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Georgia EBT Card Exploration

Georgia EBT Cards are provided to those residents who are eligible for government's various welfare programs. The government offers Food Stamp, Medicaid, etc programs to the residents of the state. It is a like a plastic debit card and is operated by State Government's Division of Family and Children Services. The government directly transfers the benefits of the program to the accounts of the eligible residents. These eligible residents include Children, low income families, 65 plus aged citizens, people with disability and many others. The EBT card holders can access these on authorized retail stores to purchase foods, baby food, seasonings, seeds and other things. These stores are available in each corner of the country. They can use the cards to withdraw cash. The EBT cardholders can utilize the card even after SNAP plan for them is expired till they have balance in their account. These Cards can access through four digit security PIN.

Customer Support Of Georgia EBT Card

Georgia EBT Card has devised a thorough customer care support for its consumers through which they can register their queries and grab the needed information. While as the representatives of Georgia EBT Card can be contacted on below enlisted numbers.
Valuable Contact Number for General Inquiry of Georgia EBT Card
Phone Number: 1-888-421-3281
Valuable Contact Number for General Assistance of Georgia EBT Card
Phone Number: 1-800-436-7442
Valuable Contact Number for Toll Free Assistance of Georgia EBT Card
Phone Number: 800-933-1754

Features And Services Of Georgia EBT Card

Georgia EBT Card is a specific electronic card issued by the state government of Georgia for the welfare of people who belong to the low income families. Georgia EBT Card is an important debit card operated by the state government and it transfers the benefits directly into the Georgia EBT Card through which customers can take the essence of daily needs such as food, health commodities and much more. Georgia EBT Card is primarily issued to the eligible residents such as low income families, poor people, children, pregnant women, aged citizen and much more. The Georgia EBT Card holders can be accessed at prompt retail store and where they can purchase foods, baby food, seasonings, seeds and much more. For the benefit of Georgia EBT Card holders they are provided with a confidential PIN number and can use this card for withdrawal purpose too.

Competence Of Georgia EBT Card

Georgia EBT Card is a utility product in terms of debit plastic debit card issued by states government of Georgia and it some specific features that are mentioned below.
  • Replaces paper food stamps and checks.
  • Safer and more secure than carrying cash or checks.
  • Faster payment.
  • Convenient and easy to use.

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Georgia EBT Card User Queries

Customer care male
Willie J.rhodes Sr.May 19, 2016

I'm trying to order me a Ebt card for my food stamps I do not have one.

Georgia EBT Card Customer Service Care Phone Number 245827
Destiny LampNov 24, 2015

I'm trying to find out if my EBT card has been sent out and when it was sent please get in contact with me my phone number is 912 387 1747.

Customer care female
Destiny lampNov 24, 2015

I'm trying to see if and when my ebt card was sent out it says I have benefits on it but haven't received it yet

Customer care female
Terri PostSep 29, 2015

I used to have an EBT card years ago. I cannot find it. Need to get another one. How do I come about getting a new one. My cell number is 7064009159 My name is Terri Post .

Customer care female
AshtonAug 14, 2015

I need to talk to a human being about my EBT card. Its been two yrs since ive been on food stamps and I lost my old card. They SAID AT THE DFCS office that a new card had been requested and i would receive it in the mail. That was on the 31st of July so its been 13 days. Is there anyway to find out if a new card has been sent, and when it was mailed. I hate to report my card lost and then the new one arrive the next day, but I have a feeling that they have not even mailed a new card, because when i call i can check the balance and it says it has $444. 00 on the card and the last transaction was Feb 2013. So i am thinking that they arent sending a new card, but I just do not know. I WISH I COULD SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON AT EBT.

Customer care female
Alice Leanna MitchelMar 13, 2015

I was approved for food stamps in January of this year. My case worker said to scan and send copies of my social security card, photo i.d, and birth certificate by the 27th of February. I had it all done and sent by the 26th of February.... well i get a letter in almost 2 weeks later telling me that i did not complete it and that they closed my account and access too food stamps. I have a all paper documents and letters proving that i completed everything i was told to do. And so i called the customer care number and was on hold for almost 3 hours!!!!! But i stayed calm and when the lady finally answered she had a attitude with me. I asked the lady why my food stamps were taken from me and she was taking so long to tell me why???i heard her cell phone ring and she asked me to hold.i then was talking to my friend while on hold. She then clicks back over to me and begins cussing at me and putting me down by saying "that is why you don't have a job" and she clearly was way out of line!!!!

Customer care male
Cary GoettingFeb 23, 2015

I have received letters of my application notice in the mail. I called the phone number on the documents in the mail. The phone numbers are either out of service or you stay stuck on hold for hours. I'm currently on hold and i called at 8a. M. And its 9:40 a. M. Currently. How ridiculous is this. Who runs this operation? three damn weeks and we are a family in need. Never been on food stamps before and i am highly disappointed in the EBT program. Thank god for the church donations.

Customer care male
Shareef CampbellFeb 17, 2015

No one answered was on hold for hours. I have been calling for two weeks.

Customer care female
AllyssaFeb 11, 2015

I have been waiting to receive my ebt replacement card for about a month I have tried calling the toll free number, but all I get is an automatic service. I need to speak to someone an find out if my card has been mailed out or what's the hold up.

Customer care female
Christy JenkinsJan 24, 2015

My food stamps were turned off for no reason because an assumption was made without speaking with me about it. Now I'm in the house with no food to eat called on many different. Times and have received a not one call sense last mouth.

Customer care female
Vanessa Farmer For Daisy WilliamsJan 14, 2015

Machines only. My issue is my mom forgot to put the PO Box number on the application for snap benefits. I need have the card sent to the correct address, but no one is available to help and our manager gave us this number 18884213281 and it's completely automated. I do not know where else to call to get the card resent.

Customer care female
C LunsfordDec 08, 2014

I was on hold three different times for a combined total of three hours and was still unable to speak with anyone.

Customer care female
Tameka HartNov 25, 2014

I requested a new card on 14th of November. I just received the new card 23rd of November after I know before I tried to contact customer service about when I will be receiving the new card from 14th of November the automated service canceled the 14th of November card on the 20th without giving me the option of speaking with customer service first now that I have the 14th of November card I'm no longer able to use it I was told that there was no technical support for the automated system. I am in desperate need all my EBT benefits.

Customer care female
wanda m perryJul 24, 2013

went to grocery store to use my ebt cad and put in the wrong pin number too many times and now my ebt card is locked.
i have already reset my pin number and it still not working.

Customer care male
Patrick DixonJul 22, 2013

I lost my EBT card in May and I have applied for a replacement card three times since then and I still haven't received one .
I have tried calling several times with no success .
All I get is automated voice saying that I will
receive my replacement card in four to nine days and that's been almost three months .
What I need to know is will I ever get a another card ?

Customer care female
Amy Terry Replied Jan 02, 2016

You choose option dispute a transaction option and you will get a real person. Ive been waiting 22 days.