Carpetright Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of Carpetright is 0330 333 3444/0345 6045616 .
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Carpetright is the Superior, Dominant trader of floor Assignments and Home Accessories, the Carpetright is recorded on the London stock Exchanges. Carpetright is the carpet-trading brand in the united kingdom having over the 470 Stores. As the foundation led by "Lord Harris" in November 1988 in London Essex. Carpetright are connected with more than 150 brands and designers across the country. According to the over-view gross sheet of 2014 the company net asset value is £471.5 million. Carpetright is accomplishing 703 stores of circa, connected with Belgium, Netherlands and the Ireland.

Products And The Services Of Carpetright

  • carpetright provides a wide selection and desirable products like beds, mattresses, carpets, rugs, flooring, vinyl and laminating.
  • carpetright offers free shipment orders and provides great kind of expenditure
  • carpetright have original fiber inside and is also known as trusting brand
  • carpetright accepts Master card, Visa card, credit cards and also on Emi basis.
  • carpetright carpets designs are unique, stylish and durable.
  • carpetright carpets are light in weight and great in quality
  • carpetright provides 25% off on laminating flooring's, which is easy is install and smooth to maintain
  • carpetright offers to win 500 euro's to spend a new bed .

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What is The Official Address of Carpetright? The Official Address of Carpetright is Purfleet, Essex.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of Carpetright? The Main Customer Service Number of Carpetright is 0330 333 3444/0345 6045616.

What is the Customer Service Email Address of Carpetright? The Customer Service Email Address of Carpetright is

What is the Website of Carpetright? The Website of Carpetright is