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Hampton Bay

Hampton bay is an retail company that deals in ceiling fans, lights and furniture. Hampton bay is one of the most popular brand of ceiling fans in the market. Hampton bay company make 270 different ceiling fans to match any taste, style, or need. The hampton bay company is the largest retail company. The hampton bay company product such as hampton bay ceiling fans, hampton bay Lights, hampton bay furniture, hampton bay air Conditioners. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Hampton Bay service center is given above. The helpline of Hampton Bay service center may or may not be toll free.
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Hampton Bay Complaints and Reviews

Female ImageMs. Marion Wessinger Says Oct 12, 2014

Hello my complaint is about the ceiling fan i bought. I have the ceiling fan with the palm tree leaves and this is a terrible fan. The bulb this fan takes the 120v light bulbs the light bulb blows out each month, they are supposed to last a long time and they do not at all. And those light bulb are not cheap at all. I am a single mother with a seven year old that receives no help, who is currently out of work because i had to have my lower back fused together. So there are months i cannot buy a replacement bulb so i have to use small lamps in my room for light until i have the money to buy a new bulb. This fan is terrible fan and makes me not want to buy your products anymore because i do not want to have any more problems with them.
Male ImageMr. Ken Says Oct 12, 2014

How to reverse a hampton bay chateau deville ceiling fan, 34012?.
Male ImageMr. Terry Polite Says Oct 12, 2014

Y7zdl4109t model number. The battery life of my remote was only for few days. It has been that way since i installed the fan. Just moved into the house and now need to know. Why? Can you help me?
Terry Polite 9125089470.
Male ImageMr. Alan S. Maclay Says Jul 20, 2014

Love the floor, love the color, however, it was a real pain in the but to get it to lock properly. Some areas i am not sure if they even locked at all. Followed proper procedures for installing the floor and even went to your web site, you-tube video and all info that i could find for hints etc. Spent a lot of time going back over previously installed areas to get it to relock. Then had to work across the whole floor to get it relocked again. To me is seems the locking areas need to be just a litter bigger / deeper than they are now, to lock properly. I have done two other rooms with two other companies flooring and had no problems with them. This floor is finished with three areas already separating. Would not recommend your flooring to friends. Perhaps this run of product in manufacturing needed to be recalled?
Old mill hickory 669863 367551-00086 03//2014.
Male ImageMr. Sam Cormier Says Jul 20, 2014

I need installation instruction for a ceiling fan model # 0028453, or known as "picket fence". It has been discontinued. I need to know how to un-install the fan without breaking any thing.
Male ImageMr. Bill Says Jul 03, 2014

My ceiling fan will not turn off. It is live wired into my electrical wiring. It is less than a year old. The remote model is dl-4109s-01 fcc id:y7zdl4109t. The remote lights up when you push the buttons. I get no response from the fan. Just stays on. Help!!!.
Male ImageMr. Lindsey Carithers Says Jul 03, 2014

I bought two bar height outdoor chairs and table at Home Depot last year and one chair has broke at the welds under the seat and the whole top chair part has fallen off.
Female ImageMs. Beth Hopkins Says Jul 02, 2014

We bought a ten pack of outdoor solar lights at home depot. When we opened the box and one of them didn't work. We figured we would just overlook that and use the others instead of searching for the receipt. Within two weeks three others stopped working also.
I just want to express my extreme dissatisfaction with this product and to let you know that i will not be purchasing any more of your products in the future.

Beth hopkins
407 storrs st
Dickson city, pa 18519.
Male ImageMr. Timothy Pilny Says Jul 02, 2014

I am contacting you regarding your product number 49518-100as mosaic led outdoor globe lights. My son and daughter purchased the set of three for their mother for this past mothers day. At present only one is left and it does not function properly. When set to the auto mode it stay lit all the time. Once it gets dark out the battery does not last very long. The two devices we no longer have are not technically your fault except partially due to poor design. The globes are pretty but very heavy for the way they are mounted to the charging/battery compartment. The way we lost the two is our golden retrievers tail cracked them off where the metal tube connects to the charging/battery compartment. So little of the aluminum pole that holds the globe up goes into the housing they snapped and broke the plastic housing when the dog hit them with her tail. Again technically not your fault. The only other hb product we have is an umbrella with led lights, it worked for a few weeks then stopped.
Male ImageMr. Mike Goodchild Says Feb 17, 2014

Need replacement parts for an electric fireplace.
Male ImageMr. James D. Collins Says Feb 16, 2014

Hi my 16. eight coronado electric stove , i bought about a year ago the plug melted to the outlet. The stove was the only thing on the outlet. I truly love the product heat wise it works well i am wondering what i can do about this situation please contact me with a results please thank you.
Female ImageMs. martha Parker Says Nov 07, 2013

A.I bought two of your solar post lantern sku number 414-713 (upc 609839462401). I don't like the way these things work!. I know if they don't get enough light they are not as bright because the sun is not as bright charging them good, but even with good light they still are not all that bright. and i get up at three in morning to go to work and they are not even on. we go some where and come home you can barry seen them! we have had solar light before and they will stay nice and bright till like six in the morning. I payed like 70 dollar for each and expected better job then what these do.
Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Roberta Keeney Says Nov 03, 2013

I bought a bercello estates two light volterra bronze semi flush mount light. I bought it from Home Depot on 1/23/12. Love the light but now the rim has cracked all the way through. I seen in the reviews this is a big problem. I love the light and would just like a replacement. Please let me know what we can do. I have bought alot of your products and never had any problems. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Bernice Braaten Says Oct 24, 2013

Hampton bay ceiling fan model. Recently the electrician changed my wall switches to match my decor. My you it has a remote and has worked with the two way wall switches for years. Now the you it only works sometimes with the switches. It es on when i hit the remote and will work for or times you ing the wall switches. Then nothing es on and i have to you e the remote to turn on the you it. Can you give any insight as to why this is happening my house is s vintage thank you.
Male ImageMr. jason ibarra Says Sep 26, 2013

I purchased a replacement LED for my ceiling fan. Its not a light we use too often but I would say the one that came with the fan lasted maybe 2yrs. The replacement I ordered did not even last 1yr. I thought led lights were supposed to last longer than regular light bulbs?
I believe I have a defective unit either way.
Male ImageMr. Charles Davis Says Sep 24, 2013

Can I install a remote control in my ceiling fan? The model number is AC652. Serial number is 000346897F.
Charles Davis
850-322-0940 cell
Male ImageMr. Guy Taylor Says Sep 19, 2013

Have a Hampton bay fan for nine years, motor has quit. I do not have the original box. Had a 15 yr warranty. How do I file a warranty claim?

Guy Taylor
Female ImageMs. Anne Butler Says Sep 10, 2013

I have low voltage 45w garden light transformer just installed, set to dusk to dawn, and lights will operate on this for one night and the next night the lights will go off sometime before dawn. The lights always go on at dusk.
Male ImageMr. Bill Keenan Says Sep 09, 2013

I purchased a Hampton Bay Pump and Barrel Fountain Item #622-082 from Home Depot in Wichita, KS about a month ago as a birthday present for my wife. I went to put it together tonight and when I did, the pump (referred to as Part A in the book and is what the water comes out of to drain into the barrels) literally came apart in my hands as I tried to attach it to the barrel. Would it be possible to get a replacement part sent to me? I would really like to give this to her as I think she will really like it.
Male ImageMr. heisting Quinlan Says Aug 26, 2013

We have a Hampton Bay bathroom light for our second bathroom- it is chrome and ceramic. The Home Depot code for the light is 394-537 and the number inside the base of the light is 445994. We placed the light over a year ago when we remodeled. The chrome has pitted and rusted significantly. Upon visiting Home Depot I was told to contact Hampton Bay online. The light is not available in the store presently. I would like the same light but am wondering if the is a problem with the chrome pitting on these bathroom lights? The faucets are all chrome and I have no problem with these. thank u Christina
Female ImageMs. Vicci Pitts Says Aug 26, 2013

I am trying to track down replacement parts. Getting ANY help from Hampton bay is a joke!
Female ImageMs. Susan Florio Says Aug 26, 2013

I have a Hampton bay west bury outdoor dining set, and one of the swivel chairs the swivel base has cracked in one of the welds. The standard chairs in set are ok, but one of the swivel chairs seems to be defective. The set was purchased from Home Depot approxiamatly two months ago. How do I obtain a replacement swivel base with new hardware...Model # S7-ADQ27113 ?..Thank you
Male ImageMr. JimCameron Says Aug 21, 2013

I have two Windward II fans. One of the units the light does not come on. I checked the voltage at the fan and there is 120v coming in, I checked the output voltage at the light module and there is no power. The fan runs just fine but the light does not come on. There is a lifetime warranty for these correct?
Male ImageMr. Robert Jasinski Says Aug 21, 2013

My light kit burned out a d I can't seem to find the right replacement.
I have the Altura 68 fan with a dimmable light kit.
I need replacement parts that control the dimmer and fan.
They are nowhere to be found.
I can't even find the dimmable light kit anywhere.
Can you offer some help ?
I've been on a million websites and nothing.

Thank you
Male ImageMr. Jack Says Aug 21, 2013

I need to replace the glass globe for an exterior light, item # 996-530. HD does not carry parts for this light that we bought from them.
Please contact me at us1156@gmail.com as to cost and shipping charges.
Thank you,
Jack Riddle
Male ImageMr. Randy Phillips Says Aug 14, 2013

I puchased nine Post Mount Fixture Model 474-247,475-583 from Home Depot. When unpacking them today 8-14-13 for assembly I found one of the curve glass in the cage was broken. What steps do I need to take for a replacement? All other items were there and in good shape and have been assembled. Do you need me to take a pic of the broken glass? Please advise regarding replacment glass as I am going to installed them this coming weekend.

Randy Phillips
214 536-4659 cell
Female ImageMs. Ardis Says Aug 11, 2013

My ceiling fan/light fan chains broke and could not turn off the fan--so went to home depot where purchased the fan and bought a new three speed fan switch. They sold us a westing house brand of the switch--connected it as the hampton bay switch--however, although switch functioned--still could not get it to turn off. Looked at both of the switches and the connections of L two one three do not match with the same numbering on the hampton bay---thus there was never no contact.
Male ImageMr. Aziz Says Aug 07, 2013

I installed two of your fans with remote control less than one year ago. Now the remote for one of the fans does not work, or the sensor in the fan is not receiving the signals. What could be the problem?


Male ImageMr. SERG Says Aug 03, 2013

im looking at this product from hampton bay flooring and it says it has a 50yr residental warranty and i have dogs would the warranty cover if my dogs were to scratch the floor??
Male ImageMr. Stewart Says Aug 01, 2013

we have a very beautiful set of hampton bay patio furniture and it has lasted about five years.. unfortunatly the webbing is tore away from the frame and we want to know how to REPLACE IT rather then buying a new chair which seems to be everyones answer. we don't like that answer. Please help.

William and Bambi Stewart
Male ImageMr. steve Says Jul 30, 2013

i have a hampton fan need new fan blade holders they are pewter don't know model nub were due i find nub and parts
Female ImageMs. Kim Says Jul 29, 2013

The fan is using two speeds only. Low and medium, the high speed seems to be the same as the medium. Is this a problem with the remote or some other problem with the fan? Fan light works and everything else. I thought it could be the remote. Any suggestions as to the problem?
Male ImageMr. jesus cegrestte Says Jul 26, 2013

Hi my name is jesus I installed six 8' track with five heads with 50 watt halogen bulbs but for some reason bulbs are burning faster can you tell me what is the possible problems I check wiring no problem please need advice thanks
Male ImageMr. Paul Martinez Says Jul 25, 2013

Hampton Bay Remote(s) stopped working

SKU#191-707 transmitter seems to work (fresh batteries), red LED blinks on transmitter, but fan lights don't turn on nor does fan turn.

I have three exact same remotes and fans in separate rooms that have been working for several years. Each has stopped. Transmitter tested okay as I used one than the other to work fans that still worked. All dead now.

Do the Recievers go bad?


Paul Martinez
loyal customer
Female ImageMs. betty Says Jul 22, 2013

we purchased two ceiling fans. After installation, when you turn on and off the fan...the lights on both fans rotate slightly...we have never had this happen before and we have put together many ceiling fans due to many rental properties we have owned.
Female ImageMs. Loraint Says Jul 20, 2013

I bought 80 cases of the brilliant maple wood flooring. We installed it about two months ago and its peeling and unclicking throughout the entire house. Its not install error because there is only one way to do a floating floor. I spent $2600 on something that will have to be replaced bin a year or so.
I would like to know what your policy is in this situation. We installed itin May.
Female ImageMs. Mary ann Says Jul 16, 2013

I purchased the trestle ridge set at Home Depot this spring. After a recent rain fall I went to wipe it down and the paint on one of the arm rest just chipped away,as I went to move it , rust poured out of the legs, the seat, all over the deck. I have since returned this set for a full refund. My problem with you, after reading customer complaints, is WHY do you keep making inferior products like this? Don't you care about your reputation? For myself, I do not blame Home Depot, the problem is with you, I will certainly tell people about this problem, SHAME ON YOU for duping people
Female ImageMs. Leigh Says Jul 15, 2013

I have the same complaint as another customer. My Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote doesn't work. The light goes on but the fan doesn't work. When turned on manually, it works so I know it is the remote.
Tried to buy a new one but it says discontinued. I just bought this fan about two months ago and had it installed less than a month ago. The remote never worked.
Female ImageMs. Maria Says Jul 15, 2013

Hi: We have a Hampton Bay Off-Set Umbrella purchased at Home Depot. The plastic bracket that slides on the main shaft to raise the umbrella has broken. Can we get a replacement part please? We could not find the model #, but the Patent No. on the base is US 6367494. Any assistance you can give would be helpful. Many thanks. Maria
Male ImageMr. Rex robertson Says Jul 08, 2013

I have two HB landscape lighting transformers model XR071 300 watt. I installed new lamps on them and when I turn them on the lights flash off and on. I have only 30 watts on each of them. I used five LED fixtures on each transformer. Can you tell me what the problem might be?
Female ImageMs. Wanda Olson Says Jul 05, 2013

ATTN: hampton bay

My name is Tara from Home depot store 4026. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to talk to you about a customer issue. A customer Wanda Olson purchased a pergola our store sku # is 696-407 The bolts to hold one of the post's on the top, the holes to hold the bolts are too big and she cannot find any bolts to fit it and we don't have a bushing to fit it or the bolts. can you please call the customer and see what you can do for her. We can not do anything for her in the store. she purchased it 5/3/13 it is a new one. customer's # is 541-993-1700
Male ImageMr. bruce moeller Says Jul 04, 2013

Our celing fan is not working. The light works, but the fan does not turn.

We bought the fan from home depot

Model number 60-AL
UPC is 082392702205 (iron)

email me at brucemoeller@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. James Says Jul 03, 2013

I purchase an amazing dinning set falls river with seating for 6. Love it! Except a friend pulled out one if the chairs and it "peed" rust on her and her shoes. Discovered one of the swivel chairs have same issue. Is there a fix for this? I don't want rust in my set.
Male ImageMr. Howard Blas Says Jun 26, 2013

My congratulations to Home depot in having proprietary products under licensed trademarks instead of the Home depot Trademark.

My "Hampton Bay" Ceiling Light/Fan model #5260 we purchased on 8/3/2002, is still working well. If I could fabricate a new case for the remote control, all would be well because the buttons, screen, transmitter, & everything else is working fine. I've looked at the "Hunter Fans" site, but only the parts for the fan & light are given. How (or where)can I find info about part # cost & shipping?

Thank you.
Male ImageMr. MIKE Says Jun 24, 2013

Female ImageMs. Nichole Craven Says Jun 21, 2013

I always buy Hampton bay fans as long as I have been a home owner. However the last one I recently purchased is only one year old and the motor has died in it. It is in my living room not outdoors. I am furious with home depot they will not replace with a new one. I understand these fans have life time warranties and just disgusted with the outcome. If I have to buy a brand new fan it will be a brand that will actually stand by there products and warranties that the manufacturer's will actually stand by there product.
Female ImageMs. D Mitchell Says Jun 19, 2013

I bought two chaise lounges at Home Depot this past weekend and on one of them, the arm rests are scratched. is there a touch up paint I can purchase? i do not want to disassemble and return it to the store. Thanks!
Female ImageMs. Rachel Grant Says Jun 07, 2013

I have an Hampton Bay ceiling fan. The red light on the remote coes on ,but the fan and/or the light doesn't respond to it.
Male ImageMr. Janna moody Says May 13, 2013

I have a Hampton bay Waterford Fountain. I need a replacement led light. Do you sell replacement parts?
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