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+447024091008/ 0911 775 0408   Call By Skype
71 Broadwick Street, 3rd Floor London, United Kingdom.info@facebook.comwww.facebook.com
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Facebook UK Exploration

Facebook is a social networking website that deals in social networking service. Facebook UK was founded in 4th February 2004. Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz Chris Hughes is the founder of the Facebook website. Facebook UK website helps to create, profiles with photos, contact information, lists of personal interests, and other personal information. Facebook UK available in 70 language. Facebook UK has over one billion users. Facebook UK is the Very popular social networking website. Facebook UK is used for many purpose like send massages, chating, upload our picture, sharing our words and many more things. Users can control who sees other information they have shared, as well as who can find them in searches, through their privacy settings. Facebook UK website allow users to post pictures, comments, blogs and apps. Facebook UK website is the first social networking sites to incorporate third-party applications into the system.

Phone Number Of Facebook UK

Procuring contact information of Facebook UK corporation that assists subscribers when they face any kind of difficulty or fault. To dial below rendered telephone numbers and get appreciable response and resolution.
Telephone Number: 001 – 650 – 543 – 4800
Telephone Number: 0844 306 9178

Operational Hours Of Facebook UK

The customer care executives of Facebook UK company are fully trained and knowledgeable render resolution within few seconds. The officials of Facebook UK corporation ready to help esteemed consumers round the clock.
Timing: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Other Contact Details Of Facebook UK

As below mentioned contact detail assists users number of ways when they failed to access Facebook application. Feel Free To access hassle free telephone number, email Id and mailing address.
Toll Free Number: 0911 775 0408
Email Id: info@facebook.com
Office Address:71 Broadwick Street,
3rd Floor London,
United Kingdom

Facebook UK Customer Care Email Addresses And Mobile Numbers

  • Email ID Assigned To Disabled Facebook Profiles: appeals@facebook.com
  • Facebook Customer Care Email Id: info@facebook.com

  • Facebook Customer Care Email Id: disabled@facebook.com

  • Email Id: abuse@facebook.com
  • Worldwide Facebook Contact Number: 6505434800
  • Facebook Toll Free Number In India: 1800 258 2590

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Facebook UK User Queries

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 257931
Robert SimmonsMar 14, 2016

My facebook page has been hijacked by a Chinese version. Can you stop my facebook from this problem as everything is in Chinese and it is sending out to my friends junk advertising. Thank you.

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 256245
Tim CorcoranMar 01, 2016

I have received very abusive false messages from a former friend and former singer in our band. His name is Tom Dalpra he has posted filthy abusive language and lies about me on my friend Steve Heading's video of the band on his timeline. Steve is busy lambing at the moment so cant remove the lies and abuse. Can you please remove it immediately? This wouldn't be the 1st time Tom Dalpra has abused people through lies and foul language? i have tried calling you, but you do not answer your phone calls which in urgent matters like this with a legal bearing is very disappointing please contact me urgently to confrim you have removed the lies and abusive content by return. I have blocked him, but a friend tells me he has posted even worse content that i cant see. Tim Corcoran .

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 254026
Simon JohnsonFeb 09, 2016

I can not acces my account as i do not have my password for email or facebook could you please contact me on 07849854329.

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 246673
Patricia MillonDec 03, 2015

Hi, My access to my account has been denied and I have absolutely now idea why. There is nothing on my account that would cause this. Can you please explain.

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 244844
KristinaNov 15, 2015

Hi, my name is Kristina I have forgotten my password after I have changed it. And I have no longer use to my numbers and my emails they are old I have new emails and a new number. The thing is I do not know my security question. I do not know what to do it has been many months since I have not been on it. Is there any other way that you could put me through again. Please help me out, I will give you every details where I live and all this, but just get me back on it. There's my friends that I haven't contacted for long. My Facebook Email is Kristina . Kenvelo@seznam. CzMy Contact Email is Kristina . Zehna@hotmail. Co. UkOr Kristina . Zehna@gmail.comMy phone number 07870291199 if you can help me set it all up. Thank you, Kristina .

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 244842
Kristina MekenzieNov 15, 2015

Hi, my name is Kristina I have forgotten my password after I have changed it. And I have no longer use to my numbers and my emails they are old I have new emails and a new number. The thing is I do not know my security question. I do not know what to do it has been many months since I have not been on it. Is there any other way that you could put me through again. Please help me out, I will give you every details where I live and all this, but just get me back on it. There's my friends that I haven't contacted for long.

Customer care male
Richard SillsSep 27, 2015

Ok, i have been trying to secure my Facebook account for two months now. With myself, my sister and friends contacting Facebook about my hacked account. Have followed the steps for securing a hacked account a number of times, but as the person has hacked my account, changed the email, the password and the name i can not complete the process. I can find my account, i can in put an old password as requested by the prompt i am then told the password was changed and did i change it, I THEN SAY NO then it just wants to send a new password to my email. WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE as the email as been changed. I have also tried the 08430130050, 07024091008 which also did not work. My full name is Richard Sills old email Sills. Richard@gmail.comMy account has been hacked by AHMED FOUAD as i said before he has deleted/changed my email/ password. Also deleted all my friends. However when you look at the account the HTTP at the top of the profile page my name is still present.

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 237848
BaljeetSep 09, 2015

I am really fed up of contacting Facebook again and again. Please delete the ID i have provided pics of. This is fake ID, somebody stolen pics of mine and one of my family friend and made this id, but now my husband and in-laws found about this and seen pics inside. My husband is really irritated and we had big fight. They all think that may i had relationship with this guy in past so please delete this id. Id is name of Preet Kaur and i have attached photo.

Customer care female
Hattie Hatice ErdoganAug 20, 2015

My account has been locked I can not access. It is asking me for a government ID photo, I do not have a copy of my passport. I have never had this problem with Face Book before. Why are you asking me for a government ID photo now? Could you please kindly unlock my Face Book pageHattie Hatice Erdogan .

Customer care female
Courtney GreenJul 30, 2015

I have tried several numbers on the Internet to get in touch and speak to someone who represents Facebook But I have had no luck obviously My daughter is 6 year old and some one took a picture of her and put it on a selling site above the picture it said sex puppet used but functional £25 This picture and the comments was reported to admin and to Facebook its self and 4 hours later the picture eventually got taken down whether it be by yourself for admin I don't no. There is going to be hundreds of people in out city that has seen the picture her life is going to be like hell now All because the low life put the picture on but what makes it worse is it got reported to Admin and yourself and still hours later people was bigging on her calling her ugly just been horrible She's 6 which I keep repeating but I can not stress enough what this is going to do to her what is someone in the street offers her some money to go with ill be taking matters further as its my daughters life ruined!!!

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 231898
Mandy TrotterJul 08, 2015

I was wondering if you can help me with a profile of a man on Facebook named david anderson he is a groomer of women on Facebook he goes through women friends lists takes them out and starts messaging them sexually explicit messages i have reported him to Facebook numerous time as well as others, but nothing seems to be done about him i have screenshots and chat logs from women he has spoken too as well as threats he has carried out on Facebook https://www. Facebook.com/davidarchie. Anderson?fref=ts this is the link to his profile.

Facebook UK Customer Service Care Phone Number 229676
Muddy PawzJun 04, 2015

My name is Joshua Davies and I am the Co Owner of Muddy Pawz . Our Profile has been stopped, and it is saying we need to have a page, but we already do so. You have given us no warning about this and cut us straight off. We cannot get to our page or profile to warn and tell our customers. I have tried contacting every number possible, and no one is answering. I am not impressed, and I want some one to contact me now please.

Customer care female
Lesley DriverApr 11, 2015

Hi my Facebook account has bee blocked as forgot password tried to solve it via the recovery possess sent in all identification and still herd nothing can you help with this matter please e-mail address is kirsty3786@outlook.comLesley Driver.

Customer care female
Lisa MariaJul 02, 2014

I am very disappointed with facebook, they blocked me for no right reasons, they keep telling me that they will get back to me and to be patience, i have been waiting now five days and i am still blocked, only because i put my name as star bright, for personal reasons, i had been bullied harassed and suffer a lot of depression from someone who took my pictures my child and mine and posted them in another blog website calling us all sort of names, and it is unfare how facebook had treated me, so can someone contact me, and help me to sort out this problem, this is the only way i can communicate with family and friends, and i am very depress because of this. Thanks regards lisa maria.

Customer care male
folahanmi olujimiOct 06, 2013

Pls my account has been hacked.and I couldn't contribute to my friends.my e-mail is,folahan2001us@yahoo.com, mobile line is,+2348039397582,my name is folahanmi olujimi from nigeria please help am realy disturbed.. All my contact are registered wt my facebook account.

Customer care male

dear sir,
my facebook account is blocked.i can not open my account.please solve my problem.my account information details: email:voipjhon54@gmail.com
phon:01718672001 (bangladesh)
user:bd voice

my friend list: 1.bd reseller
2.rich dialer
3.clear voice
5.juwel dialer

Customer care female
Leanne baptistOct 05, 2013

Hello sir. My account was hacked and disabled! I have lost lots of precious pictures is like to get back. Please help. This is through no fault of my own! My email used for this account was melissabaptist@hotmail.com.
Thank you
Leanne baptist

Customer care male
Mr GreenwoodSep 26, 2013

I was charged for using the text service with three mobile, which until I called three myself I was unaware there was a charge. I feel cheated out of money I can not afford and if I have to pay this then I will be finding other means to contact my friends and deleting my account so please help cragmire1@gmail.com

Customer care male
Peter deanSep 19, 2013

I am receiving Trending items on my Facebook timeline which I do not want. Can you remove these and stop further items. My user name is deanlawcosts@yahoo. Co. UK
Thanks. Peter.

Customer care male
Bilal MohammedSep 11, 2013

Someone has made a fake facebook profile of me on facebook under the name Bilal Mohammed which has been giving abuse and treats to people which is causing a big situation and needs completely shutting down

Customer care male
kapil kumarAug 13, 2013

My ID not open
I am not veryfiyciton .................
please help me sir

My ID and mobile number...came

please sir help me. ..............thx

Customer care female
sonic ralphsAug 10, 2013

Hi I tryed to delete a photo of my page of myself and it's sent my ex partner Sean hough that he's not allowed back on Facebook tomorrow I am really angry about this cud you put him back on Facebook and do not take him of Facebook please thank you from Sonia Ralphs xx

Customer care male
akkuAug 09, 2013

Even leaving logged on on my facebook for android4 it is not showing mobile icon side of the name....if it is server problem the please please fix it..

Customer care female
jenniferAug 05, 2013

I would like to inform you that a brian watch has got loads accounts under different names like james blows john blows dreck watch dreck brian gary smith hes hassing my family and friends he land at our house police had to remove him more than once and been told not to contact us again hes keeping making up new accounts in different name I would be gratefull if you could block him using facebook if you need more infor please contact me on 07523814059

thank you

yours sincerely

Jennifer coatsworth

Customer care female
CAROLAug 03, 2013

When I log on to my FaceBook page I get the facebook pages and account a Liz Winch as if she was me

I am Carol Mogg from France

I cannot access my own Fabebook, page accounts, nothing

What has happen

Customer care male
Naheem HanifJul 25, 2013

Dear sir or madam

I can not remember my password or email address

my new email is idealcarpetsnblinds@hotmail.co.uk

can you please fwd any useful info as soon as possible

Many Thanks

Customer care female
JirinaJul 19, 2013

I am signing up for the artist (with one name)to create a page. The company e-mail info@clintart is not being accepted?? Please can you help?
Thank you


Customer care female
Miss Katie mooreJul 12, 2013

I need help to get my family members Facebook deleted as we do not talk to him, but he is in prison or two years and there's is loads of abuse on his Facebook and he can not get rid of Facebook because he is in prison an causing our family hell so can your he rid of it or please contact me so I can hone though to tlk about the issue as it is hard to explain in writing and then i will pass facebook name for him thanks for reading

Customer care female
Sara warwickJul 08, 2013

Somebody named Ben Southcottt has placed pictures of my son in law on Facebook and named him as a police grass in Hemel Hempstead this is after on going court case of wich Ben southcottt was found guilty please remove Ben southcottt from Facebook as this is what the police have advised me to ask for
Pls contact me on Sara.warwick70@gmail.com

Customer care male
vishnu dutt mishraJun 23, 2013

haii.. My self vishnu dutt mishra my problam is my i.d. Not opened to another phone please help me I am am cell to custmor no not workinp please help me get code its my email ID 8574121508

Customer care male
AzadJun 16, 2013

Hi sir I have problem with my facebook I forget my passward and I forget my emails passward to get the code and login in to my account so please how can I regester my phone number to get code it's my number 07709895909