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Catnip is a cat related magazine, publishing across the United States. Catnip magazine is a 24-page newsletter that publishes month to month and comes with an array of new and batter information related to cats and cat lovers. The Catnip magazine publishes the cat related medical and behavioral information articles for cat lovers and owners. Its monthly articles are based on the cat health, food, expert advice, news and views, behavior issues, health and medicine, cutting edge techniques etc. Catnip magazine helps to make strong relationship with their pets.

Catnip Magazine Tufts University

The all articles of Catnip magazine are approved by the board management, affiliated with the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University of Massachusetts, a private research university. Catnip magazine articles are also published through its Tufts Book Store website, The online Tufts Book Store gives access people to read a number of books on the pet health and behavior. People can also visit there to become a member of Catnip magazine. For subscription, Catnip magazine accepts payment through Visa Card, Master Card and American Express Card.

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Catnip Magazine User Queries

Customer care female
Joanne MckinnisSep 16, 2016

To whom it may concern (G. King?): I, Joanne Mckinnis , SENT my payment for an invoice dated 8-10-16, of $20 to this magazine in the form of check 1592, dated Aug. 20, 2016. I STILL recently received ANOTHER BILL for the above payment

Customer care female
Lynn LauretJul 25, 2016

I just received a renewal notice for Catnip Magazine. It says that this month's (July) issue is my final issue and that I should renew now. I subscribed for your magazine in February of this year for ten issues (my check 7493 dated 2-11-16). To date I have received five issues. I should be getting five more issues according to my arithmetic. Could you explain this to me? Will I be getting my other five issues?

Lynn Lauret
38703 N. Sheridan Road
Lot 5
Beach Park, IL 60099.

Customer care female
Danielle A ReidMay 11, 2016

PLEASE Cancel my subscription to your Catnip Magazine. I only received two issues and I tried cancelling before, but you keep billing me. I simply cannot afford it and I am afraid that you do laboratory experiments on cats. Which upsets me. Thank you.

Customer care male
Kathryn PorterMay 09, 2016

YO NEED TO pt yorr phone nmber on the bills (statements).

Customer care female
Tanya AdamsonApr 23, 2016

I enjoyed one year of Catwatch publication and decided to discontinue until another time down the road when my life wasn't quite so busy and probably would have shared this newsletter or the info people would need in order to subscribe on their own, but in the past two months i've been bombarded with eight - ten different letters warning that "this is your last issue" which I deliberately ignored. And then just when you think the letters were finally going to stop i got a mailing yesterday and today both included "deluxe editions" of the Catwatch newsletter along with a letter that included language that was bullying in tone and even bordered on using language that was of an accusatory tone as though I'd subcribed and payment was due. That clinched it for me After that I will boycott your publication and warn everyone I know to avoid it too.

Customer care female
Penny RobinsonSep 05, 2015

I do not want this Catnip Newsletter I didn't ask for this. I do not want or need it.

Customer care female
andrea balcomJun 11, 2015

Did you get my 10.00 check in the mail yet? i sent it on 6-3-16.

Customer care female
Brenda CavalleroJun 06, 2015

On April two, 2015 I contacted CatNip regarding a subscription discount for disabled persons on fixed limited income. I was granted a $5. 00 discount for a 2-yr subscription. I sent my renewal form and check for $40. 00 on April eight, 2015. I now have received my 3rd bill for $5. 00. Why am I being billed for $5. 00 after I was granted a $5. 00 discount?.

Customer care female
Andrea BalcomMay 09, 2015

I got an over due bill in but i paid 5. 00 by check two times they need to do better than this and look at what people are sending as payments to you all too.

Customer care female
Dorris PreschernMar 04, 2015

A check was mailed in 1/29/2015 and cashed by catnip on February nine 2015. I keep getting notices for payment for which i have already paid. I expect my subscription to continue.

Customer care female
ANDREA BALCOM Replied May 09, 2015

I mailed two check on 4-3-15 and 5-1-15 they got them both and cashed them by catnip too but i still get over due bills too. I expect my subscription to continue too.

Customer care female
Ms. KATHRYN PORTER Says May 09, 2016

Reading these i do not want this magazine right now. I wold have sent yor the 20. 00 dollars but not right now. My letter between the letter y and i is not working as yo can tell. Sorry abot that. Kathryn porter.