to me. @normanbakermgk or Ryan_love06@hotmail.com thank you
Male ImageMr. Isaiah Lobelo Says Aug 17, 2013

My email address needs to be changed please call me at 201 259 9515 I don't want to crest a new account my email address I was using is isaiahjlobelo 10@hotmail.com.
I need to give you my new email address to attach to my account its isaiahjlobelo11@hotmail.com.
Female ImageMs. Meg Says Aug 16, 2013

Hello Instagram! I have a problem with the number of accounts I am following! When I click on the "followers" tab on my profile, only two accounts show up. Meanwhile on my profile it says I am following over 200. Help, please! Email me : meganekelburg@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Meg Says Aug 16, 2013

Hi. I have a problem with the number of accounts I am following... When I click on the "followers" tab on my profile, only two accounts show up. Meanwhile on my profile it says I am following over 200. Help, please!
Male ImageMr. Yasmine Says Aug 14, 2013

Hi instagram I have an account with u instayasmine and have my password, one time u decided to reset my password and unfortunately my gmail account got hacked and don't can't log in to check the new password. Please give me back my account with my old password thank u. U can call me on 3102102858
Female ImageMs. kgardner Says Aug 11, 2013

My account got disabled. I'm not a person who posts nudest pictures on there. It's social media to show my friends what I'm up too. I'm furious it's been disabled! As I have no idea why. Can you please contact me at kirstie.gardner_@hotmail.com as I would like to use it again as I can't set a new one up as my email is linked to it.
Female ImageMs. Amanda DB Says Aug 11, 2013

My username is amanda_12_1998. If have been trying for the last two days logging in, but it just won't let me. It keeps saying that Instagram has secured my account. I have tried at least three times sending a password reset link to my email, of which I did and was successful each time.

The problem I am having is with each different time (yes I was very careful typing it in) it tells me account is secured. My email is julygirl98@hotmail.com. It is very frustrating and your Instagram help center is not very helpful. I've had to google search and found this one. I hope you answer.
Female ImageMs. Sharina Says Aug 10, 2013

I am not myself on instagram but a very good friend of mine (xxxhoneylovexxx) is being subjected to cyber bullying by an unknown instagram member (honeykocaiin), I have huge concerns about this despite the pictures being reported by herself and other insatgram users the site do not seem to be taking them down, these comments to honeylove's picture are causing her great distress... also unbeknown to honeykocaiin honeylove has battled with an eating disorder for a number of years... this bullying could cause her to have a relapse, as a result of all the stress she is feeling at this...
Female ImageMs. Trinity Howell Says Aug 07, 2013

I logged out of my Instagram to let a friend log onto theirs but when I tried to log back into mines it said my account was disabled!! HOW DO I FIX IT PLEASE INBOXE ME @ trinityhowell1180@gmail.com please help I have lots of picture of my little sisters and they live far away from me so please help
Female ImageMs. catherine welch Says Aug 06, 2013

There is a fake page posting naked pictures of my child I want it deleted we have reproted and it gets deleted but they post the pics again the name is blast_yo_ass2 I would really like if you could handle this before I have to go to a higher power thank you
Female ImageMs. Neelie Says Aug 06, 2013

My app keeps crashing when I try to upload the same picture. I can upload every other picture just fine but one picture doesn't go. I run two accounts and help out a friend on a third. I also have been seeing information about deleting unused accounts? Is that even true? I tried to send an email to Instagram directly but it said that the email address I sent it to is no longer in service, which is utter bull sh*t in my opinion.
Female ImageMs. Jennifer Rodriguez Says Aug 04, 2013

My name is Jennifer Rodriguez and i have an issue where my ex hacked into my email & took over my IG. He changed my password & my email associated w| the IG. The username is now yourstruly__xjenny. You guys can check my original email was shortysobaddx3@aim.com. I want that page to be either deleted or under my control again. I've made a new IG w| videos explaining how my IG was hacked & still he's constantly stealing my new pics &putting it in my old IG. Now is causing me &my family danger because he is hitting up people giving out my info & address.You guys can email me or mycell3479757090
Female ImageMs. Jennifer Rodriguez Says Aug 04, 2013

My name is Jennifer Rodriguez and i have an issue where my ex hacked into my email & took over my IG. He changed my password & my email associated w| the IG. The username is now yourstruly__xjenny. You guys can check my original email was shortysobaddx3@aim.com. I want that page to be either deleted or under my control again. I've made a new IG w| videos explaining how my IG was hacked & still he's constantly stealing my new pics &putting it in my old IG.Now is causing me &my family danger because he is hitting up people giving out my info & address.You guys can email me or at my cell34797570
Female ImageMs. Mandy C Says Aug 04, 2013

@uglygurll234 created an instagram profile to cyber bully my best by calling her really bad names.I want this account to be deleted by instagram officials. people have reported them but the account still is there and I don't know why. Thank You
Male ImageMr. Will Says Aug 02, 2013

Recently, an account called @jesussavesbro was deleted. It was a very good account filled with quotes and Christianity pictures. I call this stupid for you to delete it. Instagram is a diverse social network. And this was filled with good things and you should be ashamed with yourselves. You dare to delete accounts with Christianity images and quotes but yet won't delete the bad ones such as this one were a guy posted pictures of dead dogs and said he hated them and skinned them. The IG team should be ashamed and is yes, stupid for deleting the account @jesussavesbro
Female ImageMs. Isabelhaddad1 Says Jul 30, 2013

I posted pictures on my Instagram and when u go on other people's Instagram there not there but it shows the number of pictures I posted including the pics that aren't showing up but no one can see them anymore they could earlier but not now its bothering me a lot!!!!
Female ImageMs. cam hen Says Jul 29, 2013

I cant login to instagram on my phone only. I can login to my friends and families phones but when I try mine it doesnt work. I unistall it then install it still doesnt work. I love using instagram but I did not.violate any terms or services which is obvious if I can sign in to everyone else phone but mine. I have a tmobile G2X.
Female ImageMs. Melissa Yap Mendez Says Jul 28, 2013

I was replying to birthday greetings to me yesterday July 27 at around 3pm Manila, Philippines time and instareposting posts and birthday tributes to me when all of a sudden when I looked on my feed it said "error, you must log in".
I never logged out on my Instagram and I was perplexed however I tried to log on but it kept saying invalid username/password. I tried pressing forgot password. I used my username realmelissamendez and I was prompted to send password reset email which I tried to do but I couldn't recover since my email yapmelisa@yahoo.com had been deactivated.
Female ImageMs. Ashley Says Jul 27, 2013

Hope I can help and I do mean help and I do mean hheellppp. Ok if u wanna know my account that I made for my cats has been disabled and I got no idea why so then I made another account and that one got disabled then after that one I made another one and that one got disabled so why are they getting disabled like what's with that I did nothing wrong on it the only things that I posted on it was CATS PICTURES LIKE WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT!! I hope you reply soon cause I'm getting really pissed
Female ImageMs. brittany Says Jul 23, 2013

I have not been able to log onto my account because it has been disabled. I haven't posted in a few days and I have not violated the terms so I am confused as to why I cannot log on. I tried making a new account but it says a user with that email already exists, but the support page says I'm allowed to create a new account with the same email if my account has been disabled. I have tried contacting instagram but its almost impossible and I'm confused as to how this happened. Anyone that can help or give me a contact email/phone number I would greatly appreciate it
Female ImageMs. Dina Jaroudi Says Jul 22, 2013

Hi instagram team , the reason I'm contacting you is because someone is messing around with my account (my pictures are being deleted ,my friends are being unfollowed and changing my password). I tried resetting the password by email but I forgot which email I had when I signed up for instagram and I tried resetting it by username but I can't recieve anything ;keep in mind that I didn't link instagram to Facebook
Please help I don't want to lose my account :(
Username :dinajarudi
Contact me Dinaeljaroudi@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. Alice Hikari Says Jul 21, 2013

HELLO! Instagram, your new update isn't compatible with my phone anymore. Please please make your update reasonable with people with only android phones as well. It's unfair that iphones can do this but my phone cannot I'm so upset.
Female ImageMs. Jeanne Braby Says Jul 14, 2013

Someone is impersonating me on Facebook . I am on Facebook. My name is Jeanne Braby and this person is using my profile picture and name from my Facebook account on an Instagram account. How do I file a report? Your website is confusing. What information do you need to remove this fraudulent account? My email is jbraby@charter.net
Female ImageMs. iPhone Says Jul 13, 2013

My instagram app on my iPhone says my account has been disabled, as well as anyone else who try's to login off of my phone, but we're all able to login on other apple and android devices. It's been this way for about nine days now and I'm beginning to want to delete my instagram as a whole altogether.
Male ImageMr. danealhycarl Says Jul 12, 2013

Hello instagram I have one problem about my istagram...I currently use samsung galaxy note one android 4.2.2 ...the problem is i can't use video in instgram when i use video record that say "cannot connect to camera" please help me out...thank...
Male ImageMr. Mikey weatherly Says Jul 09, 2013

Im am an active instagram user my name is mikey_weatherly i have some very mean people making fake accounts of me the fake account is big_mike60 i would appreciate it if u could take there account off line so no one thinks it me , thank you very much
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