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Instagram is a service, with which users can share their photos on the social networking websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc. The service was launched on 6th of October, 2010. It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. The developer of Instagram is Facebook, Inc. The size of the Instagram application is 9.93 MB.

About Instagram

Instagram provides mobile video sharing, photo sharing and social networking services to the users. It is a totally free service and has a wide variety of features including digital filters, photo editing and many more. Instagram had more than 100 million active users as of April 2012. The service is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and also for the Android camera phones. It is available in 25 different languages. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. The application is distributed among the users with the help of Windows Phone Store, Apple App Store and Google Play, as a result of which there are approximately 300 million users of Instagram as of December 2014.

Headquarters Address of Instagram

The headquarters of the service is located San Francisco, California, United States of America and the permanent address of the headquarters of Instagram is P.O. Box 77421, San Francisco, California, United States

Contact Number of Instagram

The customer service number of the service is +1.6505434800. The customers can call this number to talk to the customer service representatives of Instagram, regarding any inquiry or complaint.

Official Online Website of Instagram

The official online website of the service is The customers can visit the website for any query or detailed information related to the company.

Social Links of Instagram

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The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Instagram Service Center and Instagram customer service number is given below. The helpline of Instagram customer service number may or may not be toll free.
Instagram Phone Number Customer Service
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Instagram Customer Service Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Emily santa rosa SaysMar 11, 2015

Someone hack to my account, change my password and username, and are bulling me with terrible words.

Customer care female
Ms. vishal sharma SaysMar 10, 2015

Its been 4-5 days, i have created my instagram account, but i am not able to work on it as it ask for a security code and i didn't get any security code message. and no action has been taken to solve the problem.

Customer care female
Ms. James eversole SaysMar 04, 2015

Hello. I am james. I am contacting in hopes of getting an account that my little sister used to have and that has now been hacked @christiangirl757 is the username for the account. The person that has hacked the account has been sending very vulgar messages and my little sister is being accused of sending these messages we have been called to her school and would like for the account to be shut down. If you have any questions and when the account HAS BEEN DELETED please email her . Thank you for taking care of this.

Customer care female
Ms. Alison Moore SaysMar 03, 2015

Hi. I had some inappropriate pictures sent to me through dm. I reported my account as inappropriate and now I am unable to log in to my account from to delete the account. Please tell me how do I delete my account after I have reported it. Thanks

Customer care female
Ms. Margaret Thornton SaysFeb 27, 2015

Hi I need a call in relation to closing down or reclaiming access to two instagram accounts for our business. Please ring me as soon as possible. Margaret.

Customer care female
Ms. DARLEEN BARNETT SaysFeb 09, 2015

I am not a customer Instagram but my child is and she was on Friday 6th of February a victim of internet bullying by one of her school mates that she didn't want to be friends with any-more,the other person has since deleted the comments..but I would need this for the school/police to do further investigation so please if possible could i get any recovered information from my daughters account xdaniellahxx and the other person is Sabina _SABSJXX_ please can you help Ms D Barnett

Customer care male
Mr. denise SaysJan 12, 2015

I am a mother of a 16 years old.... he just created a instagram account without his parent persimmion....the user name is ynic00... please deactivate this account..where is the parents rights on here

Customer care male
Mr. Linda Devine SaysJan 05, 2015

Yes I have a serious issue my 9 yr old daughter was threatened on Instagram and ask to do sexual acts by a person she was scared to tell me and deleted the direct Instagram message I just found out through my oldest daughter that she told I have deleted her account I would like this to be researched and if there is anyway you can find out the conversation since the person knew my home address and told her that if she don't do what he says he will come kill everyone please if there is anyway you can help me I'm disturbed she is 9 and totally deviated Thank you

Customer care female
Ms. Kelly Rolon SaysDec 27, 2014

Good Afternoon. My complaint today is that my son as well as myself keep receiving change password emails which we are not requesting. My sons account has been hacked numerous times and I am trying to understand what kind of privacy settings do you have if its so easy for a person to just go in and request a password change and still your whole acct with no problem. This is not acceptable and I would hope that you would look into this matter and fix it as soon as possible because a lot of people put their trust in your company that whatever they post or whatever personal or sentimental photos they post would be saved and secure. Signed a Pissed Mother.

Customer care female
Ms. Charlotte SaysDec 23, 2014

Since your latest update i can not log in to my accounts unless i first change the password. I have more than one account and if i log out of one and try to log into another it tells me i have the wrong password even though i know i do not. It's like this on every account i have, as soon as i change the password, log in and log out i can not log into another account. Would be great to actually get help since it been like this for many days now.

Customer care female
Ms. Diona Swanson SaysDec 22, 2014

I was logged out of my instagram account unexpectedly and i do not remember my password. I've tried resetting it through facebook which my instagram account is not linked to so that didn't work i also tried sending a reset password email to my email adress which didn't work either. How do i get my password and log back into instagram without creating a new account?.

Customer care male
Mr. Diona Swanson SaysDec 22, 2014

I was logged out of my Instagram account unexpectedly and j do not remember my password. I've tried resetting it through Facebook which my Instagram account is not linked to so that didn't work i also tried sending a reset password email to my email address which didn't work either. How do i get my password and log back into Instagram without creating a new account?.

Customer care female
Ms. Rebecca Cowan SaysDec 22, 2014

I got a new phone and forgot my password for Instagram. I tried numerous times. I do not know if I was locked out or not. You sent me a six digit number to an email address I'm assuming is with our old Internet company that we haven't had in years. It was Windstream. I am obviously not getting those emails. I haven't anyway of ever getting them. I did not realize that email had not been changed. I understand your security. My password usually has the word Oakley in it if that helps identity me. My email is RRYAN10@ROCKETMAIL. COM. Please I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Don SaysDec 20, 2014

Hi Instagram, The reason why i am contacting you people is because i am finding it hard to follow those who followed me, this has been happening since 2days now. Can you guys please be of help.

Customer care male
Mr. Stephen Nwabunike SaysDec 20, 2014

My phone was an Sony Xperia and my Instagram was working. Now i have a new phone and number for some reason it's not allowing me to login. I have the same information as before, I am not able to login?

Customer care female
Ms. sally kentbraham SaysDec 19, 2014

This is the only means by which i can tell you the problems i have encountered with this person. She is using Instagram as a platform for her online boutique, namely Casa Faux. She directs people to order her products through a separate website. She accepts orders, takes the payment through Paypal then doesn't deliver the goods (in my case anyway). She doesn't respond to emails

Customer care female
Ms. Kitty Barker SaysDec 19, 2014

I have recently been locked out of my main instagram account and i'm not happy about it, my account is @kittybarker_x and it's my main account, i forgot the email i used for t and it's not letting me back in even though i have sent the ifonation you wanted after i went on my desktop. I'm not happy! this is not very good because i use my account all the time.

Customer care male
Mr. Daveites SaysDec 18, 2014

I got logged off my Instagram some how and am trying to get back on. I forgot the password so i tried to reset it by using my email. For some reason i am not getting an email response from Instagram to reset my passé word. Can you please help! phone number 562-519-0509.

Customer care female
Ms. Sana SaysDec 16, 2014

I am Sana from Mumbai, India. I have forgotten my Instagram password and have logged out by mistake and cant receive the reset code on my email id. I am not sure which of my email ID is associated with my Instagram account and thats the reason i cant log in to my Instagram account. Please help me with the email ID associated with my Instagram username. Il be eagerly waiting for your response. Please help me as soon as possible My current email ID is janefrose@yahoo. In and my Instagram username is Sana Mithaiwala. Thank you. .

Customer care female
Ms. Sana Mithaiwala SaysDec 16, 2014

Hey i am from Mumbai, India. I logged out my Instagram account bymistake and i don't know my password as i have forgotten it. I tried sending a password reset email to my id, but i yet did not get any email with the reset code. I checked all my email addresses, but did not get any email on either of the id's. Please help me with my email ID which is associated with my Instagram account so that i can reset the password and open my email ID to check the reset code. Thank you:) l be waiting for your response. My current email ID is janefrose@yahoo. In please help me as soon as possible Thank you. My Instagram username is Sana Mithaiwala.

Customer care male
Mr. Mychal Bruell SaysDec 16, 2014

I changed my password on Instagram and 24 hours later I can not remember it. So I got Instagram to send it to my e-mail,, but when it said it has sent it I noticed Au it said nj (.com. Aunj), this is not a valid or real e-mail server and when I put my e-mail in. I must have accidentally written that. So now I can not get the password.

Maya Frye Customer Phone Number
Mr. Maya Frye SaysDec 16, 2014

My name in Maya Frye I would like to deactivate my Facebook and Instagram as soon as possible. My page has been hacked. Someone set up a fake page of my ex girlfriend. I do not want any problems with her. Her name is lakeshia Harrison, but the pages were set up for my page. Please deactivate all accounts with my name on them Facebook and Instagram. Again my name is Maya Frye. Please give me a call as soon as you all the activate all these accounts they are all fake using my name. Call me at 757 632 2852. Thank you.

Instagram Phone Number Customer Care
Customer care male
Mr. Marcus Thompson SaysDec 11, 2014

I have a Instagram account. My user name is kingtlive@five. I do not know my password. Can you please forward me the password to this email

Customer care male
Mr. Hugh Whitaker SaysDec 09, 2014

I need help changing my password, but the email that you have for me is the wrong email i need help.

Customer care female
Ms. Rachel Rivera SaysNov 29, 2014

I'm Rachel Rivera. My Instagram was hacked and now they are using it and the person is impersonating me and putting inappropriate things on my bio and posting inappropriate quotes. And the person also made a fake Snapchat account using my name. My username was Rachel_rivera_x3. They also hacked my Facebook. My Facebook name was RachelRivera. I would really appreciate it if you please deactivated these accounts and shut them down for good. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Crystal SaysNov 28, 2014

Good afternoon, I used a invalid email to make my Instagram, but today I logged out of my account to change my password cause I was trying to log into something else, but I need my Instagram password, I want to change the email I used to make it and put my real email,, but it's just not working I can not log into my Instagram, it's not even going through on my number, I used to log in also used that to make my Facebook account, but my real email is I can not afford to lose my Instagram please help.

Customer care male
Mr. David Goldes SaysNov 25, 2014

My grandsons phone was hacked into his account on Instsgram. I have tried numerous times to contact you on how I can have his account closed. His password was changed and he has no idea you has it. What can I do. My email is Thank you David Goldes.

Customer care male
Mr. Ala Abdaldean SaysNov 22, 2014

I made a new account and I sign out and my password is not working can you please help me my username is almighty_alaa please help me
Call me at 352-556-7773 or email me at

Customer care male
Mr. Dhanraj Padhiyar SaysNov 21, 2014

I could not upload pictures, could not follow anybody, could not like anyone's photos since a week ago on Instagram. Please help me to solve this problem.

Customer care female
Ms. Ashell Thomas SaysNov 21, 2014

I would like to speak to someone about removing a fake page. I own a business and someone made a fake page and they're using my pictures and following and scamming my customers. Please do something about this as soon as possible. Fake page if name is @kissmybundles14.