Google Voice Customer Service Phone Number

+1 650 253 0000

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Google Voice

Google Voice is a telecom service introduced by Google on 11th of March, 2009 and had about 1.4 million users within a month. It is a renowned telecommunications service commonly known as Google Talk or Google Voice Search. The service is managed by the subscriber in a web-based application or by the means of smart phone application. The owner and operator of the service is Google Inc. The headquarters of the Google Voice is situated in Mountain View, California, United States States of America.

Services of Google Voice

There are a several different services which are contained in the portfolio of the company such as blocking of unwanted calls, voice mail, conference call, call screening, call history, voice transcription, missed call notifications, free text massaging, etc.

About Google Voice

The initial name of Google Voice was GrandCentral, which was launched in the year 2005, due to the combined effort of Craig Walker and Vincet Paquet. It was on 2nd of July, 2007 that Grand Central was overtaken by Google Inc., and some features were added in it. Finally it was on 11th of March, 2009 that GrandCentral was renamed as Google voice and a new version was launched with the features of voice-mail transcriptions and SMS managing. It offers PC to phone calling in some part of the United States and PC to PC voice and video calling throughout the world among the Google users. Subscribers in the United States and Canada can make the calls within the region or worldwide locations from their smart phone app by dialing service number.

Headquarters Address of Google voice:

The headquarters of the company is situated in the United States of America and the permanent address is 9606 North MoPac Expressway, Suite 700, Austin, TX 78759, United States.

Official Website of Google Voice:

For any other details or query related information regarding Google Voice, the customers can log on to the official online website of the company that is

Customer Service Number of Google Voice:

The company provides customer care service for the convenience of the customers and the to talk to the customer service representative of the company, the customers can call on the number
+1 650 253 0000.

Social Links of Google Voice:

The facebook page of the company is and the twitter link is

Fax No of Google Voice:

+1 512-343-5285, +1 650 253 0001.

The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Google Voice Service Center and Google Voice customer service number is given below. The helpline of Google Voice customer service number may or may not be toll free.
Google Voice Phone Number Customer Service
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Google Voice Customer Service Number Complaints and Reviews

Diana Hughes Customer Phone Number
Ms. Diana Hughes SaysMar 17, 2015

How do I get my second number to my phone that I use. I used a different computer to set It up. Please help me adapt Please.

Customer care male
Mr. Mena Mead SaysFeb 07, 2015

I can not check my Google Voice messages and unable to set up voice mail. Here is the number. 4153790569.

Customer care female
Ms. Starley Turley SaysFeb 05, 2015

My name is Starley Turley and someone as put my personal cell phone number on their Google Voice account. I do not have access to this person nor do I have their access to reach them. I do not want to have my phone number linked with Google Voice. It is a interruption to my personal phone calls. Please take my number 929-224-6574 off of Google Voice.

Customer care female
Ms. Anita Roselle SaysJan 26, 2015

I was unable to get any way to address my problem with Google. My number is blocked and I can not find a way to activate it. I can be reached at 8282143740.

Customer care female
Ms. Rebecca So SaysJan 23, 2015

I have been using Google Voice for yearsbut now in my Gmail, i cannot find the phone icon on the left hand corneri still have a lot of Google minute that i could useplease let me know how to solve the problem. I have a prepaid cell phone and i was told that if i call your office, no one picks up the phone, so i do not want to waste my minutes. I do have a land line which is also prepaid, , but calling total free number is free for me, please send me a email or provide me a toll free number to call you, so you can help me solve this issuethanksRebecca So

Customer care male
Mr. Lawrence SaysJan 19, 2015

Can you please remove my comment from your site for privacy reasons? Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. Margaret SaysJan 16, 2015

I went to Google Voice for a new phone number and choose the wrong one and can't get back to the search screen to choose the right one how can I do this, I am a new customer and not familiar with the company.

Customer care male
Mr. James Nelson SaysJan 14, 2015

I am trying to port my Google voice number, but after two attempts by my new provider the port is being blocked by Google voice. I have paid the $3 fee to release the number and the account is unlocked however when the new company tries to complete the port they are told the account is frozen. I have been on hold for forty one minutes and counting. Could someone at Google help me?

Customer care female
Ms. Earley SaysJan 10, 2015

I am having a problem with my Google Voice number. The number that I was given is still a long distance number. I've called several times to the customer service number and no one answers.

Customer care male
Mr. Steve Hsia SaysJan 05, 2015

When I use Google Voice to call someone, the caller ID on their phone display other person's name, I can not make any change on Google's voice setting page, their customer service number is not a real person to answer the phone, so; my problem is not solved.

Customer care male
Mr. loss cause SaysDec 25, 2014

I'm being harassed by an google voice customer who started calling as an this man just calls with the most nauseating things to say.the Google voice number is 312-912-9352. Is there any thing that Google can do about this foreign nuisance that's bothering me?

Customer care male
Mr. Iffat Rashid SaysDec 25, 2014

I need to speak with someone regarding my Google voice account

Customer care female
Ms. Denie SaysNov 02, 2014

This phone number is for advertising. Anything else it just tells you to go to the website.

Customer care female
Ms. Bobbi SaysOct 30, 2014

You have no live operators for Google Voice and you have created a problem for me so I can not get one, which is needed now. I NEED HELP. The answer is not in your facts section.

Customer care male
Mr. Joseph SaysOct 27, 2014

I've send many e-mails to stop and suspend my good voice number 7079997877, but the problem is not solved yet. Please feel free to contact me at

Customer care female
Ms. L. SaysOct 16, 2014

I want to know if 770-528-3772 is available for me to use for Google voice. I do not currently own the number. However, it is not in use by anyone else. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Muhammmad SaysJun 05, 2014

I am using 507-400-1727, when i call it rings and as soon the other person answers phone dialer says connecting and no sound dead air only, and when some one calls me it rings and as soon i answer dead air and dialer goes on connecting mode. Please help me resolve this problem.

Customer care female
Ms. Tamra SaysOct 28, 2013

I only use my Google voice number for my husband to call while he's incarcerated. The number has been working fine since August, as of yesterday the phone started hanging up on us after ten minutes. We started out with $38 now we only have $3.56. On Saturday he called from 8am-11am. I never received a call from him or voicemail. Someone please help me. This is not fair that the calls I pay for hangs up on us. It's nothing wrong with my phone since its fairly new, his line is not the problem either. Others are able to speak to their families.

Customer care female
Ms. Cynthia SaysOct 19, 2013

Hi there,

Someone else claims my Google number to be her ten year-old daughter's new phone number. I even have messages from my own Google number sending messages to my contacts with the same claims. What should I do in this case? What does it mean? My contacts call me on my Google number and someone else answers them with the same claims. Please be so kind as to attend to the matter as soon as possible.
My Google VOICE #: +347-927-07-06 and
email address:

Customer care female
Ms. Roopneet SaysOct 10, 2013

I am mentioning this issue on behalf of my Organization - Arya Group of Colleges, Jaipur.
We had outsourced an agency for doing Search Engine Optimization of our website - Suddenly there is a decline in our Google ranking and the agency is giving reason that it is due to new algorithm - penguin 2.1 . We are associated with Google from a long time and we have even conducted Ad Words campaign during our admission time and will be looking forward that campaign in coming admission time as well.

Kindly guide us on finding the excat reason of decline in our website ranking to be a very low level . Our website is " " .

Customer care female
Ms. aida SaysOct 08, 2013

Hello, I need help to re-download the Google voice for the computer (vista 7), there is a clich that doesn't download the program, I have my sign in and password, but the link doesn't work. my number is (909)295-2432. please call me
the calls are redirected to my cell so, I can receive a message only, please leave a number to call you back. thank you very much.

Customer care female
Ms. certinwill41 SaysSep 26, 2013

For some reason I can not call out from my Google voice account my phone number is:518-412-2398. Would be nice you had live customer service support people on this

Thank you

Customer care male
Mr. 6268725732 SaysSep 12, 2013

I port my Cell # 9173653465 to GV. Every thing went OK I was asked to pay through Google Wallet(GW)). Due to some mistake by GW, it was not active at that time. Later GW send me an apology email and activated it, but advise me to redo the porting process . As GV already took the phone # from my phone provider, but did not activated it due to nonpayment by GW, I can not do the porting process as the phone # is not working.I can not receive the call and can not enter confirmation number provided by GV. It can be done only if GV revive that porting order by me and bill me or debit my GW account and get payment from them for which I am ready to do whatever needed or bill me to make payment please let me have my cell # back either as GV or return it to my cell phone provider.

Customer care male
Mr. Shivaprasad SaysAug 31, 2013

I bought Google voice connection while I was in USA. Now I have moved to India, where I am trying to align the India number, which is erroring out,

my email

please help me in aligning my India number, on my cell phone

Customer care male
Mr. Al SaysAug 23, 2013

My Google voice number is 256-365-8399 I am not able to receive any calls. My calls are being directed to my email. How can I get my phone to start back ringing?

Customer care male
Mr. Ron henderson SaysAug 21, 2013

can not assess my Google
Need to reset password can not remember old one help
214-673-7119 exhausted all online cures
HELP please

Customer care male
Mr. matilda SaysAug 12, 2013

Within the last few months, I got threatening phone calls to one of my Google voice number from someone. I have since filed a sheriff's report against this person for another reason, and have saved all subsequent phone messages, but trashed the call that was made between three AM and six AM sometime within the last few months if I give you the phone number from which the call was placed and my receiving number? Is it possible to retrieve that call date, time, and even the message? If you need a court order, my attorney can get it for you.

Customer care female
Ms. stephanie umstead SaysAug 12, 2013

im so confused..I had account, made hundreds of business cards including car magnets to advertise business. I started to get calls and become familiar with website- voicemail its all gone or atleast I cant find it.Im not able to pull up my info or even call the number at this point... please help. my number 941-806-7072

Customer care female
Ms. Lea Tallo SaysJul 26, 2013

Can In have more than one Google phone number? I am a real estate agent as well as an investor and I have one for my investment side already going to my primary phone, but need another for my realtor side? any suggestions? 480-788-2556 Lea

Customer care male
Mr. JOE SHAMES SaysJul 18, 2013

MY Google PHONE NUMBER IS 347-441-0555