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1 876 380 7626 / 1 888 (landline) / 100 (mobile)   Call By Skype
14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica.customercare@digicelgroup.comwww.digiceljamaica.com

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Digicel Jamaica Exploration

Digicel Jamaica is a leading telecommunications company dedicated to provide affordable and high quality mobile services to customers. It is also the fastest growing mobile network operator in Jamaica. The company offers the widest range of telecom services such as mobile phones, prepaid mobile plans, postpaid mobile plans, broadband services, 4G wireless services, international calling plans, mobile internet, data services and more. It has a widespread network of dealers, distributors and its owned retail outlets located in different parts of the country. Digicel Jamaica is a flagship company of Digicel Group Limited, a multinational telecommunications services company. It serves more than 32 countries of the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific region. Digicel Group is known for its world class service and network. The company was established in Bermuda to meet the growing needs of customers.

Media Contacts Of Digicel Jamaica

For information regarding media of Digicel Jamaica, journalists can interact with the officials by different ways like phone or mail. We are given the media contacts which is written below:
Antonia Graham
Head of Public Relations, Digicel Group
Telephone: +1 876 564 1708
E-mail: antonia.graham@digicelgroup.com
Landline Users can Dial: 1 876 380 7626 / 1 888

Further Contacts Of Digicel Jamaica

For additional information, consumers can get keep in touch with the officials by using the contacts listed below:

Digicel Group
The Digicel Building
14 Ocean Boulevard,
Kingston, Jamaica
Telephone: +1 876 619 5000

Digicel Asia Pacific
Eightrium Building
15A Changi Business Park Central 1,
#01-05 Singapore 486035
Telephone: +65 6588 1406

Alternate contact number: 1 876 619 5000 (corporate office).

Topping Up Online Contact Of Digicel Jamaica

For queries related to Topping Up Online of Digicel Jamaica customers can send their queries via mail which is written below:
Email: onlinetopup_CC@digicelgroup.com

Investor Relations Contact Of Digicel Jamaica

To know the details related investor services of Digicel Jamaica, contact at:
Email: conor.maccarrick@digicelgroup.com

Working Hours at Digicel Jamaica

For assitance, customers who want to connect with the officials can visit at Digicel Jamaicaduring the given hours:
Monday - Friday, 08:00AM - 06:00PM

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Digicel Jamaica User Queries

Customer care female
Carissa WhittleAug 12, 2016

I have sent credit to my cousin twice in one day because you guys keep on taking off the credit off her phone and I want to know why is that and I need to know as soon as possible. You guys need to give her back her credit because she didn't use it and it's all gone. I need to know why immediately.

Customer care male
Sandy Hopkins Jr.Jun 05, 2016

Hi I did a top-up for a friend and mistakenly put in the wrong number one (876) 866-9880 when the actual number is: one (876) 886-9880. I am a well-established customer and hope that you can rectify this issue for me by crediting the top-up to the correct number. Thank you in advance.

Digicel Jamaica Customer Service Care Phone Number 252690
KellyJan 29, 2016

I have a problem with digicel stealing credit off old persons phone. I topped up my mother phone with $21+. She put on the plan last night 01/27/ 2016 about ten pm. She made no calls and today she tried to use the phone the $750 was gone that was left. The data must have turned on itself and use off the credit again. The told her the data was on and that took the credit. This was what she was told ten days ago when it first happen or she first caught on. She has a BLU phone. I called a friend told him to turned off the data, then turn off the phone and then turn it on back and now miraculously the data was on and the phone credit done again. They are such a dishonest company exploiting the old persons who have no use for technology and continue to lie. The number they did this to was 1876 868 2083. Never again they will be getting my 21+ every week to every other week. Never. No one should use their service. They are criminals.

Customer care female
GabriellaSep 16, 2015

Hello I am from Sin PIn and I want to verify a recharge that a customer made with us, but every time that I verify in our system doesn´t appear so pleas can you check this for me? the number in Jamaica is 8764656413 and it was for $5. 00.

Customer care male
AndrewAug 30, 2015

I buy a huawei cell phone from DIGICEL over a year now I'm over sea I would love to use my cell I need the unlock pin for the cell phone please and thanks.

Customer care female
Joan MaitlandAug 11, 2015

I am traveling and on the one month roaming plan my husband sent credit to my phone about two hours ago and Digicel has taken my credit after making a call for less than four minutes. I called the 100 number and spoke to customer service she said calling the 100 would not take my credit, but it did. I have been trying to speak with someone from Digicel and it seem totally impossible. I am very disappointed with Digicel and I want my credit back on my phone.

Customer care female
Paul birdJul 14, 2015

I send credit to my wife since night unaware that her phone was stolen. ...I want to transfer the credit to a new number that she just bought. ..how do I go about doing that. ..

Customer care female
Dawn M WilliamsSep 30, 2013

Your international phone service is terrible. For the past six months, it#s taking me hours let alone days just to get through to me fiancee.
I was blaming him, but for the past couple of weeks alone, when l call l have spent hours, calling trying to get through to him.
It seems like the call is connecting, but the line is just ringing. When he does answer, l hear him say hello then the call is cut off. I am making the calls from my house phone, because at the beginning of the year when l was putting the international minutes on his phone, that wasn't lasting as long as it was this time last year.
Because we looking to get married and l live in the UK, l have to show that we are communicating via our call phones and phone bill for the imagration requirements. How can l show this if the calls are not being connected, but l am still paying as soon as the dialing tone turns to a ring.
I have spent from 13:30-10:30pm trying to call my fiancee, you need to sort out your service.

Customer care female
Dawn M WilliamsSep 30, 2013

this is a email of a complaint, l have to say that your service for international calls is really rubbish, and that is putting it politely. Since the price as risen this year, it is taking me sometimes days before l can actually contact my fiancee. In order to meet the visa and immigration requirements we need to show regular phone contact. When l go to show my home phone itemish bill, all it will show are the many occasions where l am placing an international call to my fiance, but not actually getting to speak to him.
The phone will just ring, lm telling him off for not answering his phone, but he's telling me, the calls haven't been coming through to him, he doesn't even see the missed calls.
At time l get the dialing tone, hear the ringing so l think there is an connection, only for the line to go dead. Or l call and l hear the number no longer exists. l hear Spanish or l'm told to leave a voice message, but being an international call this option doesn't work?

Customer care female
K knightSep 23, 2013

Data service and my credit disappear each time i top up $30.00 each time this is upsetting me. Digicel keep robbing me. I am getting fed up now...if this continues i will go to lime. I want my money back

Customer care male
KimberlySep 08, 2013

I got this message from digicel that I can activate the same as yaad rate so I activated it only to find out that it doesn't refer to me, I am in Australia and would love for my credit to be added back to my account. Thank u

Customer care female
KimberlySep 08, 2013

I am in Australia go this message that I can activate a same as a yaad plan and the credit was deducted from my account and yet the plan doesn't work, I need my credit to be added to my account since this plan doesn't require to me I need my $1000 credit

Customer care female
sendyAug 08, 2013

digicel should give long time on dear SIM because i have my SIM stop when i have money on it how i get my money back like the other company

Customer care female
Arnold SpencerJul 24, 2013

Dear Costomer care I am very concern here in guyana that I cannot recharge my family and friend phone abroad from guyana unless I have a business card? I went to several digicell outlet store and there are people who employ with digicel claim the cannot do it or know any thing of a such. My main problem is when I am in the caribbean island even Tortola I could go to any place that sell digicell top up or even a supermarket or gas station and the could send a top up to my family back home so longs I paid for the amount of credit I am send. And it shock me and pisses me to know that I cannot?