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Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Dept.-INT, P.O. Box 2020, Neenah, WI-54957-2020, Wisconsin,
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Toll Free Contact:952-853-8100
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Cottonelle User Queries

Customer care female
Denise ChulikOct 30, 2016

Toilet paper is kind of a personal decision. I've used yours for years. YEARS. I like it; it's always been good value. I have stopped buying it. Guess why?
I AM SO SICK OF THAT BRITISH WOMAN ON YOUR ADS, I COULD VOMIT EVERY TIME I HEAR HER VOICE. Whenever I hear her say "bum, " I mute the television. This is the United States. WE DO NOT SAY "BUM" HERE. Why do you make the common mistake of thinking that everything sounds better in a British accent? It DOESN'T. It's annoying. I will never use your product again. There are other good brands. Thanks for reading, if you did. Sincerely yours,
Denise in Ohio.

Customer care female
Cindy KozlowskiAug 17, 2016

I cannot find FRAGRANCE - FREE Cottonelle wipes any longer. How come? Fresh care's label says there is fragrance HELP. PLEASE
fredkozlowski@comcast. Net.

Customer care female
Cynthia PerezMar 10, 2016

I tried using a 1. 50 coupon for a 20 roll of toilet paper. The store Dollar General did not honor coupon. I wanted to know why the coupon is not being validated.

Customer care male
Melissa BrownDec 28, 2015

So I received a free sample of flushable wipes from you guys and it looks as if someone wiped their ass on them. If this is true and if we get sick because of this we will sue the shit out of this company. I'm absolutely disgusted.

Customer care female
CgregoryAug 23, 2015

Your ads for Cottonelle are so creepy. I've switched to another brand. Ick.

Customer care male
Richard MarriottAug 01, 2015

8/1/15To Whom It May Concern, I have never taken the time to write a complaint letter to a product manufacturer before. So for me to do so, can only indicate the severity of disappointment I feel regarding one of your company's products. I recently purchased a 168 pack of your Kleenex Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths with CleanRipple Texture. To my disgust, every wipe has ripped as I've used it. Thus, leaving me less clean, and frankly, sickened by the fact that, without going into detail, they have left my hand in a less-than-sanitary state. Not to mention, I'm paying nearly twice as much for your product than I would for a Walmart brand or other knock-off. Products that, by the way, work. I hope your company has received complaints from others besides myself. This is a sanitation issue, and needs to be addressed immediately. Until it is addressed, I will not purchase any of your company's products. Regards, Richard Marriott .

Cottonelle Customer Service Care Phone Number 226957
Ashley LeuerApr 30, 2015

I bought a pack of cottenelle toilet paper with multiple six packs. When i got to the second six pack i noticed something brown on the package. At first i thought maybe my child touched it and it was chocolate or something. As i looked closer, to my disgust, i realized the brown stuff was on the inside on the toilet paper Really grossed me out and wondering if i should buy this toilet paper anymore. A shame, because its my favorite. I just felt like i needed to let someone know about this and to share how upset i am about it.

Customer care female
Maria NollasSep 19, 2013

I purchased the new wet wipes dispenser and I am very unhappy with it. It does not work as well as the old style and not user friendly during a critical moment it requires two hands and getting the wipes out prior to use because the wipes do not come out of the top part and the entire dispenser needs to be reopened and pulled out manually. Small problem right however the old style box worked much better why was it redesigned? Whoever was on your marketing panel prior to hitting store shelves must have been intoxicated. How do I return this dispenser and get the old atyle box.

Can someone email me coupons?